It was back in Chicago that I found out that the EWTN Family Celebration in Worcester was going to take place at the very same time as our Stacy McCain event. This was an event I would have to cover but I perceived it would be a good event for Stacy to cover as well as faithful catholic women with large families would be a great contrast to the various feminists that Stacy would see. Additionally I was supposed to meet with the head of the Catholic Marketing Network over another matter and we arranged to meet at the location.

As I had to fulfill my Sunday mass obligation I figured it was a better idea to hit the mass presided over by the Bishop rather since anyone I wanted to interview at the event would be unavailable during mass.

So by 9 AM we were on the road and after an uneventful trip down proceeded to the DCU center.

As we were checking in I quickly found why so many of the people who had shown an interest in going to Stacy McCain’s event had missed it, those who might have missed the pro-life rally in Fitchburg at the same time as ours were all volunteering for EWTN, including a good chunk of the WQPH volunteer pool.  After grabbing a quick shot of the Knights of Columbus 4th degree who were assembling to process at mass headed upstairs where we discovered to my shock that our station while just 25 minutes to the north didn’t have a booth.

On the plus side I found that both Elena Rodriguez and Dorothy Radlicz who I had interviewed in Chicago remembered me fondly and Dorothy particularly had been impressed by the various interviews that I had conducted.  This would turn out to be rather critical for both Stacy and I before the end of the day.

Stacy had no interest in Mass so he stayed upstairs setting up as I, leaving the laptops at our table across from the Religious catalog area, headed downstairs cameras in hand.  Bishop McManus was the primary celebrant and it made for an unusual dynamic.  Unless mass is celebrated at a Bishop’s home Cathedral, or you are at a conference of Catholic Bishops or a high ranking Cardinal or the Pope visiting the local Bishop presiding over a mass is a big deal as it doesn’t happen often, but even rarer that a Bishops visit was seeing in person behind the altar were eight priests from EWTN that the assembled faithful regularly welcome into their homes or on their car radios. Additionally with EWTN present there was a fair amount of praying in Latin with the Gloria in excelsis Deo (glory to God), Angus Dei (Lamb of God), and even the Pater Noster (Our Father) all in Latin.

But the story here that I really wanted Stacy to see wasn’t the mass or even the reaction to the crowd seeing these priests, it was the large families with multiple kids. Having discovered that the family sitting behind me in mass had 10 children and seeing these families I grabbed Stacy, cutting short my meeting with Mr. Napelton, to try and get an interview with them. There was a group of four families outside of mass that between them had 22 children which is more than the all the authors of the feminist books in Stacy’s carry on luggage combined. Unfortunately for me and for him all while they would talk to us (one commented how her large family was not so much a rejection of feminism as an embrace of the graces and blessing granted by God through her family) not a one was willing to go on camera or have their names recorded. This was a huge disappointment but we of course respected their decision.

At this point it was time to start grabbing interviews, As this story is about Stacy’s visit I’ll save most of them for a separate post dedicated to the subject leaving only this one with the National Catholic Register to give you a taste.

So what was Stacy doing while I was dashing around? It turns out not much. It seems there was no internet at the location so he was stranded and with the families unwilling to go on the record or even consent to a picture there was very little for him to report however this is where Dorothy’s interest in my work would pay dividends again. She made it a point to introduce me to Molly Finn host of Close to home on WCCA TV Worcester. I in turn introduced her to Stacy McCain which was to become the most significant event of the day.

So while I was grabbing interviews with Marcus Grodi, Jack Williams and even EWTN CEO Michael Warsaw Stacy remained speaking with Mrs Finn who was completely fascinated with him and his arguments on feminism and by the time we left the DCU center we had an appointment to be at the WCCA studios for Stacy McCain to tape an appearance on her show to discuss his book and feminism.

That scheduled TV appearance took a lot of the sting out of losing several hours of net time so after introducing Stacy to Fr Pacwa (not an easy task as the lines to see him were huge) and making she he had a copy of both Stacy’s book and mine appearance we headed off.

Stacy wanted to visit Clark University and that was our next stop. we strolled along the campus seeing posters pushing socialism

and this plaque of Robbert Goddard that solicited comment from Stacy

It was sometime around this point that I mentioned to Stacy that Clark was only one of 10 colleges in Worcester and we started hitting them, from Worcester State College to Quinsigamond Community College which being a two year community college had nobody around of campus on the weekend to WPI where 7 years prior Stacy and I covered Bill Clinton’s failed attempt to carry Martha Coakley over the finish line against Scott Brown starting the Tea Party movement’s national winning streak.

At each stop except Quinsigamond Stacy went out and explored the campus diving in to see what was going on, grabbing student newspapers when possible and checking out their “diversity” and woman’s studies departments as possible. While I joined in at Clark I dozed off at Worcester State and found the parking so far away from the college proper simply dropped Stacy off and again dozed until he came back.

At this point it was getting late so we headed back to Fitchburg where Stacy repeated this process with my almamater Fitchburg State University (Fitchburg State college when I attended). When his explorations were done we headed home. There was a lot to write, I had a podcast to try to finish (which wouldn’t be done until the next day) and we had to prepare for our final full day which would mean a trip to Worcester for Stacy’s TV appearance and a long drive to UMass Amherst to the west. The photo gallery follows at the bottom

Robert Stacy McCain in Massachusetts the Story so far:

9/13 Robert Stacy McCain in Mass: Day 4: Buffet Books and Blather
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9/9 Robert Stacy McCain in MA Day Two: Shock and Awe at Harvard University
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At the Other McCain

9/12 Fear and Loathing at Logan International: Massachusetts is Depraved and Decadent
9/9 Feminism Is a Totalitarian Movement to Destroy Civilization as We Know It
9/8 VIDEO: Kent Haeffner, President of Harvard University College Republicans
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Yesterday I went to Worcester to cover Donald Trump at the DCU Center I was very interested in seeing the difference between this event and the one in Derry I covered a month ago. The day started pretty good because I was able to fill up for under $2 a gallon .

I arrived in the city about 4:45 PM the traffic on 290 was horrible but not more horrible than it normally is at rush hour on a workday.

The first difference I noted was at the open air parking area near the DCU center parking. Normally it’s a $10 parking fee daily with it occasionally going up to $20 when a big event is taking place. Today it was $30 so Trump appearance is already causing an outbreak in capitalism.

The 2nd thing was the Large enclosed parking garage next to the DCU center. Normally there is a sliding fee based on the amount of time you stay and a machine in the lobby where you pay have but there was clerk at the front charging a flat $10 to get in Cash ONLY. The Cash only threw me off as I rarely carry cash these days, but I had just put a $20 in my wallet that my son had given me to make up for the use of the credit card so that obstacle was overcome.

After parking I conducted my first interview in the elevator where two women were coming to see trump, a Mother and Daughter. They had decided on him.

As we left the elevator there were a pair of guys from CT wearing trump gear. They likewise had settled on Trump and had very little respect for the media who were covering him.

The doors had just opened and people were filing in but the press entrance was in the back so I went around seeing a pair of guys selling buttons and a small group of protestors, around 10-15 some of whom were being interviewed.
Now granted that it was early but Worcester is the 2nd biggest city in New England, and a Democrat and Union Stronghold it was kind of pathetic.

I commented on this and one of the women shouted back “some of us have to work you know.” I wasn’t aware that Governor Baker was so successful that millions of Democrats were now gainfully employed that were not just a year ago. Given the buildup for days it was a joke almost as bad as the drawing 200 in NYC the largest city in the nation.

This suggests that the Latino anger at trump is highly exaggerated & perhaps a media creation. and would be the basis for my question for Donald during the press conference (we’ll jump ahead to that here)

The police presence however was pretty large, part of it might have been from the break-in at the National Guard armory and the theft of automatic weapons but despite some talk on local radio of danger there was nothing that suggested it was anything more dangerous than normal.

At the press entrance it turned out that while recognized I wasn’t on the list again but a few phone called got it sorted out as it did in Derry. While I was waiting for it to be sorted out I interviewed another young man who came to see the Donald.

When I got in the first big difference was the presence of the secret service who did a solid search of my back and everything in my pockets which given how I carry things took some time.

Once inside I started interviewing people in the crowd like Heather and Rachel,

Given I was wearing a press badge and I do more coverage in NH than Massachusetts some were suspicious

But Jean Weston wife of my 1st partner on DaTechGuy on DaRadio spotted me and my Tea Party Bonefides were established, but before I could get past my second conversation the press began moving in a wave toward the front of the stage, I presumed correctly that it was to the pre-event presser that the campaign regularly holds. Oddly enough the amount of press seemed smaller than the Derry event, likely because the novelty of the Trump campaign as show has decreased and the realization that this is an actually campaign has hit them.

Rather than sitting in the back this time I parked myself in the front next to a power outlet sitting on the floor to work, the plan was to record the full audio of the presser available here and to get shots both of the media and trump.

The oddest thing about being silent in the press room is how much the place sounds like a frat with people joking about the candidate and how and if they will manage to annoy him or throw him off.

What I found really amusing is how everyone in the room jumped every time the door opened, in case it was Donald trump coming in as if there wasn’t a million pictures of Trump entering a room and walking to a podium.

Trump worcester 1 025

The press conference was primarily focused on Syria and refugees, you saw question after question about Trump and the numbers of people coming in, it was all about was it cruel, are you targeting Muslims etc.

On occasion a question came out mentioning another candidate and when it did Trump pounced using it as a chance to hit Marco Rubio and Ben Carson his closest rivals.

I managed to get a question in mentioning the paucity of protestors in the 2nd largest city in New England and a place crawling with democrat strength. Trump loved the question and commented yet again on the type of question he was drawing from me vs the questions he was drawing from the rest of the MSM.

The most ridiculous question was the idea of singling out Mosques for possible closure; it was as if the questioner had noted no common religious denominator between the people attacking all over the world.

We filed back into the main room that had filled up pretty quickly it was announced that the start of the event would be delayed in order to get some of the thousands of people outside waiting to get in.

In the main room I managed two quick interviews one of which was with a woman named Lucia Lamberti Tsongalis who is a woman trying to come in legally it has taken a ton of time and a lot of money. Bit of advice she would be a perfect person for the Trump campaign (or any campaign not pushing illegal immigration) to talk to.

Shortly after that interview Trump entered and the crowd went wild, The press’ area was around the camera area so I didn’t have a good shot so my videos aren’t uploaded but I have plenty of audio because the sound system was so loud.

Trump plays to a crowd like nobody I’ve ever seen in the political world, radio talk host and my former on-air partner Joe Mangiacotti was in attendance commented that in 30 years of covering politics he had never sen anything like it.

It turns out the police presence was justified as there were three different disruptions, one from a group that unfurled a batter in a back area that was eventually removed a second person was escorted out after an issue but third of the three (who had a slightly Arabic appearance to my eyes) had to be physically restrained and put up a real struggle. Near the end of the speech a 4th person attempted to disrupt the speech “I mentioned food stamps and that guy who was seriously overweight went crazy.” (trump mentioned 3 but the first one with the banner was two people so he likely counted it as one.

It’s a great example of how just a few people can have an outsized effect in a giant crowd. And it was a large crowd I hand counted 5000 then gave up. Trump said 12,000.

In terms of the speech Trump talked about trade, the talked about Syria, he hit Ben Carson Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio (saying he’s young maybe he’ll get better)
But that was nothing compared to Hillary Clinton (lucky to get out of the mail business without jail
Bernie Sanders ( can you believe this guy Paris is caused by Global Warming) and he didn’t even say O’Malley’s name but mentioned Baltimore which was enough to make his point.

He made the media and the protesters a target and noted to the crowd how the media reports, there are times when I think Trump checks out lines with the press and if the MSM hates it he knows to use it in a speech because people love it.

There were a bunch of familiar faces including Joe Mangiacotti, Mike Wade, Gary Goldman (WCRN) Mary Lotz (Fitchburg Republican Committee) and Connie Murphy (WQPH Catholic radio) in attendance and I talked to them after the event. Unfortunately during part of the interviews the power supply was kicked out so the pc went into hibernate, but we restarted the interviews directly afterward here.

As for what I thought, Trump has improved as a candidate considerably, his suggestions on Syria mimicked mine which surprised me.

He’s even gotten better at playing the press, he reads them like a book. Most candidates have to do a version of jiu jitsu confounding them as best they can. Trump realizes that they are dependent because of the ratings he brings on him rather than the reverse so it makes for an interesting show.

With the first balloting closing in the reality of trump’s position is closing in on the press, not to mention the rest of the field. If what I’m seeing from people is accurate I think he’s going to do extremely well.


The only pay I get for this work comes from you. My goal for 2015 is $22,000 and to date we’re only at $5100 (which is why this post is up a day later since I’ve picked up a 3rd shift warehouse job that I went to as the Trump rally was over and I had to crash after I got home)

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Yesterday was VE Day an unofficial holiday when we remember those who risked their lives for the good of society fighting in Europe in WW 2.

Oddly that day made me think of National Teachers day which was May 5th.

To most this might seem odd.  National Teachers day would be a day to remember the best teachers we ever had like Mrs. Teresa Mahoney who I had for both 4th & 7th Grades way back in 1972 & 1976.  She introduced me to poetry from Arthur Guiterman’s Pershing at the Front which made me smile to Countee Cullen’s Incident which made me think.

However given the situation teachers find themselves in today the VE day comparison might be apt.  Exhibit A  the 2nd largest city in New England Worcester MA:

School safety liaison Rob Pezzella says schools and police have already implemented a measure officials announced last week by stationing officers at the district’s high schools. Additional measures could include metal detectors.

 The new security measures came in the wake of a series of weapons-related arrests at or near some of the high schools over the past few weeks.

What incidents?  Incidents like this.

Worcester Police arrested a 16-year-old student at Burncoat High School after they say a loaded handgun and ammunition was found in a container in his locker.

And this

Police on Wednesday arrested five Worcester Vocational Technical High School students after a witness reported seeing them with guns in a school parking lot.

At Worcester North High a vice principal was assaulted trying to break up a fight and some teachers are near the breaking point

What my colleagues and I experienced this week went well beyond any “disturbance” or “challenge” we’ve dealt with in the past. It did not happen without signs pointing to the inevitable eruption in our hallways. Control has been eroding for some time, and the reasons are many. North may be a brand new facility, but it brings with it all the baggage an urban high school carries: a high poverty rate, understaffing, children with intense mental health issues and a reluctance to hold students and families accountable for unacceptable behavior.

A full time officer is now on duty .  Counselor at Large Mike Gaffney put it this way

“Instead of a learning environment, the emphasis has been to keep children (often young adults), with no interest in an education, in the schools to show an increase in graduation rates. Instead of a safe environment, the emphasis has been to reduce detention, suspension, and expulsion actions for the purpose of showing an artificial reduction in disciplinary issues. Meanwhile, these disruptors with no interest in an education bully, attack, and assault teachers and other students. Our children should not be forsaken for a statistic.”

In fairness to Worcester this is neither a new nor a local problem only as the national results of search for “Teacher Assaulted” in Google or Yahoo will quickly demonstrate.  Nor is the focus on stats vs. teaching confined to Worcester as those who were willing to stray from the media narrative of the Trayvon Martin case could tell you:

Both of Trayvon’s suspensions during his junior year at Krop High involved crimes that could have led to his prosecution as a juvenile offender. However, Chief Charles Hurley of the Miami-Dade School Police Department (MDSPD) in 2010 had implemented a policy that reduced the number of criminal reports, manipulating statistics to create the appearance of a reduction in crime within the school system. Less than two weeks before Martin’s death, the school system commended Chief Hurley for “decreasing school-related juvenile delinquency by an impressive 60 percent for the last six months of 2011.” What was actually happening was that crimes were not being reported as crimes, but instead treated as disciplinary infractions.

Stats vs actual learning is at the heart of the Common Core debate as well, but that conversation is a week’s worth of pieces in itself.

As for Worcester, I’d like to say that these crisis has resulted in a renewed focus by the bureaucracy  not just on the protection of teachers and students but on the purpose of schools teaching mathematics,  science, history,  English & poetry, alas it seems the focus in Worcester remains on perception and gestures:

On Friday, Worcester photographer Troy B. Thompson visited the high school and invited all students to participate in his “No Evil Project,” which seeks to break down the stigmas of labels.

Along the same lines as Thompson’s community-wide project, which is currently being featured at the Denholm Building, students wrote out three labels they feel they represent and pledge an act of kindness.

I can’t imagine Mrs. Mahoney doing this.  Her generation was the generation of the Great Depression & the Second World War.  They knew what hardship, suffering and loss were and understood that there was a cost to everything worthwhile.   Rocking back on your chair (these were the days before one piece desks & chairs) would cost you a nickel for the Catholic Missionaries and those were the days when a rap across the knuckles with a ruler was not going to generate a call to DSS.

National Teachers day was once a simple day when we remembered our favorite teachers like Mrs. Mahoney who helped make us who they are, but will the day soon come when we think of National Teachers day as a remembrance to spare a thought for the modern teacher who faces an environment fraught with dangers & priorities for the good of society.

Just like VE day.  Except we’re not winning.


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Two months ago Black Lives Matter protesters in Worcester closed down traffic in Kelly Square.  Now they’re kinda miffed that they are getting summons to court for doing so:


On Jan. 19, protesters staged a “Black Lives Matter” protest in Worcester’s Kelley Square that included blocking traffic. City officials investigated, and more than two months later issued court summons for four of some 40 participants, charging each with being a disorderly person and disturbing the peace.


The Communities United Collective is crying oppression

The Communities United Collective says the city is “threatening charges as a platform to intimidate the protestors and silence the voices of protest in Worcester,” and has “openly condemned those who participate in non-violent, open protest against city policies…”

Oh my GOD! The oppression, the humiliation! 10% of the protesters have gotten SUMMONS TO COURT.

That’s a disruption to their busy lives unlike guys like this with the leisure time to write long letters:


Never before have I written so long a letter. I’m afraid it is much too long to take your precious time. I can assure you that it would have been much shorter if I had been writing from a comfortable desk, but what else can one do when he is alone in a narrow jail cell, other than write long letters, think long thoughts and pray long prayers?

If I have said anything in this letter that overstates the truth and indicates an unreasonable impatience, I beg you to forgive me. If I have said anything that understates the truth and indicates my having a patience that allows me to settle for anything less than brotherhood, I beg God to forgive me.


I’ll bet if that God worshiping Christians like that guy had to suffer they way these guys in Worcester he’d know what oppression was.


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All Tip Jar hits in April of $10 or more will get a copy of Jeff Trapani’s excellent E-Book Victor the Monster Frankenstein.

Old friend John Weston gives us a heads up on an event coming to Worcester tomorrow evening Trevor Loudin is coming to Worcester to talk about his new book: THE ENEMIES WITHIN: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress

He will only be in Worcester this Thursday the 17th! Doors open at 6:30 pm, Trevor will begin to speak at 7 pm, and stay until all have had an opportunity to speak with him!

The Park Grill and Spirits
257 Park Ave. Worcester, Ma. 01609
(Near the intersection of Park Ave. and Pleasant St.)

View Larger Map

If you want to see just how far left the current Democrat Party is, you’ll find out tomorrow night.

After this weeks’ show I headed over to Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester where a Doctor Who event was taking place:

Annie’s was talking Dr. Who big time: Chicks Unravel Time: Women Journey Through Every Season of Doctor Who and Chicks Dig Time Lords A Celebration of Doctor Who by the Women Who Love It with contributors K Tempest Bradford, and Jennifer Pelland.

They sat for an interview:

My batteries died and as I changed them cover artist Katy Shuttleworth who joined the conversation who chimed in.

I’m hoping to get both of them on my show in the near future, but as we continued their fans came in

and sat down

of course you can’t have such an event without a Doctor Who scarf.

Of course the books are available at Amazon but for my money I’d contact Annie’s Book Stop in Worcester and get em there.

View Larger Map

While our friends on the left talk about a war on women there will be a large group of men & women who will be fighting a different war, to protect the lives of women born & unborn….

40 Days for Life is a national campaign to put an end to abortion through prayer and fasting, public vigil, and community outreach.

The Fall 40 Days for Life Campaign will run from September 26-November 4. The peaceful public prayer vigil takes place across the street from Planned Parenthood, 470 Pleasant St. Worcester each day from 7:00a.m.-7:00p.m. each day.

We know our prayerful presence causes women to change their minds. Please consider coming out to the vigil during this campaign. If you have not been to the vigil before and would like to test the waters first, come to the opening candlelight vigil at 6pm September 26 or call Lee Crowley who can match you with another time that someone will be at the vigil.

The war on the unborn costs tens of thousands of lives annually and the majority of those lives are female. If you want to fight against this details are available at the 40 days for life site here.

This Morning’s Saturday Diner is the Gold Star Restaurant on Gold Star Boulevard in Worcester

It’s a place I’ve driven by thousands of times as I’ve taken Exit 1 off of I-190 south but never walked in until today.

The First thing that jumped out at me was how BIG it is, from the outside it looks like a tiny place, but it seats 57 including 15 counter spots. It’s so much bigger on the inside you could practically call it the TARDIS café.

The second thing I noticed was the specials, I found 7 specials on the board under $4 INCLUDING coffee. At a time when money is tight that can make a real difference between having a breakfast out, or not.

The third thing I noticed was the staff. There were 9 people on duty between the grille, the waitstaff and the people in the back room, and they never seemed to stop moving for a second. If you are behind the counter you are not going to put on any weight.

That doesn’t seem to apply to the customers and that’s the fourth thing that I noticed. When I arrived there was a steady stream of traffic in and out. The tables were constantly turning and the food never seemed to stop moving. I’ve never seen such a turnover in all the time I’ve been visiting diners.

I was really in the mood for Pancakes and Bacon this morning, (particularly when I got a look at the Bacon here. It looked REALLY good, but the Kielbasa special for $3.95 was the final thing that jumped out at me.

It also jumped out TOO me, my food was ready before I knew it, it was some of the fastest service I’ve ever had.
And the FOOD the eggs was done perfect and the Kilbassa dominated the plate, I couldn’t believe the amount of meat there was for the price and most important of all it was GOOD.

And the price for that meal with Tea? Under $5!

I talked to the owner after I ate. He has owned the location for 20 years he stressed quality as making the difference.

There is a series of signs on the wall from Worcester Magazine declaring all the times this restaurant/diner has won their annual award for Best Breakfast.

I can see how they’ve earned that title and I’d like to add one more to the list:

I’ve been sampling a lot of diners over the last year and without question this was the best value for the money that I received anywhere, PERIOD!

If you, like me, have driven by Gold Star on a regular basis, stop driving by and come on it, you’ll be glad you did.

View Larger Map

On my way to the show I was listening to Conservatively Speaking when John Weston said there was a fire near St. Paul’s Cathedral.

I don’t know Worcester as well as most WCRN folk so I headed toward the Cathedral till I saw the smoke, near Irving Street

I saw the trucks and pulled over in a gas station.

I started shooting as I approached

And nearly tripped as a hose shifted below my feet

It’s something you don’t really notices or think of, nor the stream of water that pours out from the doors

I was told the public relations officer was at the other side of the street so I figured I’d drive over and see if he was available

There was a police car blocking the top of the road, I found a parking place and headed over

This angle was from up hill so it was a different shot

It becomes very real when you see a fellow in over 100 lbs of equipment standing in a window of the 3rd floor a burning building on video

I ran into Fr. Walter who I knew from St. Anthony di Padua and met the Chaplin of the Worcester department who was on the scene.

People forget that part of a grim job and even if nobody is hurt you have people devastated from the loss of a home.

I questioned neighbors but none had more info even in terms of when the trucks showed up

It turned out the fellow in the clipboard wasn’t the PA officer and I had to get to the station to finish show prep so I’ll close with this final shot…

What you are paying for

…and remind readers that when you pass by a local station and shake your head at the guys sitting there wondering what you are paying money for, keep this shot in mind.


DaTechGuy fundraiser continues as the quest for da Car goes on. Help fund coverage like this not just because it is valuable but because it will annoy our Fedoraphobic friends busy protesting Chick-Fil-A who don’t consider folks like me “real media”

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