Hitler’s Benz

by baldilocks

File this under “things I wish I had said.” A Facebook friend who wishes to remain anonymous has a few suggestions for those who wish to uproot racism and anything that racists have produced.

Just remember, folks, Daimler-Mercedes-Benz built German war machines and Mercedes-Benz designed and built Hitler’s car. Certainly hope you’re not sporting one of those racist deathmobiles as a sign of your affluence.


If you’re black, I certainly hope you don’t work for or own a Volkswagen.

How soon we forget.

The colossal extent of slave labour used by modern-day German blue-chip companies to get rich during the Third Reich has been laid bare by the nation’s top business magazine.

WirtschaftsWoche has published a league table illustrating the Nazi past of top German firms like Bosch, Mercedes, Deutsche Bank, VW and many others, which involved the use of almost 300,000 slaves.

The league table follows revelations earlier that Audi, which was known as Auto Union during the Nazi period, was a big exploiter of concentration camp supplied slave labor, using 20,000 concentration camp inmates in its factories.

Many of the companies listed by WirtschaftsWoche have already had internal reckonings with their Nazi past.

In 2011, the dynasty behind the BMW luxury car marker admitted, after decades of silence, to using slave labour, taking over Jewish firms and doing business with the highest echelons of the Nazi party during World War Two.

Gabriele Quandt, whose grandfather Guenther employed an estimated 50,000 forced labourers in his arms factories, producing ammunition, rifles, artillery and U-boat batteries, said it was ‘wrong’ for the family to ignore this chapter of its history.

But BMW were not the only German firm to profit from the sudden influx of slave labour.

Slave labor. I know a a number of SJWs who drive Benzes and BMWs; and even more drive the People’s Car aka Volkswagen.

But if some want to purge the USA of anything with racist origins, I’d say that they should start with themselves.

Benzes and Beamers are too expensive to maintain, but I’ll take a VW off your hands.

Just trying to help.

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By Steve Eggleston

The Wall Street Journal reports that the United Auto Workers’ effort to unionize the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee fell short. Had the UAW been successful, the VW plant would have been the first foreign-owned plant in a Southern state to be unionized.

The story behind the unionization drive, and its failure, is rather remarkable. Volkswagen started the ball rolling by wanting to implement what it calls a “works council”, a group of line workers which negotiates with management on the operations of the plant. It has those “work councils” at most of its plants worldwide, in both union and non-union shops. However, to implement the concept in the US, it was convinced it needs the workers represented by an outside union.

Enter the UAW. Despite temporarily gaining a majority stake in Chrysler and getting a significant (and now controlling) stake in General Motors thanks to the Obama administration, their membership has been shrinking along with the vast majority of private-sector unions.

They have been actively targeting foreign-owned plants for unionization, with no success south of the Mason-Dixon line where most of these plants have been popping up. They went so far as to collaborate with their foreign counterparts, including Germany’s IG Metall, the main union dealing with Volkswagen in Germany.

Unlike most companies, Volkswagen encouraged the UAW effort. In an unusual move, it allowed UAW organizers to campaign in the plant, and coordinated its public statements with the UAW during the campaign.

That, however, wasn’t enough to overcome long-standing sentiment against unionization in Tennessee, as well as a well-funded campaign that pointed out that typical UAW tactics are not exactly compatible with the “works council” concept and said that unionization would turn Chattanooga into South Detroit. Some of the workers who voted against the UAW also cited the heavy tilt in UAW political donations toward Democrat candidates and causes.

Now that there is a 1-year “cooling off” period where the UAW cannot attempt to organize at VW’s Chattanooga plant, perhaps it is time to take a look at the archaic labor laws that seem to prohibit the creation of “work councils” outside the suffocating regime of unions.

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There are some commercials that just rub you the wrong way, (I hate the e-trade baby commercials) but I never get sick of this one:

Why, because it is all about a guy who wants something, wants it bad and what does he do? Does he max out his credit? Does he beg for it as a gift? Nope, he works and works at job after job, most of which are not enjoyable, and keeps his eye on the prize. And when he can afford the car he wants, only then does he get it.

This simply screams Tea Party values, hard work, perseverance, spending responsibility. In fact I would dare to say it screams American Values.

And look at the license plate on the two cars he buys. It says “The fly over state”. That says Red State all over it. How fitting.