But the election is over and the need to pretend to agree with voters is gone too.

Sen. Wendy Davis said in a Monday interview with the Express-News that she opposes allowing the open carry of handguns and that she wishes she had a do-over on the support she expressed for the idea in her ill-fated run for governor.

You might expect me to use this as an excuse to hit the Democrats, but I’m also old enough to remember when John McCain wanted the border secure.

I can respect an open foe a lot more than a phony one.

Sheldon: All the non human apes are classified as “great apes” except one, That means taxonomists created the entire category of “lesser ape” just to single out the poor Gibbon as the weird kid on the playground. Now there’s a hairy little fellow with a genuine beef.

Leonard: But the gibbon doesn’t know what it’s categorized as, it doesn’t even know it’s called a “Gibbon”.

Sheldon: True. [Turning to Howard] Sorry kid You’ve got it worse than a Gibbon.

The Big Bang Theory The Prom Equivalency 2014

Ok this week Democrats lost the senate, lost the governorship of states such as Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts, lost practically every close race there was to lose and the president’s post election presser was apparently a disaster.

How could things possibly get any worse? Ask the Star Telegram

In the end, Konni Burton was true to her word: She reclaimed Senate District 10 for her party.Burton, a Republican, claimed ​53 percent of the vote to Democrat Libby Willis’ ​44.5 percent

Seriously DaTechGuy, after all that’s gone wrong for Democrats you think they’re going to be upset at losing a state level seat in Texas? Well that seat had some significance:

The battle for District 10 wasn’t just about one Senate seat. It was about the ideological balance of power in the Legislature’s upper chamber.

Supporters dropped millions of dollars into the race, with some of the largest donations for Burton coming from the Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC and some of Willis’ largest donations coming from the Mostyn Law Firm in Austin or the Mostyn-funded Back to Basics PAC.

Ok so it was an important state seat, but still that’s not going to drive Democrats nuts, but there’s more…

Burton, considered a rock star in Republican circles, drew support from a variety of people, including U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, a high-profile darling of the Tea Party, local GOP state Reps. Jonathan Stickland, Matt Krause, Bill Zedler and Giovanni Capriglione and Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley.

OK so a tea party texan won it Texas, that’s still not so odd but here is the coup de grace

The decisive seat in Texas that affected the ideological balance of Texas that now belongs to a Tea Party Republican, belonged to a democrat for the last six year, that Democrat’s name?

Wendy Davis

thanks to the hubris of Democrat friends Abortion Barbie’s seat in the Texas Legislature goes now belongs to a Tea Party member

…who is proudly pro-life and ran on it.

The defense of the unborn is very personal for me. My husband Phil and I are the proud parents of Tori and Faith, whom we adopted through the Gladney Center in Fort Worth. This session I was proud to join thousands of conservative activists in peacefully supporting pro-life bills in the Texas Legislature. The people of Senate District 10 deserve a Senator who respects all human life. In the Senate, I will fight to keep Texas tax dollars from going to Planned Parenthood or any organization that provides abortions. I will also oppose any federal incursions into Texas designed to mandate that citizens purchase healthcare covering elective abortions.

And Burton knows who to thank for her win as well:

Konni Burton, the Republican who won it, is as conservative as they come. Burton is from the district and had trouble finding someone to challenge Davis, so she decided to just run herself (before Davis decided to enter the gubernatorial contest instead of running for re-election). After Davis’ 2013 filibuster, Burton told me for a piece I wrote for the National Review that her fundraising picked up.

“I was doing well with fundraising previous to this, but this has certainly helped, this pro-abortion stand that Wendy has taken,” Burton said at the time. “It’s a stand for abortions after five months! It’s helped immensely.”

Perhaps she will send a “Thank You” card to NBCCBSABCCNNNPRMSNBCNYT & Planned Parenthood for delivering the seat and a 2/3 majority to the GOP in the Texas state senate.


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The Sterling case is still the big story in the media, and the administration is very happy about that, because the rest of the news doesn’t look all that good, such as:

here’s Carney insisting that the Ben Rhodes email that lit up conservative media yesterday, which listed as one of the White House’s goals before Susan Rice’s Sunday show appearances “to underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy,” didn’t necessarily mean Benghazi — even though the whole reason Rice was booked was because a U.S. ambassador had just been killed in the American consulate there. It’s basically his version of “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” Is it working?

I don’t think I could do a job where I had to life for a living.

Then there’s the question of Big money, Big Democrat money that is:

During a gathering here of major Democratic donors this week that has raised more than $30 million for liberal groups, questions about the party’s split personality on the issue were dodged, rejected or answered with an array of rationalizations. That is, when they weren’t met with recriminations or even gentle physical force.

You mean to say the Koch brothers are not the only source of big money in politics? Who woulda thunk it!

Meanwhile while Mr. Sterling has said some nasty stuff in private, a Democrat congressman is being a little more public in his racism and has an explanation for CNN:

Bash: Isn’t that a racially charged term?

Thompson: “For some it is, but to others it’s the truth.”

Bash: Because looking at that and hearing that kind of language, that certainly wouldn’t be appropriate if it was coming from somebody who was white.

Thompson: “But I’m black.”

Bash: That makes it OK?

Imagine if Cliven Bundy gave that “to others it is truth” answer, but as Allahpundit put it:

Look at it from his perspective: He knows he won’t be reprimanded, so why waste time cooking up anything more than pro forma spin?

Meanwhile growth continues to be poor:

Economic growth plummeted to a dismal 0.1% in the first quarter of 2104. They’re blaming it on the weather…
…Oh well, don’t worry. The economists who predicted a 1.1% rise assure us that a strong rebound is just around the corner.

The Polls still stink

a new ABC News/Washington Post poll that shows President Obama skidding to a dismal 41/52 approval/disapproval score. The poll contains other bad news for Democrats, e.g., by 53%-39%, respondents say it is more important to have Republicans in Congress to check Obama’s agenda than Democrats to support it. And the numbers on Obamacare are bad.

very bad

On the heels of the release of a Washington Post-ABC News poll which showed President Barack Obama sinking to the lowest approval rating of his presidency and Democratic voters displaying a lack of enthusiasm ahead of the 2014 midterm elections, a Harvard University Institute of Politics poll of young voters is set to further dispirit Democrats.

That survey of 18-29-year-olds found that only 23 percent of young Americans say they will “definitely” vote in November, a drop of 11 points from Harvard IOP’s last poll conducted in November, 2013.

And Wendy Davis has gone from Democrat heroine to Glenn Close impersonator

“The uninformed opinions of a Washington, D.C., desk jockey who’s never stepped foot in Texas couldn’t be less relevant to what’s actually happening on the ground,” Karin Johanson, Davis campaign manager, said in a surprising statement after Shumlin’s slight.

I will not be ignored Peter

If the left is lucky all of this will continue to be overshadowed until a new meme can overwhelm the reality for them.



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Yesterday we had a field day with Wendy Davis latest Flip Flop both on this site and on Twitter with the hashtag #wendydaviscorebeliefs

It was a lot of fun but Wendy Davis was not the only Texan who flipped on a position this week.

24 hours after we talked about Nancy Pelosi telling her caucus not to gloat over the Debt bill while John Boehner wondered why his caucus wasn’t cheering a senator from Texas was scurrying to find another Senator to do his dirty work for him.

It started when Ted Cruz said he would insist on the 60 vote threshold for the debt ceiling bill

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz could stage another filibuster – this time in an attempt to raise the debt limit…

The bill on Wednesday moves to the Senate, where lawmakers are expected to pass the legislation later this week.

Cruz plans to object to hold a simple majority vote, thus seeking a 60-vote threshold in the Senate.

But while Cruz got headlines his move had big implications in the upper house. It meant the bill couldn’t pass without at least 6 republican votes but WHICH republicans would flip?

Republican leadership worked the floor as they searched for votes. Finally, several Republican leaders exited the cloakroom and changed their votes, as if to say “let’s all hold hands and jump together.” First, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Whip John Cornyn cast yes votes, with the latter having initially voted no. emphasis mine

Excuse me? Am I to understand that less than 24 hours after Wendy Davis flipped on the debt ceiling Senator Cornyn facing a primary fight from Dwayne Stovall flip flopped on the debt ceiling? Not only is the answer “yes” but it’s worse than it sounds

Senators said four Republicans were willing to join all 55 Democrats, but that left them one vote shy of the 60 needed to break the filibuster.

Ultimately, Mr. McConnell came to the well of the chamber and cast his vote as the crucial 60th supporter.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, the second-ranking Republican, then switched to join Mr. McConnell in opposing the filibuster. He and other allies then went to try to persuade other Republicans to join them in a show of solidarity.

Apparently the fix was in.

Now I understand the argument the political argument for this vote:
It’s better to get rid of this issue for the left can’t use it to bombard the GOP in the midterms. With the MSM behind them Democrats, as Glenn Reynolds put it, have air superiority & would use it.

But if you actually believe this was the case, the honorable thing, the thing a leader does, is make that argument openly and out front, both to the voters and on the Senate floor.

As much as I disagree with John Boehner on this he made that honorable argument leading from the front.

John Cornyn can’t say the same. He didn’t even have the propriety to abstain from voting then joining his leader. He was a “No” right up until the moment his boss discovered no other Senator drive off the cliff for them. Then like Louise to McConnell’s Thelma Cornyn jumped in the car grabbed his partner’s hand and switched.

Bart Stupik who provided the cover to pass Obamacare would be proud.

People wonder why ordinary folks don’t trust Washington pols say or why the Tea party is so fired up about challenging the GOP establishment.

I don’t

Final thought: If I was Dwayne Stovall with little money but lots of Tea Party support I’d be comparing Cornyn flip to Wendy Davis’ flops every time I opened my mouth from now till election day

Update: That didn’t take long

“Cornyn’s vote with the Democrats to end debate on the bill helped to clear the way for its passage. That required 60 votes, and John Cornyn joined with Mitch McConnell to hand that liberal victory to Harry Reid. Once cleared, the simple majority of Democrats in the Senate was all that was needed to pass it. This allowed Cornyn to vote No on the final bill so that he could say he voted against it. That’s a half-truth and it’s misleading. The bill would never have passed if it were not for Sen. Cornyn’s bait and switch tactics.”

“Sen. Cornyn betrays the trust of Texas and votes with the Democrats at every opportunity. A vote for John Cornyn is a vote for more debt that enslaves us, our children, and our grandchildren. I’ve said throughout my campaign, and I will say again, I will never vote to increase the federal debt. Now I pledge to filibuster every bill that seeks to do so. We cannot continue on this unsustainable path.”

“I will never do procedural bait-and-switch voting like John Cornyn.

He didn’t spare Steve Stockman hie ire either referencing this story in the Washington post

Among those voting with Boehner were Reps. Steve Stockman (R-Tex.) and Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.), who just three weeks ago refused to support Boehner in the formal vote for House speaker. Later, after the measure easily amassed enough votes to pass, Stockman joined some other conservatives in switching his vote to “no” — a sign that he opposed the measure but was willing to support Boehner if his vote had been needed.

One of the things Ted Cruz decried in this long speech last October was his disgust with people who cast meaningless votes to cover themselves. This is a great example of it.

Update 2: Smitty is not happy and his unhappiness is not restricted to Cornyn:

What’s actually wrong here is that voters have tolerated such an egregious evasion of responsibility for so long. Our representatives, one might have been tempted to think, are elected to do mature, adult work on tough issues like budgets. And here we see a ‘clever’ system whereby the cloture vote is the one that matters, and the simple majority vote on the legislation is an afterthought, so that Senators can do their foul deeds while piously claiming to vote against them.

This pattern is not dissimilar from one a couple thousand years ago involving the Sanhedrin and the Romans.

Why is this November’s election not a sure thing for the GOP? Because it’s entirely unclear that, given majority power again, the GOP would be any less wretched than Reid, Pelosi and crew.

There is a reason why Tea party types don’t trust the GOP, stuff like this is it.


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Jim Hacker: Nobody knows it’s not true. Press statements aren’t delivered under oath.

Yes Prime Minister A Victory for Democracy 1986

Do you remember when Wendy Davis because a hero to the left when she stood tall and strong in favor of the a woman right to knock off her 20 week old baby in the womb? I do. She gain accolades nationwide, prompting piece like this from Joan Walsh in Salon:

Let’s take a moment to remember what’s at stake here. Texas Democrats succeeded in blocking a lot of abortion restrictions until Gov. Rick Perry called a special session to push them through. SB 5 offers a revolting menu of bad policy for women: a 20-week abortion ban; new TRAP laws requiring abortion clinics to be certified as “ambulatory surgery centers,” which would close all but five of the 42 clinics open today, along with every clinic in West Texas. It would also require clinic doctors to have admitting privileges at hospitals and restrict the abortion drug RU-486. Opponents tried to block the bill’s passage in the House last Thursday with a “people’s filibuster,” but it ultimately passed.

I tuned in to Davis’ Senate filibuster after she’d been going about 10 hours Tuesday night, and I felt like I’d discovered a baseball game that was a no-hitter going into the ninth inning. On YouTube, almost 40,000 people were already watching; that ballooned to more than 150,000 after Dewhurst stopped Davis’ crusade on bogus procedural grounds. It was gripping.

Well Wendy Davis is running for Governor and with her manufactured history in tatters the Feminist Superhero has decided it’s time to play the “whatever works” card.

Davis said she could have supported a bill that contained only a 20-week ban, but the law’s restrictions on clinics and doctors have greatly curtailed access to the procedure in parts of Texas.

“It was the least objectionable,” she said. “I would have and could have voted to allow that to go through, if I felt like we had tightly defined the ability for a woman and a doctor to be making this decision together and not have the Legislature get too deep in the weeds of how we would describe when that was appropriate.”

Did I read that right, Abortion Barbie herself the woman that has all feminism aflame declared she could support a bill with a ban on abortions at 20 weeks?

I’d talk about what that declaration says about her, but more interesting is what it says about her supporters.

Last year Wendy Davis despite her filibuster that made her famous proclaimed herself “pro-life”, Last week despite her previous attempt to restrict guns Wendy Davis proclaimed herself in favor of open carry, and now Abortion Barbie herself is willing to say:  20 wk Abortion ban?   I could support that.

One would think progressives who have showered her campaign with 11.2 million last quarter would be demanding refunds.

They will not.

First of all as is the basic principle of Marxism the ends justify the means, if proclaiming herself pro-life, pro-gun and opposing abortion after 20 weeks they’ll pay for a million robocalls to the Texas electorate proclaiming it.

But more importantly as I’ve said in the past the left isn’t worried about any of these public proclamations by Wendy Davis because they know she’s lying and in the religion of liberalism as opposed to the Judeo-Christian culture Truth is an optional extra.

Update: Twitchy is having a lot of fun with this as are a few others like the Lonely Conservative and National Review but the prize goes to Allahpundit at Hotair:

At the rate we’re going, she’s going to end up filibustering a pro-choice bill before November.

Update 2: On a more serious note:

What are Texans supposed to make of Wendy Davis now?

Wendy Davis has either become thoroughly confused on what she really believes, has no core beliefs and does not really know very much, or she is just trying to confuse all of Texas with all of these absurd, near daily position changes.

I see no reason why they can’t all be true.

Update 3: Legal Insurrection says not Barbie but Gumby:

In hindsight, maybe the anaology to Barbie was inappropriate, but not for the supposed sexism reasons usually argued.

Gumby may be a more appropriate analogy, because on her personal narrative and key policy positions, Davis is infinitely flexible.

Sister Toldjah asks: Will the real Wendy Davis please stand up?


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I briefly linked this story concerning Wendy Davis yesterday in my diatribe about liberalism however it’s worth coming back to today because Wendy Davis is the perfect symbolism liberalism.

Consider liberalism is always spending other people’s money. They demand an increase in the minimum wage, which will of course be paid by employers, they demand increased spending which comes from taxes, and of course any tax cuts is money “given to the rich” as if other people’s money belongs to them to be used for their own political or personal benefit.

Cue Wendy Davis:

While they dated, Wendy Davis enrolled at Texas Christian University on an academic scholarship and a Pell Grant. After they married, when she was 24, they moved into a historic home in the Mistletoe Heights neighborhood of Fort Worth.

Jeff Davis paid for her final two years at TCU. “It was community resources. We paid for it together,” Wendy Davis said.

When she was accepted to Harvard Law School, Jeff Davis cashed in his 401(k) account and eventually took out a loan to pay for her final year there.

“I was making really good money then, well over six figures,” he said. “But when you’ve got someone at Harvard, you’ve got bills to pay, you’ve got two small kids. The economy itself was marginal. You do what you have to do, no big deal.”

The daughters, then 8 and 2, remained with Jeff Davis in Fort Worth while Wendy Davis was at Harvard.

But like many marriages it had issues but Wendy Davis stayed until….

Jeff Davis said that was right around the time the final payment on their Harvard Law School loan was due. “It was ironic,” he said. “I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left.”

Is that or is that not the perfect hero for liberalism & feminism? No wonder she puts in the big donor money.

It’s not a big deal, he’s likely part of the undeserving rich anyways.

I’ll give the last word to Eric on twitter:

Nah, never, Sarah Palin didn’t go to an Ivy League University, thinks killing children is immoral rather than a sacrament and her successful marriage is not based on the retirement of student loans.

You don’t get to be a liberal media hero that way.

Update Exit Question: The 30 minutes before the death of Margaret Thatcher died Morning Joe was lionizing Hillary before it became all about what Thatcher had accomplished in life and I asked this question

Think for one second if Bill Clinton didn’t exist nobody would know who Hillary Clinton is, but how many people actually know Margaret Thatcher’s husband’s name? I’d have to look it up.

If Wendy Davis didn’t have a coincidentally rich husband to pay for her college would she have gone to Harvard and would anyone have ever heard of her?

Oh and the hashtag of the day at twitter #morefakethanwendydavis What was that line from yesterday’s post?

I have stated that modern liberalism & progressive is diametrically opposed to and actively targeting Christianity because it is all about truth and reality and rejecting truth and reality is the cornerstone that modern liberalism is built upon.


Update 2: Smitty is thinking the same

We’re looking at a young version of Hillary Clinton here. If you can’t understand one woman’s epic struggle to free herself from the cruel rows of shark-like teeth arrayed against her by the ravenous, insatiable Male Patriarchy, you’re clearly sexist.

and he has another tweet worth quoting:


He may not agree if he actually loved her.

Update 3: I must confess an ignorance of country music but Emily at Naked DC has no such problem:

Basically, every country music song that’s ever come out of Texas was written about Wendy Davis.

Karen at the Lonely Conservative
thinks this might play in Massachusetts better than Texas. Please Please PLEASE Karen don’t give Ms. Davis any ideas!

Update 4:  Stacy McCain explains why it’s worth making a case of a guaranteed Texas loser.

You get the general idea: We want to force feminists to defend the real Wendy Davis — a liar, a cheater, a selfish gold-digger — and to make them explain how her actual biography (and her dishonesty about her biography) is consistent with progressive ideals. And if they refuse to fight Wendy’s fights for her, we’ll then have a wonderful headline: “Feminists Abandon Democrat Wendy Davis.”

Heads we win, tails they lose.

Actually I think he really wants to drive Amanda Marcotte up a wall.

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Over the last few weeks the public has learned Barack Obama managed to get Obamacare passed and win re-election by use of a blatant lie: “If you like your health insurance you can keep it.”

Well Wendy Davis running for Governor in Texas a Red State solidly against abortion apparently has taken notes:

Davis suggested that her views on abortion access do not mean she does not care about life.

“I am pro-life,” she said, borrowing from the label anti-abortion activists assign themselves. “I care about the life of every child: every child that goes to bed hungry, every child that goes to bed without a proper education, every child that goes to bed without being able to be a part of the Texas dream, every woman and man who worry about their children’s future and their ability to provide for that future. I care about life and I have a record of fighting for people above all else.”

Does anyone want to bet how many robocalls & mailers are going to go to pro-life voters with that “I am Pro-Life” statement and nothing else before election day comes?

She has learned her lessons well.

Update: The Washington Examiner:

Wendy Davis wants to be the governor of Texas, so the Democratic state senator famous for filibustering a bill that would increase regulations on abortion clinics dubbed herself “pro-life” during a campaign event Tuesday.

“I am pro-life,” Davis, a Texas state senator, said at the University of Texas’ Brownsville campus. She doesn’t mean the term the way that it’s usually used.

They’re driving me insane
Those men inside my brain

The dream police, they live inside of my head (live inside of my head)
The dream police, they come to me in my bed (come to me in my bed)
The dream police, they’re coming to arrest me, oh, no

Cheap Trick:  The Dream Police 1979


Sandra Fluke, Wendy Davis, Trayvon Martin

Three names the media have made famous, but it’s kind of odd because none of their situations are particularly notable.

Sandra Fluke is one of millions of leftists who have gone to Catholic colleges over the years who have been disappointed that a Catholic school might have rules that are you know, Catholic.

Wendy Davis is a senator in a minority party who because their side doesn’t have the votes has to use other tactics to stop a bill.  Her example is repeated in the US senate whenever it changes control and on the state level the 4 GOP senators in Massachusetts senate could tell her a few things about being in a minority party.

As for Trayvon Martin unfortunately there are plenty of mothers in Chicago who could tearfully testify that a black teenager meeting a violent death is,  disgracefully, not a remarkable event statistically.

That being the case why can even the most casual news follower aware of who they are?

Because the Media are the left’s Meme Police.

Need to push the meme of the GOP trying to take the pill away from women in an election raise a Sandra Fluke to symbolize a debate nobody is having.  (Never mind that when George Stephanopolus rasped the question at the GOP debate nobody had any idea where he was comign from.)

Need to paint the foes of Abortion as “anti-woman” Raise up Wendy Davis as a feminist hero for her filibuster in Texas.  (Never mind that conservative woman are leaders in the fight against abortion, that young women march against abortion in the tens of thousands every year in DC  and that sex selective abortion eliminating girls are a real issue.)

Need to gin up the black vote and the democrat left in an election year.  Make Trayvon Martin a martyr to white on black violence.  (Never mind that not only is George Zimmerman no more white that Barack Obama and also has black ancestry but that the overwhelming number those who kill young blacks men are…young black men .)

The facts and the reality of the case doesn’t matter, to the Media’s meme police and their leftist allies.  The meme and the message is all, and if for example you need to paint George Zimmerman supporters as racists we’ll send our own left wing activists with signs with the image they need and shouting racist messages and if discovered after the fact, claim sarcasm.

And because the media and their allies control the primary sources that expose the culture it can’t be escaped

Cause they’re waiting for me.
They’re looking for me.
Ev’ry single night they’re driving me insane.
Those men inside my brain.

The meme police they live  inside of our brains, the meme police they come to us in our beds.

We’ve not yet reached the point were the meme police come to arrest us, but with this president, you never know.

Cue the music

It isn’t often that I disagree with Elizabeth Scalia on a matter of religion but this story is one of them.

For the few who don’t know. At the Texas capital as the new Abortion bill comes up for a vote a group of pro-life activists starting singing the traditional song Amazing Grace.

However the supporters of Wendy Davis and abortion were not to be outdone. Last weekend on every Sunday Show they the pro-abortion left lionized Wendy Davis and talked about her fight against Governor Rick Perry. Their supporters and Democrats around the country urged their supporters to show up and the Texas capital and fight. So when the pro-lifes sang Amazing Grace the flower of the Democrat Party, these brave warriors of the left, these people determined to prevent people from oppressing woman, fully supported by the national left replied thus:


Hail Satan? Really, as American Glob put it:

Maybe the makers of the History Channel’s Bible series were on to something after all…

Well I’m not convinced.  The CNN Reporter MUST be wrong.  Where is the video, I’m sure the Democrat National Campaign Committee, Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, Media Matters and NOW will emulate the late Andrew Breitbart’s $100,000 challenge to produce actually video to back up this CNN reporters statement:

or not

Now the Anchoress being a kindhearted and godly person says this:

You get a gang of already pumped up, hysterical (and in some cases terribly, terribly young) idolators fully indoctrinated to the creed and the church of the Idol-of-I, and start singing “Amazing Grace” you’re striking at a jugular vein of the idol and the hysterics — having nothing to fall back on but the empty creed of self-worship, which contains no grace at all — have no depth in their recourse. All they have left in their bag of tricks is shock and chaos.

Last night they fell back on “shock.” Chaos will come later, and believe me, a mindless, stupidly spiteful chanting of “hail Satan” won’t be the half of it.

They know not what they do, though — very likely those who are not being paid to be useful idiots for The Party are members of The Church of What’s Happening Now, who can’t resist an urge to participate in this week’s “be-in”.

and advises the following:

Which is why I rather concur with this guy on Twitter:

Wow, the “hail Satan” thing is such a troll. Make fun of it or ignore it. No good can come of making a big deal out of it.

— Political Math (@politicalmath) July 3, 2013

I respect Elizabeth very much, but I have to disagree.

One of the things that our friends on the left have done for a long time is dodge just what abortion is, what it means and who it serves ask yourself why you can see all kind of medical procedures on TV but never abortion, why nothing engages the left more than the graphic pictures of the same.

It’s because it illustrates the truth of what abortion is and what it has always been.

In my opinion it is important to not allow our pols or these groups off the hook.

Every single reporter and every single pol who pushed Wendy Davis, who celebrated Wendy Davis and who urged people to go out and support Wendy Davis be made to distance themselves from the statements of these protesters. They should be made to stand or run as the GOP was made to do with Todd Akin.

They should be made to own this, the Lonely Conservative’s bumper stickers should be made it as one person said on twitter

This is life and death, literally let’s act this way.

I’ll give the last word to Captain Ed Morrissey:

The overall effect of chanting “Hail Satan”? That’s another story, but one of those effects is surely clarity.


Memeorandum is all a buzz (I’d say all a twitter but these aren’t tweets about the following words by Governor Rick Perry about State Senator Wendy Davis:

Who are we to say that children born into the worst of circumstances can’t grow to live successful lives? In fact, even the woman who filibustered the Senate the other day was born into difficult circumstances. She was the daughter of a single woman, she was a teenage mother herself. She managed to eventually graduate from Harvard Law School and serve in the Texas senate. It is just unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example that every life must be given a chance to realize its full potential and that every life matters.

and it produced the following reaction from the left.


Rick Perry Attacks Wendy Davis?, Jabs Davis for being a Teen Mom?


Far from attacking Wendy Davis Perry points out that Davis didn’t let being a daughter of a single mother, a person who started with a disadvantage stop her. Nor did she let being a teenage mother herself stop her from achieving, she managed to go to Harvard, graduate and progress to the point where she was able to stand in the Texas senate and become an instant Liberal Hero.

Perry tells a story of success of life, of proving that starting with a disadvantage doesn’t preclude a person from success and the fact that she didn’t choose to abort her own child obviously makes a statement that she didn’t believe being a teen mother meant her child was doomed to failure.

Perry clearly didn’t hit her for being a teen mother, he instead notes she didn’t learn the lesson that like her child and herself all life has the same potential and value and hit her political decision.

The MSM and the folks at Think Progress and Huffington Post have an interesting take on the word “attack”, but it is highly necessary to twist Perry’s words to falsely state he attacked Davis for being a teen mother. His actual words don’t fit the liberal template so we have to do something about it.

Update: Typo in title fixed


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