Something very interesting happened to me at CPAC yesterday.

I had gotten up early for a vendor breakfast but managed to forget where it was held. After some failed searches I decided to check their booth but that required passing through the secret service check and once I did that not only was the booth empty (likely all at the breakfast) but I was disinclined to go back and have to pass through again.

So after grabbing a few interviews outside (which I’ll post later) I went into the media room. The place was packed and it was so bad that the coffee area was filled with people so we had a crowd behind us and in front of us.

I went to the line and started interviewing students 1st a group of college students going to school in VA

And then a pair of students from North Carolina

At this point batteries were getting low and the speech was near the start so I went back to my spot in the area. From the media area meaning I could see the big screens but not the stage.

When the president came and started speaking since I couldn’t see the stage I took a pan of the crowd.

I decided at this point since uploads were crawling and any post I might have scheduled on interviews would get few views during the Trump speech I decided to do a post with some highlights, writing lines as I heard them and updating as I went along. Seeing that both of my cameras were nearly out of power, after taking a shot of the screen of the president speaking I took out my batteries from so they could start charging. That proved to be an unfortunate coincidence given what happened next.

As I was trying to type in what the President said as he said it a young man came up to me and kneeled between me and the Yahoo people who were set up to my left in the aisle (I was in the end seat) and sought my attention.

I immediately noticed that he had a badge that said TBS. This seemed a tad odd to me since TBS is basically a re-run station with the exception of a few original comedies. I concluded that he must be from the Samantha Bee show as it to my knowledge was the only thing resembling news on the network (although for my money “resembling” is overstating the matter).

He then asked me what I thought was one of the oddest questions about a computer I’d ever heard inquiring if my laptop included the game solitaire.

Being old enough to remember the introduction of the commercial laptop and knowing that every laptop for the last 20 years included solitaire I thought the question foolish, but I wondered why he would ask so I answered:
“Well my wife bought me it for Christmas so I really don’t know but I imagine so.”

He then asked the question that made everything clear:

“Could you bring it up, we want a shot of someone playing solitaire during Donald Trump’s speech.”

My initial answer reaction was innocence

“But that would be dishonest.”

and then anger saying something like: Are you seriously asking me to stage something dishonest so you can report fake news?

He walked away but I was suddenly very angry. I understand that I dress rather eccentrically so he might have figured this guy was a fellow traveler but the very idea that he would ask me to help him do something dishonest and dishonorable to create fake news to hit the President. Nor did the irony that this happened just a few minutes after President Trump hit the media for staging stuff fail to hit me.

I was mad and updated my open post thus:

[Would you believe a guy from TBS asked me if I had solitaire on my computer and asked me to bring it up so he could get a shot of someone playing solitaire during Trump’s speech. HOW DARE HE! HOW DARE HE EXPECT ME TO SET UP A PHONY SHOT FOR A PHONY MEME! That’s so dishonorable!]

and added this to the title:

UPDATE TBS asks me to setup a fake meme how DARE they!

I was angry and realized I needed to let people know what just happened. I immediately walked over to the four students I had just interviewed and told them what had happened. I was really angry and kinda loud (ironically a blogger thought I was chewing them out for heckling the press and tweeted that out. I saw that tweet three hours later and tweeted what really happened and he apologized and corrected himself promptly

I was so impressed I followed him on the spot but that was a few hours later.)

I then went straight over to Cynthia Yockey and Emille who I’m sharing a room with. They were two tables down. Cynthia had been kind enough to bring me my battery stuff to charge my cameras when she came down so I knew where they were and told them what happened. I then saw Kurt Schlichter & Stephen Kruiser behind them and told them on the spot, I saw Ed Morrissey but he didn’t have time as he was trying to live blog the President’s speech.

Then it hit me that I had stopped doing that and headed back to continue but I was still angry.

When everything was done I saw Byron York who had said hi earlier and called him over to tell him what happened as I was packing up and mentioned it to Yid with Lid. A pair of CPAC people asked about this wanted to know who the guy was and A young lady from Breitbart came over and wanted some details on the story (ironically she was a friend of Yvonne who I had interviewed on day 1) after a few false starts we found a suitable place with less noise and I told my story.

Unfortunately I had fixated on the TBS badge and not the features of the fellow although I thought I would be able to recognize him if I saw him again, not having the batteries in the camera really hurt me here.

I was however running late for Anita Moncrief’s Innis dinner which I had promised to attend at 12 so I excused myself. I had forgotten the location which was on my older laptop back in the room where my uploads were continuing from so after some false started I ran back to my room up, got the location while Stacy was typing next to me and headed out.

I ran into Patrick Howley on the way who wanted the story for the Daily Caller. I told him what happened and he asked if he could us my laptop to write it. I declined saying I might need it at the event but he was welcome to go to my room and use my other one, Stacy could let him in. He asked for the key but I told him to knock as I wasn’t comfortable with loaning the key to a room in someone else’s name out.

When I got back I got a call from Alex Pfeiffer who was doing the writing proper and answered any questions he had. That’s when I noticed those other tweets. Additionally Stacy McCain had Fox news on with Shep Smith who was going on about how the press doesn’t make fake news, that pissed me off so I tweeted this:

Now you might be asking yourself: Hey DaTechGuy why didn’t you tweet or gab this out on your new laptop?

Well it’s because until CPAC I had been using the new laptop exclusively for playing Civilization VI. In fact DaWife bought it based on my son’s specs or optimum gameplay. Not only did I not have Gab or twitter on it, but I hadn’t set up email their either so if I tried to reset my passwords I wouldn’t see the emails.

Remember I’m “DaTechGuy” because I used to do Tech Support and majored in computers in the Fortran/ccl years and worked at Raytheon with clearance during the cold war, not because I like gadgets. I haven’t even connected the phone dawife bought me to the net because I don’t want hackable data on my phone, I just want the ability to make calls while traveling.

The first place I saw the story reported was at Jeff (Yid’s) site

And the president was right. After his speech was over, my friend Peter, DaTechguy wrote:

Would you believe a guy from TBS asked me if I had solitaire on my computer and asked me to bring it up so he could get a shot of someone playing solitaire during Trump’s speech. HOW DARE HE! HOW DARE HE EXPECT ME TO SET UP A PHONY SHOT FOR A PHONY MEME! That’s so dishonorable!

I wonder if the TBS guy made the request as a favor because TBS is owned by the same company as CNN.

I then saw the story at the daily caller titled:
Blogger Claims TBS Tried To Stage Fake News At CPAC
Alex managed to spell my name wrong “Injimi” and I didn’t like “claims” at first but after thinking about it, without the name of the person and not having been there it was not an unfair characterization. However he did manage to confirm a suspicion of mine:

TBS does not have a news program, however, the network hosts the popular news satire show “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.” A CPAC spokesman told TheDC that TBS was credentialed for the event and in relation with the Samantha Bee show.

and I liked being called a “popular” blogger. One hopes people like the site but it was nice to hear someone else write it.

TBS wisely refused comment, a denial risks the story being corroborated by any of the folk next to me like the Yahoo crew, while admitting it would confirm unethical behavior.

Now as anyone who reads this site knows I was a Cruz Supporter who endorsed Trump just before the convention and rather famously doubled down on my support of him after the Bush tape came out. If you are a member of the left who doesn’t know me and you choose not to take my word without further evidence that’s certainly your prerogative and not an unreasonable decision to make.

Although I would inquire of the Samantha Bee show and ask if they did this or not if I was you.

As for myself, I didn’t care for her before and I care for them less now.

A postscript. as I was returning from the Innis event I ran into the college kids I interviewed. They were downcast, they had been interviewed by a leftist site and figured they had been played by them to make them look foolish and asked my advice. I told them if approached by anyone you don’t know or trust in that way agree to interviews on the condition that you are able to film them as they film you.

If they decline presume dishonesty and decline as well. I’d certainly give that advice to anyone approached by TBS at CPAC or elsewhere.

Update: Instalanche Thanks Glenn, it will take a few weeks to post all the interviews I did at CPAC but you might want to check out this post about a historic CPAC 1st and this one about the latest comedy from Evan Sayet that the late night hosts will ignore.

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Some Quick pre-cpac video and thoughts

2016 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards

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During the CIS reception on Thursday there were several bloggers in attendance who sat for interviews.

The first was John Hawkins from Right Wing News

You will note that old friend Jeff Dunetz of the Lid blog walking in not knowing I was mid interview, he sat with me as well

It’s worth noting that he also did a 2nd longer audio interview that will be available in this week’s DaTechGuy off DaRadio Podcast

I must admit despite my delight at seeing old friends I was particularly pleased to meet one of the pioneers of blogging Mickey Kaus who gave me 10 minutes at the end of a very long evening.

His blog is of course Kausfiles and he’s been doing it before most people knew what a blog was.

I will be posting more interviews later in the day and tomorrow if you are burning with anticipation and simply can’t wait the interviews are now available on my youtube channel

Previous interview posts from CIS event
Mark Kirkorian Cis
Senator Jeff Sessions

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It’s a rare thing when I disagree with Pam Geller or Jeff Dunetz (Yid with Lid) but I think that the Pope’s moves in Israel were not only useful but Useful for Israel.

Pam being Pam was blunt. She referred to the Pope’s prayer at the security barrier as “Papal Jihad

Jeff gave a more detailed explanation why he objected

Sunday’s unscheduled prayer had the extreme weight of symbolic imagery. Israeli guards watched from a fortified guard tower overhead as the Pontiff stepped down from hisPopemobile and made his way to what some say is the most photographed section of the Wall. He stopped at a panel spray-painted, in black, “Pope we need some 1 to speak about Justice Bethlehem look like Warsaw ghetto” and, in red paint, “Free Palestine.” He bowed his head in silent prayer, laid his palm against the wall, and before leaving touched his forehead to it.

Later the Pope’s friend Rabbi Abraham Skorka who traveled with him to the holy land told Army Radio that in that moment Pope Francis prayed for peace so the wall could be dismantled. But the message the Palestinians and media took away was much different; Jews should not defend themselves by keeping terrorists out.

Now it’s very true that the Palestinians & the media spun this differently than the reality but lets face it they spin EVERYTHING different than the reality. They have spun the Pope plenty and will continue to do so.

But it’s right for the pope to pray there, That such a wall is necessary is a shame and to pray for peace so it can be gone is completely in keeping with the Pope’s mission.

But the most important part of that stop was setting up the one that followed. Jeff again:

After spending Sunday with Palestinian President Abbas, the Pope spent Monday with his Israeli hosts. At Netanyahu’s urging the Pope made one more spontaneous stop, a memorial to victims of terror at the Mt. Herzl Military cemetery. The barrier he told the pontiff, is to prevent such deaths, many of which had occurred from suicide bombs.

I’d like to think that I’m up to date on what happens in the Middle East and the Arab Israel conflict but I must admit I never knew about the memorial to the victims of terror existed and I’ll wager that plenty of faithful Catholics never knew about it either.

AFter hearing the story of a 10 year old girl the best friend of the PM’s son who was blown up in a bus the Pope the Pope prayed at the spot:

In this place of deep pain, where we remember all this pain, I want to say that terrorism is bad, the way of terrorism does not help and the path of terrorism is fundamentally criminal.” I pray for all these victims, and for all the victims of terrorism in the world.

The Pope then walked over to the wall, and touched it, exactly as he had touched the barrier.

while liking the gesture Jeff noted objected to the seeming moral equivalence

And in a way maybe they shouldn’t absorb it. By praying at the security fence, and doing the same thing at the memorial to victims of terror, the Pope was drawing a false moral equivalence between blowing up ten-year-old children and finding a non-violent solution to stopping the terror.

And this is where he is missing the cunning of Pope Francis.

Jeff is correct that the while this video can be promoted by Pro-Israel writers and bloggers like us

…American & western MSM will likely downplay or ignore this it.

What Jeff hasn’t done however is look at this as a consumer of Catholic Media.

Now this isn’t a big surprise, I wouldn’t expect him or Pam to know much about Catholic media so let me give him an education.

EWTN is THE Catholic network. It broadcasts to Catholics live not only in North America but Africa, India, Asia and South America, in short, throughout the entire world and unlike most cable networks it provides its feeds free of charge.

In addition to excellent Catholic programming the good folks at EWTN TV & Radio meticulously cover the Pope. When he is on pilgrimages such as this one, the coverage is live and wall to wall, from homilies at Masses to every single event, with in-depth and live commentary as it happens. After the live coverage it is replayed for those who might have missed it.

While the MSM doesn’t find the Pope’s visit to the memorial to the victims of terror all that newsworthy it’s likely tens of millions of Catholics all over the world saw that visit, heard Bibi’s words and the Pope’s prayer that followed.

Furthermore as a place that the Pope prayed at during a pilgrimage that memorial to the victims of terror will be a location where Catholic pilgrims from all over the world visiting the holy land will seek out.

They will stand where the Pope stood and pray where he prayed and be made aware of the price that Israel and Jews have paid to pray at that very same spot.

Tell me, what would supporters of Israel give to expose a large chunk of the world’s population to such a thing? What would we give to have it covered both on television and in print? (EWTN purchased and publishes the National Catholic Register) How delighted would we be that such coverage got the attention it deserved?

Pam & Jeff your wishes for such coverage have already come true.

While Pam & Jeff might not have been aware of that coverage until this moment but you can bet your bottom dollar Pope Francis was and not all the media spin by the major networks will change what those millions of faithful Catholics saw with their own eyes thanks to the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church.

On behalf of the Church let me say to my friends, you’re welcome.

Update: Caroline Glick is seeing some things that aren’t there.

First of all even the simplest of Catholic school children understand that Jesus was a jew, the apostles were all jews, the followers of christ were all jews, the people he preached to were all jews (with the odd samaritan thrown in) and those who condemned him and crucified him were jews and romans.

To suggest that Jesus speaking aramaic makes him any less a Jew is nonsense.

To suggest he is “giving licence to holocaust denial” not only ignores his personal history, but is frankly libelous.


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Did you miss last week’s show with Tim Imholt on the Iran Bomb & his candidacy? Well it’s available here.

Or perhaps you missed the 2nd hour with Da Magnificent Panel With Tim, Yid with Lid and Maxine Baptiste

You can listen to that here.

As always our panel had pieces to recommend:

Yid with lid was talking Stupid Media Bias Tricks:

This week one college professor told white men they deserve to die, another said Thanksgiving was for sociopaths and a third ruined the holiday by suggesting Obama should have four more years as President. On Thanksgiving we also remembered when the media claimed that George Bush’s turkey was plastic.

Since last Friday, a man with cancer was audited by the IRS because he complained to Megyn Kelly about losing his healthcare, the Huffington Post got Anti-Semitic and Obama’s polling numbers were brutal.

The Pieces that they wanted to recommend are

From Maxine it’s this opinion piece:

Voter Suppression’s New Pretext

Some background: In June, the Supreme Court struck down a core provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, under which nine states and portions of others had to get federal approval before changing their election laws.

One of those states, Texas, is again in court, facing a Justice Department suit seeking to get the state under federal oversight again. To do so, the Justice Department must prove intentional racial discrimination.

Because is there is one thing we can be sure of this justice department isn’t going to make suits based on political considerations, I mean that would be like thinking the IRS would go after the Tea party to suppress them.

And from Tim Imholt this on Iran and the Nuke Deal:

The White House released a multi-page fact sheet containing details of the draft agreement shortly after the deal was announced.

However, Iranian foreign ministry official on Tuesday rejected the White House’s version of the deal as “invalid” and accused Washington of releasing a factually inaccurate primer that misleads the American public.

“What has been released by the website of the White House as a fact sheet is a one-sided interpretation of the agreed text in Geneva and some of the explanations and words in the sheet contradict the text of the Joint Plan of Action, and this fact sheet has unfortunately been translated and released in the name of the Geneva agreement by certain media, which is not true,” Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham told the Iranian press on Tuesday.

Nothing says “Peace in our time” like a deal where the two sides publicly disagree on what it says.

Next week we have a new panel and new topics to deal with so keep an eye here at DatechGuy blog and an ear ready for DaTechGuy on DaRadio every Saturday.

Today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio I welcome scientist, author & GOP candidate for the MA-3rd district

We’ll talk turkey about Iran and the Bomb and we’ll discuss the “present” situation of both the Upton bill, Obamacare and his campaign. We’ll also talk his new Novel The Forest of Assassins (with Dave Forsmark).

In our 2nd hour we bring in the Magnificent Panel as Tim is joined by Yid with Lid and Maxine Baptiste in the prestigious Bob Beckel chair and get their take on the latest Obamacare delay as well as the Iran Deal.

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I received this release from the Santorum Campaign today:

March 23, 2012

For Immediate Release


Verona, PA – Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum made the following comment in reaction to the claim he would vote for President Obama.

Rick Santorum said: “I would never vote for Barack Obama over any Republican and to suggest otherwise is preposterous. This is just another attempt by the Romney Campaign to distort and distract the media and voters from the unshakeable fact that many of Romney’s policies mirror Barack Obama’s. I was simply making the point that there is a huge enthusiasm gap around Mitt Romney and it’s easy to see why – Romney has sided with Obama on healthcare mandates, cap-and-trade, and the Wall Street bailouts. Voters have to be excited enough to actually go vote, and my campaign’s movement to restore freedom is exciting this nation. If this election is about Obama versus the Obama-Lite candidate, we have a tough time rallying this nation. It’s time for bold vision, bold reforms and bold contrasts. This election is about more than Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or Rick Santorum – this campaign is about freedom and I will fight to restore your freedoms.”

That sounds pretty direct to me, but what does Stacy McCain say:

Santorum was making the same argument Phyllis Schlafly made in her 1964 classic, A Choice Not an Echo. He is saying something he has said many times — and something Newt Gingrich has also said — that Romney fails to offer a clear contrast to Obama. In this context, when Santorum said “we might as well stay with what we have,” he clearly meant to express what the reaction of regular voters would be, if presented with someone who is just “a little different” than the incumbent.

Santorum did not express himself clearly, but awkwardness of expression is not the same as endorsing Barack Obama’s re-election.

But Stacy & I have endorsed Rick what does someone who hasn’t say?

(Note: I know Santorum said “we,” but I’ve heard the shtick enough times to know what he meant. And what he meant was that “we” — the voters — want a clearer contrast.)
Santorum has been making this argument for months. This is a regular line of attack.

I like Jeff but I think he’s been taken for a ride by the MSM and Romney on this one.

Update 2:
Only God is a better friend and only the Marines a better enemy

While our friend Joshua Hammerman lives in terror of the Christian Tebow another prominent writer has apparently overcome his issues with a gentleman of a different faith:

Look, if a Protestant like me can support a papist like Rick Santorum — “papist” being the kind of slur you don’t hear very often in our politically correct age – clearly the crisis is upon us.

I of course welcome the fact that Stacy is not going to let a disagreement over transubstantiation keep him from the best candidate, he is however less forgiving when it comes to Rabbi Hammerman’s religion:

Furthermore, having studied the subject some years ago, I can attest that many Christian theologians agree that Mormonism should be categorized as a cult. In defense of Mitt Romney, however, I’ll say that liberalism is also a cult, and it’s liberalism that’s taking America to hell in a hurry, so you can judge for yourself which cult poses the greater danger in 2012.

The only thing I’ve ever had against any Mormon was the failure to return a history book from 1847 that described Mormonism as a cult that a few visiting missionaries borrowed decades ago. With this exception my dealings with Mormons have been invariably pleasant and happy and polite.

Liberalism however has not been as friendly as as Rabbi Hammerman might be shocked to learn there is a new dispute between his two faiths.

These odious charges have been around since Henry Ford in 1920 said, “Wars are the Jews’ harvest,” Charles Lindbergh in 1940 condemned Jews for conspiring to plunge America into World War II, and “Jewish neocons” were charged with colluding with Israel to cause the 2003 Iraq War. Recently, University of Chicago Professor John Mearsheimer, co-author of The Israel Lobby and Foreign Policy, has descended to making the accusation that American Jews — unlike American Poles, Italians, Greeks, Turks, Chinese, Africans, etc., etc. — exercise a uniquely malevolent influence over American foreign policy. ….

Yeah because we all know how the Simon Wiesenthal center has been a hotbed of hatred for decades. Yid with Lid comments:

Not only Israel-firsters, but according to Obama’s friends at MMFA and CAP the Wiesenthal Center is War-mongering, Muslim-hating Israel first group

The Wiesenthal Center has always been reluctant to accuse people of Antisemitism, but in case it was justified, so the good Rabbi let loose.

Read the whole thing, and remember what I said. Liberalism is a religion that is much less forgiving of those who they consider apostates than Judaism or Mormonism.

Just click here and Enjoy Yid with Lid, Tony Katz, Tabitha Hale and Moe Lane as they comment on Blogcon and the attack of the occupods.

And remember this week for our 1 year anniversary show we will feature the Blogfather Himself Glenn Reynolds for our first hour, while our second hour wraps up blogcon and the occupods.

and after the show November 19th join us at the Border Grille and Bar 246 Mill Street Leominster for an after show Salon at 1 p.m. to celebrate our first year on the air, lets eat drink and talk together!

But people attending the conference had already started to notice unusual activity by a number of people in the hotel’s lobby and began to film them, said Peter Michael Dominic Ingemi, a talk-show host.

“They started bantering back and forth,” he said. “We all had video. They were filming us and we were filming them.”

I love my full Catholic name but too bad they didn’t plug, the show, the station or the blog.

Ironically before I knew about this picture Tony Katz had already joined me today on DaTechGuy on DaRadio along with Yid with Lid, Tabitha Hale of Freedomworks and Moe Lane to talk Blogcon and the Occupods.

We’ve been informed that there may be several thousand occupods returning for noontime Denver time, unfortunately we have been informed by the hotel that although they won’t stop us from going outside to cover them, anyone who does will not be allowed back inside. Police and security will be on site and I expect the media might choose to spin our failure to go out to cover them as something other than it is. Which is why I’m mentioning it now.

Update: A question for the Denver post, if you want to sell papers who would you rather run a color photo of, Tony Katz and DaTechGuy or Tabitha Hale?

Particularly since he has a long memory when it comes to what he said about to Crown Heights:

“We must not reprimand our children for outrage, when it is the outrage that was put in them by an oppressive system,”

Mind you today on the air today he was hitting Rick Perry on his statements about Ben Bernanke and dismissed comparisons between them and the Jeremiah Wright stuff. After all as he put it, Obama didn’t make those statements.

The Rev Al like Jessie Jackson comes from tail end of the era when a “black leader” could get away with almost anything because he was a black leader and being called a racist by a such a “leader” could destroy a career or a business. These “leaders” knew they would not be judged by the content of their character but the color of their skin (and the votes they could provide if needed). Sharpton understood (and still understands) this and played it for all its worth to a comfortable living.

Of of the few advantages of the Obama era is hopefully the end to this nonsense. Black America has more choices and I suspect will demand better.

Jeff is going to be disappointed, however if he expects that means the rejection of Sharpton, Jackson et/al. Just as people let time replace elderly segregationists with a new generation who had been taught better, I suspect the black community will let time supplant the Jacksons and Sharptons with a generation not dependent on the liberal left for fame or fortune.

Sharpton and his ilk are now insignificant and only the most insecure liberal need fear his bite.