Weird, Wild, and Wonderful

Happy Friday! Here are some oddball things I came across, submitted for your enjoyment... It is "spring" here in New York's Scenic Hudson Valley, but The Winter That Will Not Die rained ice chips on me while I walked the dogs yesterday and there are still mounds of unmelted snow along side driveways and parking … Continue reading Weird, Wild, and Wonderful

Platypus, Save Us!

The weird egg laying mammal with a duck's bill on its face may hold the key to the problem of our antibiotics not working well against resistant bacteria and germs. Via Sky News: A breakthrough by Australian scientists has found that the platypus - which is already a unique creature - is also in possession … Continue reading Platypus, Save Us!

Very Old Fruitcake!

My mom made fruitcakes every year during Christmas season; the rum they were soaked in was all I could smell in our house for weeks and I would only eat the special cake my mom made for me that had no alcohol (I prefer my booze in a glass, thanks). My mother said her fruitcakes … Continue reading Very Old Fruitcake!