While the Federal Government and the press seems to have forgotten about the targeting of the tea party by the IRS The Worcester Tea Party has not.

On Monday March 14th from Noon to 1 PM at the Worcester common on front street, Day 1040 of the IRS scandal they will be holding a standout demanding answers. As their email puts it:

Worcester Tea Party stands out at Worcester Common to ask the IRS why no one has been held accountable since 2014 on the tax status targeting of Tea Party groups.

Former head of the IRS Lois Lerner, who pled the fifth, now enjoys a cushy retirement after unfairly and unlawfully denying lawful tax status to groups with whom she and this administration are politically opposed.

Alas I can’t attend but if you are interested you can email Matt O’Brien the president of the Worcester tea party here

This is , in my opinion, the most important factor in the upcoming election. It’s very clear that this administration is not going to punish anyone for this and I guarantee you that if the next president is Hillary Clinton not only will nobody punished but do you really believe that given the power of the white house behind her a president Hillary Clinton will not do the same?

And once that’s finally established as the norm it is forever.

If you do, then frankly you DESERVE a President Hillary.

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who are out in the trenches every day.

Catherine works full-time AND speaks to tea party groups on the Constitution Rand Paul and men like him are important but it’s the Catherine Whites of the world that make the difference in the long-term.

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Yesterday on Conservatively Speaking Guy Benson came down to visit:

After taking questions from hosts Mike Wade

and John Weston

He stood for an interview with me

And then left for this event at the DCU center

While there I interviewed Matt O’Brien of the Worcester Tea Party. For reasons we shall not explain the interview was conducted while kneeling on the floor.

He was part of a good-sized crowd getting instructions on how to become the next DaTechGuy etc

Erick Telford talked about the event

This process is being repeated nationwide.

MSM if you are not afraid, you ought to be.

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Kyle had never attended a tea party event before.

He is a student at Worcester State University who came to cover the Worcester Tea Party event for his school newspaper

Aaron Goldstein writes for the American Spectator

He was one of the invited speakers at the Worcester Tea Party’s Tax day event yesterday:

I recorded it in two parts

Part 2

I think we should keep the tradition of having writers for the Spectator at these events to speak. For next year may I make a humble suggestion?

Libertarian Candidate Gov Gary Johnson was the final speaker at the Worcester Tea Party event yesterday.

He spoke to me after the event.

and also spoke to a group of young people there on the subject of Ron Paul.

I found him a decent and experienced fellow, I think it was a travesty and a mistake to exclude him from the debates, but I also think that at this point any votes is draws are more likely to help than hurt the re-election of the president (particularly since several blue states now allocated their electoral votes based on popular vote totals.)

His campaign site is here