Robin of Locksley: Touch him with that [blinding iron] and you’ll get an arrow through your throat
2nd Royal forester: You’re a bold fellow aren’t you?
3rd Royal forester: Think you can kill all three of us?
Robin of Locksley: If I have to. [throws a load of bread in the air & hits it with an arrow] Now untie him, and then leave.
1st Royal forester: Well our Duty doesn’t include getting ourselves killed, you can have him, for now.

The Adventures of Robin Hood: The Coming of Robin Hood 1955

Yesterday I asked some difficult questions concerning a Hillary presidency and then updated it linking to post by Scott Adams that said in part

As far as I can tell, the worst thing a presidential candidate can do is turn Americans against each other. Clinton is doing that, intentionally.


As I often say, I don’t know who has the best policies. I don’t know the best way to fight ISIS and I don’t know how to fix healthcare or trade deals. I don’t know which tax policies are best to lift the economy. I don’t know the best way to handle any of that stuff. (And neither do you.) But I do have a bad reaction to bullies. And I’ve reached my limit.

I hope you have too.

I learned about bullies very young thanks to my brother Dominic.

It was the 60’s at St. Anthony’s school and there was a bully who had been picking on the other kids horribly but when he decided to pick on my brother Dominic he, showing the attitude and fearlessness that he would hold for his entire life, fought rather than knuckle under.

Dominic wasn’t particularly big or strong, he was nothing special and the Bully beat him up pretty bad…

…but Dominic gave as good as he got and while he lost the fight the bully was in such bad shape that not only did he stay away from Dominic who seemed completely indifferent to pain, but didn’t pick on the other kids in school from that point on. It was the ultimate Rocky 2 moment

What did that teach me? It taught me that you have to stand up for what’s right, that the best way to stop a bully or a thief or someone looking to intimidate you is to make sure that the cost for sai bully is more than they’re willing to pay.

Yesterday I wondered aloud if conservatives are oppressed by a Hillary Clinton administration how would submitting be better than resisting? I’m very curious as to my brother Dominic’s opinion on the matter.

Incidentally Dominic never changed. From that day to his retirement last year nobody ever messed with him again, not during school, not at his job, not anywhere. He’s enjoying a quiet life with his family but even in the tough neighborhood where he lives, a neighborhood that most of the other Sicilians left long ago, nobody messes with him, the price for doing so is too high.

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There was one of the rarest moments you will find in my twitter stream, a moment when I disagreed with the great Don Surber who was commenting on a Donald Trump Tweet:

Don then questioned if Ted Cruz was going to be around longterm and that’s when I showed him this interview from Oct 17th which someone still has under 1000 views on youtube.

There are two things worth noting concerning this interview it to understand them you need to see the RCP polling from that day

pols 101715

As you can see at the time of this interview It was Trump, Carson & Rubio Ted Cruz was polling at 7.6% 6th place at the bottom of the 2nd tier. Even Jeb Bush and Fiorina were ahead of him. In fact in NH he was 7th behind Kasich with 5.6% Yet…

1. At the time of the interview Cruz had just won a straw poll well publicized & promoted for months and opened to any REGISTERED NH VOTER beating not just Carson & Fiorina who were both polling double of him at the time but also Trump who despite drawing 4000 the day before just a couple of hours away, could not draw 25 registered NH voters to get him to the 2nd round.

It’s one thing to talk a ground game it’s another thing to have one.

2. In that same interview Cruz pointed out that his ground game in 24 states through March was completely paid for by automatic monthly contributions (which doesn’t of course include the normal one time contributions that were still coming in).

Since then Ted Cruz’s number have grown, his contributions have grown and I strongly suspect both his number of auto contributions and the number of states his ground game is active has also grown.

Given these facts If Cruz already had organization in place fully paid for in half the states 3 months ago when he was an afterthought, where do you think he is now as he sits 2nd nationally?

I submit and suggest his game has grown and once Iowa & NH are done a good chunk of that ground game money can be diverted to any state that hasn’t already been fully covered.

A lot of people are coming after Ted Cruz but unlike most of the Non Bush / Trump candidates with money to burn he didn’t play the short 1-2-3 state game “do good early and hope to build a ground game, he took some very good advice on building his house:

“Everyone who listens to these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock.  The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and buffeted the house. But it did not collapse; it had been set solidly on rock.  And everyone who listens to these words of mine but does not act on them will be like a fool who built his house on sand.  The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and buffeted the house. And it collapsed and was completely ruined.”

Matt 7:24-27

The winds may blow from establishment pundits and the floods of attacks will buffet his campaign.  But it will not collapse, because he set it firmly on the rock of the grass roots, and on one other.


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This morning while figuring out what I want to say today I read two posts that clicked in my mind exactly how to explain the GOP establishment.

One of them was at Instapundit and linked to a piece by Nate Silver at Five Thirty Eight on Donald Trump & Polls titled One less reason to be skeptical of Trump.

He listed reasons to be skeptical of Trump success and added one that was not data driven saying he expected the GOP Establishment to do all it could to stop him:

But so far, the party isn’t doing much to stop Trump. Instead, it’s making such an effort against Cruz. Consider:

  • The governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad, said he wanted Cruz defeated.
  • Bob Dole warned of “cataclysmic” losses if Cruz was the nominee, and said Trump would fare better.
  • Mitch McConnell and other Republicans senators have been decidedly unhelpful to Cruz when discussing his constitutional eligibility to be president.
  • An anti-Cruz PAC has formed, with plans to run advertisements in Iowa. (By contrast, no PAC advertising has run against Trump so far in January.)

You can find lots of other examples like these. It’s the type of coordinated, multifront action that seems right out of the “The Party Decides.” If, like me, you expected something like this to happen to Trump instead of Cruz, you have to revisit your assumptions. Thus, I’m now much less skeptical of Trump’s chances of becoming the nominee.

Now let’s look at Pastor George Kelly’s of my magnificent seven’s piece Is he or She a Conservative.  It’s the piece that precedes the one you’re reading now on this blog and notes the records of four candidates Rubio, Cruz, Trump and Carson. It’s Rubio & Cruz that I am thinking of here.

  • Senator Marco Rubio possesses a lifetime (ACU) score of 98%. One would venture to say that Mr. Rubio’s impeccable conservative credentials should be beyond dispute.

Alas, this is not the case.

Senator Rubio committed for many Immigration Hawks the unpardonable sin by supporting the GANG of 8’s Immigration Reform measures.  For this he has obtained the wrath of Boarder Security Conservatives.

Nevertheless, Mr. Rubio has been in the Senate for four (4) years and his voting record and public service testify that he is a True Conservative.

State Representative Marco Rubio was Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives when he mounted a race for the US Senate and ran against former Republican Governor Charlie Crist.

Mr. Rubio ran as a Tea Party Conservative; this writer is shocked and somewhat baffled over how anyone could call Marco Rubio “an establishment Republican.”

I’ve actually wondered that myself, I think what’s cost Rubio has been his attempts to spin what he did (or rather the spin of some of his supporters) instead of just saying.  Boy I tanked that didn’t I?  Pastor Kelly continues with Ted Cruz (who I’ve endorsed)

  • A look at Senator Ted Cruz of Texas’s (ACU) scores is equally impressive: Senator Cruz has a lifetime rating of 100%!  This is an astounding voting percentage (two years of Senatorial service).

Mr. Cruz is an intellectual wonder who graduated with distinction from both Princeton and Harvard Law School.

A similarity of both Senators reminds Conservatives of how far they have come since President Obama became President:  Both of these Senators are products of “The Tea Party Movement”; and both men ran against the Republican establishment.

A brief look at the two young Senators (Rubio & Cruz) is a testimony to the Intellectual and Political transformation that has affected our nation since William F. Buckley, Jr. founded “National Review” in 1955.

As the old song states, “You’ve come a Long Way Baby!”

Both Misters Rubio and Cruz are certifiably “CONSERVATIVE!

Now lets consider one other thing.  As Mr. Silver the party establishment is going all out to destroy Ted Cruz in Iowa.  At the same time the big money superpac for THE establishment candidate Jeb Bush who is floundering in both Iowa and NH and currently running 4th in his home state of Florida has been on an advertising blitz in NH going all out attacking not Donald Trump the leader, not Ted Cruz, not John Kasich who is supported by the Sununu family one traditional Bush family allies but Marco Rubio.

This tells me one of two things.

The Establishment GOP is still looking to nominate Bush and the plan is to take out both Cruz and Rubio early so that Jeb can be the only candidate standing as an alternative to Trump, the they can go all in against him.  Cruz gets the big guns attention because of his huge hard money advantage and incredible existing grass roots ground game in half the primary states already  & Rubio is left to Jeb’s moneybags on the theory that without a strong Iowa/NH showing he’ll can’t sustain his campaign long enough to make it to florida or be a threat afterwards leaving it Jeb vs Trump once again with the full might of the GOP ready to fight on Jeb’s side.

Under no circumstances can a conservative with the voting record of either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz be allowed to be president.  Forget that both would be the first Hispanic to lead a major party ticket, forget Rubio’s gang of eight stuff.  We can’t take the chance that a tea party candidate be the head of the party particularly ones so solidly opposed to abortion.

Given the inability of anyone to land a punch on Trump (although Cruz’s latest ad is devastating) It’s possible that #1 is only Jeb plan.  After all the GOP establishment might be pragmatically thinking that they can’t stop Trump and the time to join is now while they can get something for it rather than later when it means nothing and his cooperation with their priorities will carry a higher price.

But given what I’ve seen of the GOP establishment in Washington , Massachusetts and particularly NH I think #2 is a pretty safe bet.


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If you are a member of the GOP caucus looking to become speaker now that John Boehner has resigned. I strongly suggest taking these lines from the Movie Patton to heart:

Col commanding: The reason We’re pinned down General is because we can’t get air support!
Gen Patton: The hell with that. Nobody’s getting any air support! If you can’t Put some fire into this battalion I’ll get somebody who can. Major! You the executive officer here?
Maj Walker: Yes, sir.
Gen Patton: What’s Your name?
Maj Walker: Walker sir.
General Patton : Well You’re now commanding officer! You’ve got 4 hours to break through that beachhead down there. lf you don’t make it by then, I’ll fire you!

You have been warned.


Or to put it another way, if you are a GOP speaker and MSM / MSNBC hosts look like this when you resign

Then you didn’t do your job.

The top story at the Hotair Top headlines has been the same for a couple of days, it concerns Mitt Romney & Election 2014.  Here is a screen shot of the image as of 6 AM Jan 2nd:

mitt hotair 1

The story itself quotes a longtime Romney friend who says he will only get into election 2016 if it looks like Ted Cruz might win the GOP nomination

“I know exactly what Mitt’s going to do,” [Ken] Gardner, a real estate developer who helped bring Romney to Utah to lead the 2002 Winter Olympics, told the Deseret News. “I think over the next few months, a lot of things will happen.”…

“If it’s Ted Cruz that’s the candidate, he’s in. If it’s Jeb Bush, he’s probably not,” Gardner said.

I found it quite fascinating when you consider that, if nominated Ted Cruz would be the first Hispanic American to lead or even appear on a major party ticket in the US.  A rather key historic moment for a country where every pundit in sight says the Hispanic demographic is the key demo in future elections.

Yet despite this  there has been no reaction to a report by a major conservative site that the lily-white very rich former GOP candidate Mitt Romney would be willing to go through the expense and rigors of another presidential campaign to make sure that the GOP doesn’t nominate the first Hispanic American major Party presidential candidate.  Not an eyebrow raised, not a follow-up comment, not even a single person crying “racism”.

Now it’s true that Mitt’s distaste for Ted Cruz has everything to do with being a conservative and nothing to do with his race but that’s not how the game has been played by the media in the past, so let’s imagine just for a bit, that either:

1.  Ted Cruz was a Democrat OR

2.  The media applied the same “Race Card” rules in this case as they normally would in others.

What would the reaction to this Hotair headline be?

Well the first thing is the title of this piece might be rewritten by others like so:

mitt hotair fake


Then we would see ABC,NBC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, Headline News, The Daily Show, the View and every other talk show in sight talk about GOP racism.  Univision would host a week-long special titled “Why does Mitt & the GOP hate hispanics so much?” and you would not be able to turn on a network show without seeing a breathless reporter:

1.  Hectoring Governor Romney on in this comment is true.

2.  Demanding he distance himself from that person.

3.  Demanding Mitt Romney apologize for these statements that he didn’t make.

4.  Demanding every GOP pol in existence comment on and denounce these statements.

5.  Putting a mic in front of Reince Priebus demanding he explain why the GOP is so racist against Hispanics?

In addition we would see pundit after pundit speak of this dooming Mitt Romney, Renice Priebus, the GOP, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie etc etc etc….

Alas Ted Cruz is not a democrat and as much as he is hated and feared by the same GOP establishment that couldn’t wait to run Gabriel Gomez for senator based solely on his last name, he is even more hated and more feared by the Democrats and the left wing media that determines what is considered racist and what is not.

Because as we all know,  even by the media’s hypersensitive standards, there is no such thing as a racist or sexist comment if it’s made about a conservative.  Even if said comment comes from the GOP.


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