As I watched the Democrat Debate last week, or as I should more accurately say flipped from back and forth from the Dem debate and Hogan’s Heroes Reruns because there is only so much socialism and Rachel Maddow a person can take, I found myself fascinated by the predicament that Hillary Clinton finds herself in concerning Senator Sanders.

What’s fascinating about it is that it’s the mirror image of the problem the GOP has and it comes from similar roots.

For decades the left has spent its time rejecting traditional judeo christianity and the values that come with it. The concept of respect for God, a moral order, the value of work and self reliance and have imbued these values into the culture and educational system to the point where any person who does not have every comfort they have dreamed of is considered oppressed and every person who has succeeded is an oppressor.

And while this fits perfectly with the philosophy of a lifetime socialist who honeymoons in the Soviet Union during the cold war and a president that believes that the United States is the primary source of evil in the universe if one has spent a lifetime with a goal of power and wealth and has said, done and chased whatever is popular enough to gain it, let’s call such a person, oh, Hillary Clinton, suddenly finds herself with a record that diametrically opposes all of the things that they have conditioned their supporters to believe.

Thus the Clintons and the DNC who invested their souls into their family rather than rejecting them when given the moral choice decades ago find themselves scrambling in an age of relative morality to paint themselves as acceptable to those they have conditioned to believe in relative ever changing standards, with the full knowledge that the it may not be enough to allow them to keep the power and the wealth it generates.

Oddly enough this is almost the mirror image of what has been going on in the GOP with conservatives.

Because as the Democrats rapidly became an unwelcome place for people of faith and those who honored the traditional Judeo Christian American culture the GOP by default began to pick up such people.

Meanwhile The GOP which once thanks to the vast wealth the Civil war created, had morphed into a party favoring business & elites while losing the favor of the masses as those who fought under the union banner & their children died, suddenly founds themselves transformed by the influx of people of faith and traditional American Culture once again a party of the masses.

The only problem was while they loved getting those votes and the power that being elected gave them, those same GOP elites didn’t love the masses that gave said votes to them.

So began the regular cycle of GOP candidates that every election year promised to govern as conservative traditional Americans but cut and ran from those positions as soon as they were over.

Now given that the choice for voters is one party or the other, the Obama years have given the GOP the default victory in off year elections but as Mark Steyn warned not acting after such a victory is a recipe for disaster for them.

Thus, with their establishment candidates faltering forced to choose between wildcard Donald Trump and 98% conservative Marco Rubio in order to stop 100% conservative Ted Cruz who has made his campaign about actually doing what the GOP keeps claiming it will.

All of this both on the Democrat side and the GOP side comes from the same source, the desire to gain power for personal advancement and disdain for the people who grant them said power.

You would think it wasn’t a question of two different parties, might one. In fact one might even call it a cartel.


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