Slave Cars

by baldilocks File this under "things I wish I had said." A Facebook friend who wishes to remain anonymous has a few suggestions for those who wish to uproot racism and anything that racists have produced. Just remember, folks, Daimler-Mercedes-Benz built German war machines and Mercedes-Benz designed and built Hitler's car. Certainly hope you're not … Continue reading Slave Cars

Workers 1, UAW/VW 0

By Steve Eggleston The Wall Street Journal reports that the United Auto Workers' effort to unionize the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee fell short. Had the UAW been successful, the VW plant would have been the first foreign-owned plant in a Southern state to be unionized. The story behind the unionization drive, and its failure, … Continue reading Workers 1, UAW/VW 0

The Tea Party Commercial

There are some commercials that just rub you the wrong way, (I hate the e-trade baby commercials) but I never get sick of this one: Why, because it is all about a guy who wants something, wants it bad and what does he do? Does he max out his credit? Does he beg for it … Continue reading The Tea Party Commercial