I spoke to Mass. GOP Senate candidate Mike Sullivan at the “How to save the GOP event” hosted by Michael Graham.

Full disclosure I endorsed Sullivan last week, but I also interviewed his opponents here.

I like that Sullivan isn’t bending or equivocating on these issues and his direct approach is very refreshing and his realism on spending is something tat this state and this country needs in the Senate.

And let’s be blunt to all those who want me to change based on social issues. Abortion is an intrinsic evil, cooperation in an intrinsic evil is a mortal sin, period.

If there is no pro-life candidate I’ll pick the best choice on other issues but a faithful & believing catholic is not going to commit a mortal sin in the hopes of taking an election issue off the table and anyone who thinks they would are idiots.

You can donate to his campaign here.

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Yesterday after a rather excellent show, I traveled to Tewksbury Ma

tewksbury forum 001

Cover the first candidate forum between GOP contenders for the Senate seat vacated by John Kerry.

The event, which included a large amount of local candidates for offices from Library Trustee to Selectman was sponsored by the local GOP I spoke to the Chairman before it began:

and to one of the local candidates

After the pledge and an invocation things got started, I began by doing a pan of the crowd during the introduction but as I started Gabriel Gomez was immediately called to the podium so rather than cutting the video I just kept shooting.

Gomez’s speech was a solid, down home speech. He stressed his military & business experience and stressed the concept of service as paying back America for all it’s given his family after his mother came here.

I particularly liked his description of Sequestration saying Washington: “bottled up a virus and mailed it to themselves”

Next Dan Winslow came up,

By contrast he has served in the legislature and as a Judge touting his experience and took careful aim at the democrats in a speech that would really inspire the grassroots. He cheered the Rand Paul filibuster saying he would have joined it, talked about Sequester as cutting “less than 3% of the rate of increase of federal spending” and effectively contrasted the items that the White House choose NOT to cut, vs the School Tours calling out the Democrats for their scare tactics.

By the time he was done the 3rd Candidate Mike Sullivan had not arrived so they introduced a pair of local candidates who spoke. When Mr. Sullivan had not arrived an intermission was called so the candidates could meet the voters and answer questions.

tewksbury forum 018
As you might guess they dived right in and engaged the crowd

tewksbury forum 015

I wanted to give them some space to meet the voters so I next talked to one of the selectman candidates who spoke.

Some of you might be saying, “DaTechGuy, I’m interested in the Mass Senate Race, not some selectman in a small town“. If you are, shame on you!

It’s these selectmen, school committee and yes even library trustee’s who are willing to step up to take taking those jobs that can be really difficult jobs closest to the people that we have to encourage. The bench the GOP needs comes from such men and women. That’s true community service.

I spoke to Gabriel Gomez first.

he is a very appealing candidate in a lot of ways. I really see why fellow Navy Man Smitty jumped on board right away. As a grandson of Sicilian immigrants his story as a son of immigrants really strikes home.

I talked to Dan Winslow next

He’s a Western Mass guy like myself (just to clarify to my readers. To Boston folk anything outside 128 or 495 is “Western Mass” To people like me in central Mass West of the Berkshires and the CT river is Western Mass.)

He said the line every single republican in this state at every level need to memorize and take to heart “I’m proud of being a republican in Massachusetts and I think that people agree with the principles we espouse they just don’t associate them with us right now, I’m going to make that connection for them in this election.”

By the time we finished talked Mr. Williams had still not arrived much to the worry of the Rabid Republican Blog who was also there (and a volunteer for Williams) who had come here from the same venue Mr. Williams had been at.

When the intermission finished the remainder of the local candidates spoke. The sheer number of them is a great credit to the Town of Tewksbury.

By the time there were all done Mr. Sullivan had still not arrived so I spoke to an attendee who was filming the event about what he saw

NH is notorious for local involvement in politics. If your town has impressed a NH man you’re doing it right.

I had not met any of the Senate candidate till today (although Mr. Winslow remembered seeing me at other events) I think both Senate Candidates helped themselves. I think the real fight will be Winslow’s polish and strong assertive message to Mr. Gomez’s very appealing backstory and outsider status. Both are heads and shoulders above the Democrats

As for Mr Sullivan, the Rabid Republican endorsement weighs strongly with me, but you can’t win if you don’t play.

My advice to all three, watch this speech particularly these 76 seconds and take it to heart.

The gallery follows and take note of the local people in it. They are the people who make democracy work.

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If you want to know why the GOP has done so well lately, it’s because we have candidates like Susannah Whipps Lee.

Anyone who spends 5 minutes with this woman will see she has incredible potential, but more interesting is that she is running a business that employes a ton of people. She could be doing that and living fine, instead she is heading to the state house to serve.

(and yes she will win her election)

If you want to help her across the finish line you can kick in here.

This is how we change Massachusetts, one district at a time.

If you want to find out why there is a tea party movement take a look of this interview:

Listen to the arrogance described and his amazing story of being voted out of a public event because his presence made his opponent “uncomfortable”.

Multiply that attitude in districts all around the nation and violá, you have a grass-roots candidates springing up all around the nation.

Chuck is running in the 3rd Middlesex district in Massachusetts his website is here.

Libertarian Candidate Gov Gary Johnson was the final speaker at the Worcester Tea Party event yesterday.

He spoke to me after the event.

and also spoke to a group of young people there on the subject of Ron Paul.

I found him a decent and experienced fellow, I think it was a travesty and a mistake to exclude him from the debates, but I also think that at this point any votes is draws are more likely to help than hurt the re-election of the president (particularly since several blue states now allocated their electoral votes based on popular vote totals.)

His campaign site is here

I briefly mentioned Elizabeth Childs meet and greet from yesterday. Here is the rest of the story. I didn’t take many stills:

Childs opening speech

Tom Wesley was the host:

She had an opening speech:

She also asked questions: What prompted the switch from democrat to republican

How do you handle different groups in a districts:

How about extremes:

Sustaining fisheries:

Illegal Immigration:

It was a great move by Tom Wesley which will be repeated on Sunday. If you want more info on Childs it is here.

Childs is a very intelligent woman and would clearly be superior to Kennedy. Because of her abortion position I am of course ethically unable to support her with a pro-life Sean Beilat in the race, but if she wins the nomination and the choice is between two candidates with no difference on life I will have absolutely no issue with promoting her over Kennedy.

She is a real loss for the democrats, if only they had more fiscally responsible people on board their party would be better off.

If you want more information on her you can find her web site here.

I will be posting interviews with candidates done at CPAC one a day starting today:

Meet Glenn Addison (R) candidate for Senate in Texas

Mr. Addison’s web site is here.