Voices at the YAF Ryan, Abigail and Hoffer again

A lot is happening in the world so let take care of three interviews from last weekends YAF conference at once. Abigail Ryan and a 2nd interview with Hoffer who I talked to after Ted Cruz's speech I'll be getting the rest of the stuff up in the next three days

Voices from the YAF Russell Taub RI-at large

I briefly spoke with GOP candidate Russell Taub who is running for the House At large seat in Rhode Island at the YAF Nashua conference Remember even in a blue state like RI half the battle is being willing to make the fight

Ted Cruz at YAF Friday Speech / Q & A / Reaction

Here is Ted Cruz's speech from the YAF event in Nashua NH last friday He took a few questions after his speech: On creating political opportunity On Standing with our allies: and on replacing Obamacare I also got the reactions of Seroach and Michael The crowd seemed to like what it saw, the only question … Continue reading Ted Cruz at YAF Friday Speech / Q & A / Reaction

Ted Cruz and Remembering Reagan

Mika Brzezinski: OK, I got just one thing to say – it’s just my instinct in a couple of meetings with him: I wouldn’t underestimate him. … I wouldn’t underestimate him. I think this guy is really, really smart. I don’t agree with a thing he says. Donny Deutsch: And you think he has a … Continue reading Ted Cruz and Remembering Reagan

YAF NH Q & A Robert Spencer

In addition to his base speech Robert Spencer answered assorted questions after his speech at the YAF conference in Nashua NH. On the Bible vs the Koran On Intervention vs Isis On Obama & ISIS The Radicalization of Muslims Assad Fighting the "Hate" Label The Lure of Islam Iraq and Isis Staying out of War … Continue reading YAF NH Q & A Robert Spencer

Interviews at YAF NH Robert Spencer

My interview with Robert Spencer at YAF Nashua NH His mention of Molly Norris being on the ISIS hit list should be national news, I'm ashamed to say I didn't see it. I'll be posting the rest of my video from the conference over the next several days