After a day of publicity that included Drudge and Fox Legal Insurrection’s Youtube channel is back up

UPDATE: As of approximately 7:30 p.m. on January 13, 2017, our YouTube Channel was restored, though there are still legal battles to come over the videos.

I’m sure the litigation from Professor Jacobson will be quite revealing but there is one thing that we won’t need discovery to know, we are going to see a lot more of this.

From the Banning of Stacy to Milo to others the left’s primary tactic toward power is to hide their actual goals and beliefs from the general public while claiming something else. Thus when a Stacy McCain buys bookshelves full of volumes on feminism and checks out the public web sites of radical feminists and quotes them in context he finds himself banned from twitter. When Milo calls out the left and gives specifics while mocking them he is also banned, and thus when Legal Insurrection reports on the BDS movement and exposes their actual words spoken to the public who are told that they are really all about justice and not about hatred of Jews, thus he is banned.

Nothing defeats the left more than for them to be seen as they are, thus when we expose them saying what they actually think to the world their wrath is incalculable.

We will be seeing a lot more of this since their primary power is now gone

You know, when you’re that deep in the hole, a vote isn’t going to make much of a difference. It’s like someone falling past the 40th floor and voting for a soft landing.

Tim Blair on Greece and debt

I didn’t agree with having a vote but why have one then ignore the result?

While Nichols calls these people the “new totalitarians,” they’re not all that new. They’ve been with us for decades. The difference is they have now accumulated a significant amount of power, and the Silent Majority has now become the Silenced Majority.

D C McAllister on the White Guilt Card

This has been the goal since day 1.

While we may say it is always “irresponsible” to get drunk and have sex, this is something college kids do quite routinely. When two people are both in “these circumstances,” how can anyone fairly assert that the male is guilty of a felony, while a drunken hookup makes the female a helpless victim? How does such a claim — that males bear 100% responsibility in heterosexual encounters, and that females never bear any responsibility — comport with the idea that feminism is about men and women being equal?

Robert Stacy McCain on U of Minnesota Yes means Yes campaign

Basically we are re-creating puritanical rules without the whole messy worshiping of God thing.

If Kim Kardashian announced in October she was running for President (it’s when she turns 35), I am sure she would attract large crowds as well. Should she be taken seriously?

Jay Caruso on the Trump Phenom

12% isn’t a whole lot when it comes down to it.

If Republicans consider Trump a danger to the Republican party in the 2016 general election, then they should start by feeling the people’s pain over illegal immigration, standing with the victims, and looking in the mirror — not at Donald Trump.

Bill Jacobson at the National Review

Your enemies always grow stronger on what you leave behind

Tomorrow is the third day of Christmas and we are going to have a doozy of a snow storm with winds and a bunch of White Stuff that we’re all going to have to shovel in NE.

But more importantly tomorrow I’ll be joining Sherman Whitman to host the WCRN Morning Show 5 AM till 9

We’ll of course be keeping NE abreast of the storm but we’ll also take time to talk about the Newspaper in NY who thought it would be a good idea to make public the names and addresses of Gun owners in the city and surrounding areas and in the 7 O’Clock Hour we will be joined by Bill Jacobson of Legal Insurrection to talk a bit about that, David Gregory and double standards.

It will be fun, except for the driving and parking. And we’d love to hear from you, call in at 508-438-0965.

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Well not exactly new.

First Riehl World View has become Riehl World News:

While I could go on forever as to the whys and wherefores leading to the many decisions I made along the way to arrive at this particular design configuration, I’ll spare you the rambling and cut to the chase as to how best to read it going forward, if you’re of a mind to do so. In some ways, it’s like having three blogs in one to accomodate three different styles of blogging – each of which I employ most days I am blogging.

Meanwhile William Jacobson has a new blog in addition to his own one called College Insurrection

One of our goals is to give conservative and libertarian student writers a larger platform and audience.

To that end, we will link regularly to college conservative and libertarian publications, listed in the Student Blogroll in the sidebar. If we have missed a publication, send me an email and we will add it.

Additionally, we welcome guest posts from students and faculty at the college and graduate school level, particularly at schools which do not have a separate conservative or libertarian publication. We have implemented a portal in which guest posts can be submitted in the form of a WordPress post. The link is in the sidebar just below my image.

Give both a peek and while you’re at it, I have a friend who could use a hand. If you can help him, it would be appreciated.

Oh and Under the Fedora is now up at The Conservatory, the Minority Report and Conservatively Speaking a peek

BTW have you ever noticed that apologies are never accepted if they come from Republicans. If you are a democrat you can Sexually Harass interns in the White House and remain president, You can have your boyfriend run a call service from your apartment and remain in congress and you can avoid paying the taxes you owe become treasury secretary. The letter D after your name apparently is stronger that the most expensive indulgence that the Catholic church ever sold.

Make sure you check it out.

How on earth could I forget the Fog of Law the new blog by Bridget Fay. Her latest:

McKinsey explains that many employers will offer increased compensation to their employees if their health care plans are dropped; however, such thinking underestimates the ways in which employees undervalue their compensation packages. On the average, employers spend 43 cents on benefits per dollar of payroll; however, employees only value about half of that. (Here is a comprehensive list of the non-payroll costs that employers pay.) Should employers cut back on health insurance, their employees may demand a higher salary – but not high enough to cover their costs.

Don’t miss her.

You wanted confirmation, Captain? Take a look! There’s your confirmation!

Lt. Kaminsky Tora Tora Tora

William Jacobson is a very fair-minded man. When writing about Marisa DeFranco getting her 15k signatures to challenge Elizabeth Warren. He said this about the next hurdle she would need to overcome:

As indicated in the video below, DeFranco would have to get 15% of the vote at the nominating convention on June 2 in order to make it to the ballot in September.

Three weeks ago, that prospect would have seemed dim.

He was challenged by Kevin Franck, Communications Director of the Massachusetts Democratic Party who asked:

Why would you think that here prospects of passing the 15% threshold were dim?

Bill, being a polite man called it a fair point, I don’t.

Let’s start with the fundraising numbers:

DeFranco collected $9,074 in campaign contributions during the first quarter of 2012, ending the period with $8,080 cash-on-hand, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Marsia Defranco raised $9,074 dollars in three months. to put that in perspective I need about $9500 to pay for a furnace and Asbestos removal before winter comes that I don’t have. Feel free to kick in:

I’ll wager if I shook the DaTipJar every single day for a quarter I’d be able to raise it from my readers.

Marsia DeFranco has been a candidate for the US Senate since last year and has been campaigning since then. Her fundraising has been so successful that her campaign couldn’t loan me the money to replace my furnace even if it wanted to.

But money isn’t everything what about press. Lets look at how much coverage she has generated:

I did an exact search for the Name “Marisa DeFranco” in Google news over the last year (5/16/11 – 5/16/12) sorted by date, I got 208 results shown via 6 pages

Of those six pages 8 of those stories had the words “Marisa” or “DeFranco” in the title and only one of those 8 was dated before the Warren Indian uprising (Feb 11th at a site called Masslive .com which of course is the first source anyone goes in the state for political news.)

Ironically there were 13 stories from that group with the words “Elizabeth Warren” or Warren” in the title.

So in other words since May of 2011 if you were a person interested in the Mass senate race and searched for “Marsia DeFranco” on google you were 62% more likely to find a story headlined by Elizabeth Warren than Defranco and none by a source other than Masslive until May 2nd of this year.

To put this is perspective the same search for the phrase “Elizabeth Warren” during the same period gave over 32,000 results.

So Marisa DeFranco is a candidate with no name recognition, no news coverage and almost no money who is only getting attention today because of the suddenly imploding Elizabeth Warren campaign. The one thing she has had going for her before then was tenacity.

The question Mr. Franck isn’t why Mr. Jacobson would presume Marisa DeFranco prospects were dim to get the required 15% of the delegates at the Democratic Convention to make the ballot, the question is why would YOU think they were not?