The 2nd of three posts on Donald Trump in Derry NH. Part 1 (The Pros & semi Pros) is here. Part 3 is here.

Once the people started arriving I went toward the main entrance. There were solid metal barriers separating the two sides of the entrance with a table to process people with tickets. The only way to get to one side vs the other was through the entranceway of the building.

Since I was on the ticked side I asked the people there first, however none of the 25 or so people there were interested. Perhaps is was the hat and scarf in 90 degree weather, or perhaps it was a reasonable distrust of the media but they all declined. So I went through the double doors to the other side. That side was for the handicapped and volunteers. There was a man named Ken happy to share his views.

If Ken’s voice sounds familiar to you that might be because he was shouting out a lot during Mr. Trump’s speech later that day.

Once the people saw from my interview with Ken that my interviews were straightforward and I wasn’t out to trap or spin anyone people were happy to talk. Shirley was next

That she changed her registration to vote for Trump was significant to me.

Trina, a Trump volunteer (and a big fan of my pal Pam Geller) was supposed to be next

But she was delayed briefly by a phone call so I talked to Jim and Lana before her

It’s worth noting that of that first four only Jim & Lana weren’t ready to pull the lever for Trump.

At this point I went back to the other side and in the twenty minutes or so that those interviews took the crowd had more than tripled and with the influx of people came many people willing to talk to me, one of the most interesting was a 13-year-old boy who had, for his birthday asked his mother to take him to see Donald Trump

Another surprise was Luke. He has come up from Maryland to scope out colleges and decided to detour after checking out Dartmouth to see Trump. He even had a copy of his book (which he would end up getting signed during the speech).

However more typical were people like Bruce


and George:

What was interesting was as soon as I would talk to someone near the end of the line, the line would get longer and I would continue down the line doing interviews. EVentually I took a count of the line and Elena was #307

To be sure there were some interviews that were different. David had come with his brother and I didn’t realize at the time he apparently had a handicap. There was another fellow a young guy who called himself Ryan R Ryan who seemed to me to be trolling but since I made an open request for interviews I uploaded rather than erased them.

At the end of the line was a 2nd line for people who didn’t have tickets. Based on what Fred had told me their odds of getting in were pretty slim but that didn’t stop me.

The first person I talked to was Cheri, who believe it or not was a Hillary person but was considering Trump

I asked her about the email scandal but she thought it was much ado about nothing (proving Neo Neocon right)

I then talked to Nancy who was all in for Trump

and Richard

who was going to wait till he heard all the candidates before making a final decision.

By this time I headed back toward the press area it was getting closer the time of the Trump press availability. On my way back I did my last and in one sense most interesting interview

But the most interesting interview which was Carl

Who said he was interested in Trump but as a 3rd party rather than a GOP candidate, but it remains to be seen if the Donald can change his mind.

If you watch the interviews above you’ll notice several consistent thoughts

  1. People consider Trump a truth teller.
  2. People like that he’s politically incorrect

  3. People really like his immigration stance

All these things were in my mind as I checked the time and headed back to the press room to get ready for Mr. Trump’s arrival…

Update: Matt Lewis not withstanding Those people didn’t seem dangerous to me

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Here is Ted Cruz’s speech from the YAF event in Nashua NH last friday

He took a few questions after his speech:

On creating political opportunity

On Standing with our allies:

and on replacing Obamacare

I also got the reactions of Seroach

and Michael

The crowd seemed to like what it saw, the only question is will the others who follow do better?

You don’t think of CPAC as something you give someone as a gift but that was the case with Martha.

I ran into Martha several times at CPAC 2014 and she was able to give me a hand in a crisis the day of my broadcast. In that short time she went from interview to acquaintance to friend.

I look forward to seeing her at CPAC next year and hopefully meet her husband and shake his hand for being almost as lucky as I am.

At the Twin city tea party meeting this week Ben Selecky of PANDA (people against the NDAA spoke concerning his groups opposition to the anti-terror rules since 9/11

I’m much more of a hawk than Ben and his group given the state of the world but it’s fair to say that an administration willing to the IRS against political opponents will not hesitate to use even more draconian measures against them.

The PANDA site is here and there is one line from their front page I have to comment on

Since the mainstream media has all but ignored the NDAA, we’re getting the word out a different way: Through music.

Ah the innocence of youth, don’t you know there is a Democrat in the White House and not just any Democrat. Barack Obama, the first black president. The ONE™

You can’t expect the media to report on a group that suggests an administration run by a Democrat, let alone the first black president, is opposing civil rights any more than you can expect them to treat racist remarks by democrats, as if they’re news
and if Hillary Clinton or any Democrat wins in 2016 expect mean more of the same.

But take heart, once a republican holds the White House reporters all over the country will suddenly discover PANDA and the NDAA and decide it is the biggest threat to the rights of Americans since the Alien & Sedition acts and you won’t be able to hide from the cameras pointed your way.


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dc stills 030Monday night I found myself on a bus rolling south to cover the Exempt America from Obamacare Rally. It was an event that didn’t draw the numbers it once did but also didn’t get the attention it deserved.

dc stills 005

The setup crews were there at 6 AM and they were lucky in the sense that they avoided the scorching heat at least at the start (they would not be so lucky when it was over) The Massachusetts group I traveled with had arrived first and scattered to some degree to visit members of congress & check out museums. I noted that there were signs from previous protests still left in the area:

dc stills 006

Syria would have some resonance during the day.

As the stage setup continued people started arriving. The first people I interviewed were from Tennessee and Tin Ship Productions

they reminded me of an early TN version of Granite Grok shooting the raw video.

My basic plan was to interview as many people as possible who were here as activists since they are the story while covering the speakers and maybe snag an interview or two there as well.

Next I met Quinn from Florida

At this point a press area was being set up. Along with Janet I went in and ran into Steve Bannon of Breitbart who were streaming the event and had a stage area set up.

dc stills 025

He would handle the heat during the day a lot better than I would.

the next interview would be with Dan Terado who I connected with Steve’s people

As Dan’s work becomes known the left is going to absolutely hate him

after a trip to the Rayburn building where I discovered congress’ bathroom ARE nicer than most people’s houses it was back to the interviews with Nancy & Carol

who aren’t buying what Sam Nunn’s daughter is selling followed by Harry from Florida:

Who thinks stopping obamacare is a longterm task followed by Ginny from Minnesota who told me when it comes to crazy liberal Massachusetts can’t compete with her state:

Followed by Ron from St. Louis

This seemed to follow a pattern, I kept running into people who came on their own as opposed to organized form either DC or a national tea party.

Jenny Beth Martin was the organizers and despite working harder than anyone in sight was kind enough to give me some of her time:

It always seems to be strong women who lead in the tea party and that leadership drew people like Ron and his wife from Illinois.

They haven’t forgotten who could have delivered us from Obamacare and did not under pressure.

Next was Ron from North Carolina

Who was followed by Alan

and Randy both from the Seneca Tea Party from South Carolina

One of the speakers for the day Dr. Juan Torres was mixing with the crowd

The most reluctant interview of the day was Mary from California:

She came farther than anyone else to be here, but while she came the longest distance of those I spoke to Nora was the most outspoken.

the Orioles are lucky to have such a fan.

my final interview was Jim T from Ohio:

After Jim I finished my count there were 3200 people with people continuing to flow in. By the time Ted Cruz spoke the crowd had managed to get up to about 5000 but that peak didn’t last long.

This rally didn’t have GOP party support and you didn’t see big names like Beck invest their effort or money into it so the numbers certainly didn’t compare to those heady days when the GOP saw the tea party as their ticket back to a majority and were happy to help. But the message these faithful had to the party was similar to the one they gave three years ago:

dc stills 009

That’s a warning worth heeding


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I was planning this interview for later in the month but given the Syria crisis this interview popped into my head:

Hir fought in the Hungarian Revolution, he knows what oppression is and he knows what living under Communism is.

If you are a person who complains about life they could take a lesson from this man.

My first interview at the RNC event in Boston was Dr. Ada M. Fisher author of Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions:

rnc still wed 3 002 I first met her because she noticed my toe shoes and commented on them and that began our conversation. She has an easy way with people and after the interview while we sat down and talked, she proved to be a rather popular person with committee people who walked by. She had a very easy manner and person after person came by to give her a few minutes of their time.

After registration she came back down and posed for me with a copy of her book.

Dr Ada Fisher MD

You can Buy it here.