Voices at RNC Boston Holland Redfield (Virgin Islands)

Not all the people at RNC Boston represented states Holland Redfield represented the Virgin Islands I hope some of these RNC type were paying attention this week at Exempt america

Voices at RNC Boston Art Robinson (OR)

I spoke to the GOP chairman in Oregon during RNC Boston last month: I think Oregon's entire vote by mail system is one of the worst idea's I've seen in the history of voting. Some might think these posts are superfluous as this event was so long ago but remember these are the decision makers … Continue reading Voices at RNC Boston Art Robinson (OR)

Voices at the RNC Boston Bruce Hough (UT) He Gets IT!

Another in my continuing series of interviews with attendees at RNC Boston I did a lot of these interviews and as I've posted them I look up these folks online and what did I find out about Bruce Hough other than the spelling on his nametag at RNC Boston was wrong? He gets it! Read … Continue reading Voices at the RNC Boston Bruce Hough (UT) He Gets IT!

Voices at the RNC Amy Hedtke (TX)

I spoke to a young lady from TX on day one wearing a Ron Paul button Her son is a big Doctor Who fan and she wears a Doctor Who Scarf Well As does a friend of her's from Texas too.

Voices at the RNC Mark Mezzina (MA)

I spoke to Mark Mezzina at the start of the RNC Event in Boston It's these young people that will make this party and considering the Obama Record (Can't move out, can't find a job, can't pay the student loans) the GOP should be the easiest sell in the world.