One of the things that you learn when you work in the private sector, particularly in small business, that the workday consists of going from crisis and dealing with it on your feet.

That’s why you never see an employment ad that looks like this:

Wanted:  Young Dynamic individual with college experience to join our staff.  Looking for motivated self starter.  Individuals easily traumatized by national political events welcome.

It’s also why if I’m an HR person and I see your name on a college petition demanding this:

“As of Thursday evening, over 1,300 students had signed a petition drafted by College junior Kiki Acey and other students of color demanding President Krislov suspend the standard grading system in the aftermath of the high-profile cases of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice.

…I am taking your resume and moving it to the circular file

That last thing an employer needs is a person who cracks under pressure and if you are cracking without actually being pressured that’s even worse.

And if you are counting on a diversity hire, remember there are plenty of diverse people graduating from colleges who didn’t demand that they be automatically passed.

Remember folks the internet is forever and if you think for one moment that you will not be googled after you apply for a job, then frankly you should reserve the old room in your parents house now.

Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

This is known as “bad luck.”

Robert Heinlein

Ok so you are operating a chain of business owned by your family in the most expensive part of the country to live in the worst economy in 80 years so how do you make sure you continue to do all right?

Well you avoid debt so when (as opposed to if) interest rates go up you don’t have to worry about your bottom line being eaten up.

You make it a point to treat your employees well so that when the economy improves the best workers have no incentive to leave and the rest have no incentive to unionize in one of the most union friendly areas in the nation.

You operate with a close margins making sure that you are the most competitive chain in the area.

Market Basket has done this and the result has been profit.

So if you are the board of that business and your CEO managed to pull that rabbit out of his hat, how to do react?

Well apparently if you’re Market Basket you do this:

“Arthur T. Demoulas, who was not re-elected president and will not retain any management responsibilities moving forward, remains a shareholder of the company,” the statement said. “The board believes this new management team will enable Market Basket to maximize its potential and pave the way for continued success in the future.”

The firings brought the long-running family feud to another head between two factions of the Demoulas family — owners of the 72-store Tewksbury-based chain — after a contentious year. Lawsuits, protests, petitions, stalled store openings and back-and-forth allegations between rival board members and management have marked the transition since the board had a shift in control last June in favor of the CEO’s rival cousin, Arthur S. Demoulas.

Far be it for me to tell someone else how to run their business but I’d say moves like that lead to this:

We  Are Market Basket, a group dedicated to support ousted company CEO Arthur T. Demoulas, has announced a protest rally outside the supermarket chain’s colossal Chelsea location.

And Scenes like this:

And stories like this:

McCarthy, manager of Market Basket’s Middleton store, can’t forget what the company’s then-CEO of DeMoulas Super Markets, Inc. asked him next: “Do we need to move her?”

Demoulas’ use of the word “we” spoke to all the reasons McCarthy has stayed with the company for the past 34 years to build his career. Everyone who works for Market Basket is part of one family, McCarthy said.

That’s why the ousting of Arthur T. Demoulas and two other executives by the board of directors on Monday devastated employees, reducing all managers at the Nashua store on Daniel Webster Highway to tears, said Christine Doubleday, the store’s bakery manager.

“I just feel like a family being broken up,” Doubleday, a 20-year employee, whose parents also worked for the company for decades, said as she stood among hundreds of Market Basket workers protesting the firing of the top managers in the parking lot of the Chelsea store on Tuesday. Some of the company’s senior managers have already resigned to show solidarity with the embattled Demoulas and other fired executives. But many workers said they will stay put and help fight to bring back the ousted leaders.

Now family feuds are by a rule nasty and it’s very probable that decisions being  made are based on anger.  It’s also possible that the new management team might surprise everyone and produce even better results than what we’ve already seen.

But personally I can’t see how a policy that produces bad publicity on all the local TV networks, anger among the most experienced employees and uncertainty among the customers is a wise move.  Let me remind top management at Market Basket of some words of warning from 2013

Do the owners of this business really think that this success happened on its own? Do they really think they can borrow money, play with the management, panic their work force and expect the good times to continue to roll on as if there is no other supermarket chain in the area?

What do you they think will happen when the prices go up, when the best and brightest in the stores decide it is no longer worth staying there, when the Unions hungry for fresh meat go to the stores to organize and take advantage of the now spooked workforce? What do they think will happen? Do they really think the fatted calf will still give milk after it’s been slaughtered?

And all of this foolishness to remove a person who has made the nine shareholders millions over a feud.


For the sake of the people who work there and shoppers like I hope I’m wrong about the end result of this, and I hope that the management eventually figures it out.

I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for it.  I’m going to give the last word to Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle from their 1976 novel Inferno:

“First we must cross the river,”  Benito was saying.  “Do you believe me now when I tell you that you must not attempt to swim it, or even get wet from it, or must you try that too?”

“What happens if I just dive in?”

“Then you will be as you were in the bottle.  Aware and unable to move.  But it will be very cold and very uncomfortable and you will be there for all eternity knowing you put yourself there.”

Market Basket’s board just dived in.

10th Doctor: Empress of the Racnoss, I give you one last chance. I can find you a planet. I can find you and your children a place in the universe to co-exist. Take that offer and end this now.
Empress of the Racnoss: These men are so funny.
10th Doctor: What’s your answer?
Empress of the Racnoss: Oh I’m afraid I have to decline.
10th Doctor: What happens next is your own doing.

Doctor Who The Runaway Bride 2006

If there is one formula that any Doctor Who fan can recognize it’s the key moment in during the show when the Doctor gives the bad guys one more chance to repent, one last warning of the oncoming storm.

With one exception they invariably reject that choice and pay the consequences of the Doctor’s wrath. The one exception was one of the most memorable moments of the 11th Doctor’s entire run.

And that brings us to Steve Hunt and Robert Stacy McCain.

From the start of the Kaitlyn Hunt business the Hunt family plan has been one of deception.

Lie about age, lie about situations, lie about contact etc etc etc.

Given the state of the MSM and their proclivities such a plan seemed guaranteed to work. Certainly there was nothing in the culture that would suggest anything else.

But then the worst of all possible things happened for them. Robert Stacy McCain got wind of the story Immediately Recognized it as Newsworthy and did what he always does when he gets on a story, dug out the facts.

And even worse for the Hunts Stacy didn’t just presented these facts but added catch lines like Happy 14th Birthday! (Batteries not included.) and “WHY DO YOU THINK THEY CALL IT ‘JAILBAIT’?” making them memorable.

Stacy’s inquiries and writing helped bring facts to light to an audience that would have remained ignorant of them, and in the process completely enraged a group of people who had every expectation (rightly or wrongly) of defeating and intimidating local law enforcement into dropping everything.

Alas for them it is not to be, as this week comes to a close the #freekate forces are in disarray. Kate Hunt is in jail and unlikely to see the outside of it. Plea bargains that would have left here without fail time or facing a Sex Offender registry were gone and not only did young Ms. hunt face additional charges but there is every possibility that her mother will also be facing charges of obstruction of justice.

Now picture Steve Hunt, a man unwilling or unable to control his daughter or wife as they made bad choices with or without his agreement. He is at the point where he is facing the very real possibility that he will be left to raise his younger daughter alone. He is angry, he is frustrated and the entire future his family painted for themselves as the heroes of the gay community, and the lifetime gravy train that comes with it, is about to disappear.

Someone has to pay.

So like every totalitarian and every bully that has ever existed he decided to blame his failures on someone else and take revenge, but on who?

Not the police, they have the ability to put him away and not the victim’s family. The attacks already made have caused even more trouble.

He chose Robert Stacy McCain. Stacy is an independent blogger whose income is dependent on his website and some writing for the American spectator. While ranking high on the list of top conservative web sites #71 in an era when the IRS is going after conservatives he figured one blogger would not be a problem. If he could not take vengeance on others, he could bring down R. S. McCain

Bad move.

First of all Stacy has friends, friends like the Lonely Conservative who have a strong blog readership, friends like Donald Douglas who is not one to mince words and friends like myself who has not only a blog but a syndicated Radio show to promote his cause.

And friends like Glenn Reynolds who has the largest audience of us all.  He  linked suggesting anyone trying to “out crazy” Stacy McCain is making a mistake.

While that’s generally true, Hunt isn’t trying to “out crazy” Stacy, he’s trying to do what totalitarians have since time immemorial: silence those who speak the truth.

It’s a miscalculation of epic proportions as Stacy explains in an update to his post:

Some may be surprised (and I’m sure that Steven Hunt will be shocked to learn) that I had hitherto been merciful. But when I learned of Hunt’s purposes to destroy my livelihood and deprive my wife and children of my support, all claim to mercy expired, which is the metaphorical meaning of the Gaelic oath: Steven Hunt, by intending to destroy me, has invited destruction upon himself, and if anyone would claim to be my friend, I implore their assistance in this crisis.

and has given the Gaelic Clan Cry:


You think a guy who has spent the last year standing up to a guy like Brett Kimberlin is going to be silenced by a disgraced cop? You Fool!

48 hours ago Robert Stacy McCain was a reporter with a story whose factual reporting was a menace to the cause of Steve Hunt.

Now Robert Stacy McCain is an enemy defending his wife and his family against a person who would deprive them of their support.

The history of the Hunt family is a history of mistake and miscalculation on a scale of idiocy almost unimaginable.

But all of this pales before this latest move as the most dogged, determined and single-minded reporter I have ever met will put a lens so bright upon the Hunts they will envy ants under a magnifying glass.

To Steve Hunt and the Free Kate crowd I’m going to give you the best advice you’re going to hear anytime soon.

Basically RUN!

Update: Well this would explain the lack of control over DaWife & DaDaughter:

In many of their public appearances in May, Steve and Kelley would appear together as if they were still married, when in fact they’ve been divorced for at least five years, and both have remarried. In fact, Kelley’s current husband is actually her third husband, because her second marriage, to an immigrant from the Caribbean, was reportedly annulled.

Because the dysfunctionality of the Hunt family didn’t fit the desired “wholesome all-American” media narrative, so their divorce wasn never mentioned, and Kaitlyn’s stepparents were kept out of the picture.

Fools Fools fools!


Olimometer 2.52

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“…if there is one thing I’ve learned in politics, it’s never turn your back on a crumb.”

Hubert Humphrey 1957

No matter what you think of Ted Kennedy his effectiveness as a senator can’t be seriously questioned.

The secret to his success was twofold.

1. Personality, Ted Kennedy could be very personable to his fellow senators. Kennedy was willing and able to build personal relationships across the aisle. He made a point to make friends because that personal friendship was something he could call upon if needed a vote.

2. Patience: He understood that the Constitution in general and the Senate in particular was designed to move slowly. Kennedy knew that public reaction to the changes he wanted to make in society were not possible if rushed. So he made it a point over a long career to move things slowly, taking small pieces tucked into laws, making incremental change through deals.

These two factors made Ted Kennedy the most effective advocate of the religion he faithfully followed all his life,  liberalism

And that brings us to the Toomey/Manchin deal.

A lot of people on the next yesterday considered Senator Toomey’s actions a betrayal for political reasons. For the sake of this argument let’s, as a caveat make the assumption that the senator is working under the best of possible intentions and let’s even make the assumption (as I haven’t read the bill yet) that said bill is not unreasonable.  This may or may not be true but play the game.

Even if we take all that as a given this bill has three traps for the GOP.

1.  More More More:

In the midnight hour she cried more more more

Billy Idol “Rebel Yell” 1983

 This is the Kennedy plan, the left will take this bill and use it as the basis for going just a little bit farther the next time, maybe with a slight amendment.  Once the bill and the law is on the books it will be a little thing:  “We aren’t making a new gun law, just a tiny amendment to the “loophole” in the Toomey/Manchin bill that we all KNOW was reasonable.

That is the line that is going to be taken and it will be though that opening will come all that the left wants and is unable to get through now will someday pass through.

2.  Blaidd Drwg squared

9th Doctor:  This station is designed to explode the minute it reaches capacity

Doctor Who:  Boom Town 2005

If anyone watched Chris Matthews yesterday with the daughter of one of the teachers who were killed at Newtown and talking about her calls to people like Ted Cruz concerning Manchin/Toomey you would think that if only Manchin/Toomey her mother might be alive.  They played a lovely violin not a dry eye in the house. The urgency of doing something for the sake of doing something is so important that nobody is bothering to ask the young lady the question that really means something.

“How would this law have saved your mother’s life if it was in effect?”

The didn’t ask this question because the left knows the answer is “It Wouldn’t!” and I’m sorry to say the young lady knows that answer is the right one too.  (As opposed to my plan which WOULD have saved her mother life )   This plan like the Blaidd Drwg reactor is designed to fail and not only will it fail it will fail spectacularly and everybody involved in this debate knows it.  That’s one of the reasons why smart people on the right will oppose it.  Oddly that’s also the reason why the left will embrace it so closely?  Why, because of #3…


Spock: Mister Oxmyx, I understood we had an arrangement, a truce.

Oxmyx: I was hoping you’d think that, dummy.

Star Trek:  A Piece of the action 1968

One of the things we are constantly hearing from Joe “I’m a conservative, really I am” Scarborough is if we don’t get something passed we are going to pay a political price.  This implies that giving the left this victory will give us a reward, that the mainstream media will give the GOP credit for taking action.

Not only will the GOP not get any credit (all credit will go to Barack Obama) but when this bill fails to prevent the next shooting, which it won’t,  the GOP will be blamed again and this entire cycle will be repeated.

The idea that we just go along this issue will be off the table is the old argument about paying the DaneGeld as Kipling put it:

once you have paid him the Dane-geld

You never get rid of the Dane

That Senator Toomey is a part of this nonsense is a shame, that Senator Manchin is a part of it is no surprise to anyone who has paid any attention since he was first elected.

Bottom line, this entire process is a trap, a trap being laid for the right and for those who are easily spooked by the media.  The question becomes: will the Establishment GOP fall for it?


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That is what you should NOT do. So let that be a lesson to you.

Jan Bearenstein The Bike Lesson 1964

Adam Smith has lost his job as CFO of a company in Arizona after his…episode at Chick-Fil-A Wednesday. While it is sad in this economy for anyone to lose a job for the sake of finding a silver lining in this, at least by his actions he has established four important rules for those tempted to follow in his footsteps to wit:

1. Don’t act like a bore in public

2. Don’t brag about yourself while you act like a bore in public

3. Don’t shoot a video of yourself while bragging about acting like a bore in public

4. Don’t upload the video you shot of yourself bragging about acting like a bore in public.

Future angry leftists should take these rule to heart.

Speaking of futures although it’s a problem of his own making I feel sorry for Mr. Smith. It is a tough time to be out of a job (and likely unable to collect). As a person who struggled through this I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I hope Mr. Smith finds a job soon.

What he needs is to find a highly profitable employer who perhaps due to a much higher sales volume might have need of additional employees.

Suggestions anyone?


The DaTechGuy Fundraiser now known as the quest to no longer have to use dawife’s car continues. I’m looking at 10+ year old cars with 100k miles on them.

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Doyle Lonnegan: You see that fella in the red sweather over there? His name’s Donnie McCoy. Works a few of the protection rackets for Cunnaro when he’s waiting for something better to happen. Donnie and I have known each other since we were six. Take a good look at that face, Floyd. Because if he ever finds out I can be beat by one lousy grifter, I’ll have to kill him and every other hood who wants to muscle in on my Chicago operation.

Henry Gondorf: If they put you on the spot, we’ve got to fold the con.

The Sting 1973

Got no opinion sir, they’re bad for business

Inherit the Wind 1960

One of the things that the Internet has done is amplify the “crazy uncles”. Every family had one, and on the family level it doesn’t mean much, but give that guy an internet connection and a way to talk to the other crazy uncles and presto you have 3,000,000 Americans ready to go, ready to swarm and intimidate business who assume that 1 contact equals 20 people who do not.

That is pretty much what happened with the gay marriage movement, a movement that had practically no public support but thanks to networking and the strong-arm tactics convinced large amounts of people of their strength (polls indicate adults overestimate the number of Gay people in the country by a factor of 8-10) because of that extreme strength and the passivity of the people who disagreed with them, such activists wielded an inordinate amount of power with the corporate world.

It was not unsurprising that they would adopt this tactic, there is a lot of crossover with the most radical parts of the left and said left had used these tactics over and over in the past

The only problem with this kind of con is scale. In order for it to be successful one has to avoid two things:

1. Never allow the marks to realize how weak you are compared to your foes

2. Never energize your foes or they will start to move on the marks

The first allows the mark to ignore you, the 2nd allows your foes to both intimidate the mark and defeat you. Both are fatal to the con and are an excellent example of what the Tea Party has done to the MSM over the last two years

This brings us to the whole Chick-Fil-A business.

It is no secret that Chick-Fil-A is a Christian business. It is also no secret that long before the Gay Marriage issue reared its head the left despised them, one friend who works at CNN would go on about how some of his co-workers were incensed that they would close on Sundays. It was (at least it would be to a non-Christian) an irrational hatred. That the Gay Marriage Crowd would dislike them was a given, but the decision to highlight that position was a HUGE mistake.

The wise move would have been a small statement and then allow the media to subtly drop hints that a visit to Chick-Fil-A was not a place where an “enlightened” person would go. That would have kept up the con without a whole lot of fuss.

Alas for them Mayor Tom “I don’t mind if you slaughter gay people as long as you let them get married first” Menino decided to open his mouth.

Why did he do this? Was he pressured by members of the gay community feeling their oats after forcing the President to “come out” on gay marriage, as the mayor of one of the bluest cities in the nation did he fall for his own propaganda thinking the sheer numbers involved were in his favor or was it a matter of sheer opportunism as a person in a place where such a pronouncement could only help him?

regardless of the reason it was highly necessary for the backlash to be countered. Rahm Emanuel in Chicago and Mayors in Philly & DC jumped into the fray, the story now had to be one focused on them not on the populace.

There were two significant responses to the story that I’d like to look at. One was by Brian Ries of Newsweek:

So. Here we are. Tumblr, listen up.

We’re hoping to find a current or former employee of Chick-Fil-A who might want to spill the beans on life inside the alleged antigay company.

That was July 24th I haven’t seen said follow-up story from Newsweek

The other was Mike Huckabee suggesting support Chick-Fil-A day.

The previous week people on twitter had suggested it but Huckabee is a radio talk show host and a former presidential candidate with hundreds of thousands of followers. The media could mock him or ignore what he said but literally millions would discover the idea via the net totally bypassing them. Then the worst of all possible worlds for the left took place Wednesday.

They showed up

By the hundreds and the thousands and the hundreds of thousands they showed up. Restaurants ran out of food, lines were incredible nationwide and worse of all there was a lack of all the vitriol that the left would normally portray and the violence and threats came from the left, not their foes.

While the media did their best to ignore or spin events some few decided to do actual reporting:

For the first time in my life, today I visited a Chic-Fil-A to show my support for the CEO’s right to free speech. Today was billed as “support Chic-Fil-A Day”. I live in LA so, I was not expecting much in way of support but, I was not just surprised, I was blown away. The Chic-Fil-A in Northridge, California had a line that twisted throughout the parking lot. It was almost 100 degrees but, that didn’t seem to deter anyone. They were peaceful and the demographic was wide ranged. Blacks, whites, teenagers, kids, Latino’s and all other categories you could imagine. At this location their there were no anti-Chic-Fil-A protesters.

So, how was the chicken? Amazing! Now I know why people love this place. The store was run extremely well. Clean, polite and efficient. The staff brought water to those in line, they handed out umbrellas for protection from the sun and they served delicious food quickly. This has been replicated across the nation. This huge one day movement involving millions of supporters made their opinions heard and voted with their money and presence. It has been estimated that the chain will have booked almost $100 million or more just today.

When I returned home I turned on the news to see how this would be reported. NBC in Los Angeles chose to focus on the protesters. Not the ones supporting Chic-Fil-A but, the ones protesting the supporters. The protesters are a tiny fraction to the supporters yet the media focused 90% of their attention on those few. This does not represent the truth of the actual event.

Mind you this is a reporter from Forbes talking about this and calling out his fellows in the media

But it didn’t matter anyways, on twitter Chickfila was trending and a multitude of pictures & video of long lines and happy people were all over twitter and facebook. The kicker came from Pastor Rick Warren

The media can spin this, they can deny this but every person driving by a Chick-Fil-A saw the lines, the photos are available anywhere on the web and you’d better believe every other business noticed those lines too and will remember them the next time these issues arise, and at least one of the Wendy’s likely wishes they kept their mouth shut.

Some eleven hours after this all began, Wendy’s finally tweeted an apology to Chick-fil-A. “@Chickfila Looks like some thought we were picking on CFA earlier on Twitter. Really wasn’t the case- apologize if it came off that way!”

And while they did issue an apology, some may question the sincerity given that it was a tweeted directly to Chick-fil-A, therefore leaving it out of Wendy’s followers’ feeds.

Even worse for the left what are the odds people willing to stand in line for hours to get a meal for the sake of principle will not stand in line to vote when November comes along?

So lets compare the responses.

Newsweek, the magazine that liberals have lost millions of dollars to support goes fishing for a story and as of right now has come up empty.

While Mike Huckabee little suggestion has resulted in record sales for Chick Fil A and has made a visible demonstration of the power of their supporters on this issue.

The ultimate irony, Thanks to Huckabee’s call and the response Chick-Fil-A may have managed to gross more money Wednesday than Newsweek lost all of last year and the profits they made today were fueled by individual customers who each spent more money on their meal than the selling price of the entire Newsweek franchise.

Our friend on the left did this to themselves, because they forgot or were unaware of this verse that Mr. Cathy doubtless remembers

When they sow the wind, they shall reap the whirlwind Hosea 8:7

and a lot of other business owners will remember this as well.

The last word belongs to Patterico:

I keep telling myself that actions like this are not a reason to oppose gay marriage. But note: I have to keep telling myself that.

A tipping point may arrive: where I decide that the need to oppose terrorist tactics outweighs my desire to seek social justice.

I’m not there. Yet. But does the fringe of this movement really want to keep pushing me that direction?

And do you think I’m the only person having thoughts like this?!

I wonder if he’s read Hosea?

Update: I mentioned the left and bullying. One member of the left was so proud he videoed this Chick-Fil-A video berating them:

It would seem that the poor fellow is a little computer illiterate and somehow accidentally deleted (or perhaps made private) his video, not to worry though Ace informs me Jim Treacher being a fair minded fellow wanting to give both sides of the story, plus he is such a helpful guy, he is put it up on his account for him.

Just a reminder, the internet is forever.

Update 2: A con man knows a blown con when he sees one:

The whole Chick-fil-a boycott debacle demonstrates that the con is blown, that the marks aren’t buying the B.S. any longer. It’s time to fold up shop and run for the hills like Mordecai C. Jones M.B.S., C.S., D.D. (Master of Back-Stabbing, Cork-Screwing and Dirty-Dealing).

And Legal Insurrection maps it out:

Update 3:
Hey maybe the left was right after all:

Now that’s funny!

Update 4: Apparently the fellow in that video (the one without the lasers) has been identified, then fired
Vante regrets the unfortunate events that transpired yesterday in Tucson between our former CFO/Treasurer Adam Smith and an employee at Chick-fil-A. Effective immediately, Mr. Smith is no longer an employee of our company.

The actions of Mr. Smith do not reflect our corporate values in any manner. Vante is an equal opportunity company with a diverse workforce, which holds diverse opinions. We respect the right of our employees and all Americans to hold and express their personal opinions, however, we also expect our company officers to behave in a manner commensurate with their position and in a respectful fashion that conveys these values of civility with others.

Speaking as a guy rattling his tip jar to buy a car I can’t be happy about a guy losing a job, even if it was due to his own foolishness. Maybe Chick-fil-A is hiring.

Update 5:
The Daily caller/Newsweek shows why they lose 10 mil a year:

I can’t tell you much more about the customers today, because of my limited contact with them. I work in the kitchen, so I don’t see much of the clientele. What made today so difficult—more difficult than always being behind on food, running out of one thing or another, needing to be in two places at once, etc—was the attitudes of the other employees.

Maybe it’s just me, but even in a bad economy nobody is telling me that someone who cooks at Chick-Fil-A can’t cook at McDonalds, or a Wendy’s or a Burger king or even a diner, those type of jobs, even in a bad economy are constantly turning over.

Even though I did my best to make the salads and wraps extra-gay, I don’t want to harm the customers. (Otherwise I may have been moved to spit on their food. I didn’t, because that’s going too far.)

Then again…

And yes this woman IS an anti-Christian bigot. I’ll pray for her

DaTechGuy’s summer fundraiser continues as I edge ever closer to not have to borrow a car.

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John Sexton at Verum Serum has the story:

Therefore, Anonymous has decided to openly declare war on the United States government. This is a call to arms. We call upon the Citizens of the United States to stand beside us in overthrowing this corrupted body and call upon a new era. Our allegiance is to the American people, because they are us, and we are them.

John isn’t surprised but figures these guys are clueless

I really find it hard to believe Anonymous could be this dumb. Really. Do they really think the internet and whatever proxy servers and anonymizers they have at hand can shield them from the NSA? Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think so. I think that once you cross this line you’ve really made yourself an issue for the full attention of people who can probably eat your lunch without breaking a cyber-sweat. Not smart. But I’ll give you this: I respect your honesty.

It is actually stupid on a 2nd level, once you call for the violent overthrow of the government and violence then you give a reason for all those draconian measures you oppose, right Mr. Lincoln?

What do I think? Assuming this is real, it clarifies things. This is not a game of “Call of Duty”, these people are calling for armed rebellion against the elected US government. No matter how “principled” their positions or beliefs might be I think this is a bad idea as Winston Wood Bolt and his comrades would tell them if they were still around.

And if real I think the US Government, Military and Secret Service, should take these people at their word and like Mr. Bolt be treated accordingly.

You might recall Netflix created a real PR disaster back in July which gave a lot of unpalatable choices all involving more money or less service.

I decided to go with streaming and 1 DVD to drop my price by $4 because I didn’t want to go through the trouble of changing stuff.

But 4% of the Netflix subscriber base decided it was enough:

Investors punished Netflix shares following the pricing announcement and again 18 days ago when Starz canceled its streaming contract. Then on Thursday, Netflix delivered news no one wanted to hear: Lower subscriber numbers. Netflix says it expects to end the quarter with 2.2 million DVD-only subscribers instead of the 3 million projected in July, and 9.8 million streaming only customers instead of the 10 million it had previously forecast. Combined that works out to 1 million fewer subscribers than the 25 million Netflix expected. Shares plunged by nearly 19 percent on Friday before closing down 8.31 percent.

Well Mr. Hastings decided that the smart thing to do was to apologize

It is clear from the feedback over the past two months that many members felt we lacked respect and humility in the way we announced the separation of DVD and streaming, and the price changes. That was certainly not our intent, and I offer my sincere apology

And then stick us again (emphasis mine)

Another advantage of separate websites is simplicity for our members. Each website will be focused on just one thing (DVDs or streaming) and will be even easier to use. A negative of the renaming and separation is that the and websites will not be integrated. So if you subscribe to both services, and if you need to change your credit card or email address, you would need to do it in two places. Similarly, if you rate or review a movie on Qwikster, it doesn’t show up on Netflix, and vice-versa.

Explain to me how two different web sites, two different bills, two different passwords (and another chance to be phished or hacked) is EASIER. How tone-deaf is this guy?

So those of us who didn’t drop them get a whole new set of hoops to jump through. I took a look at the comments at his blog and they are devastating. My two favorites are from that liberal Mecca San Francisco. The first from Jeremiah Cohick

You’re continuing to make a classic mistake: thinking you’re something different than what everyone believes you are. You’re not a DVD company and a streaming company: you’re where I go to watch movies. That’s it. The future clearly is streaming, but by separating and charging more for access, you’re wildly less valuable to me. I’ll likely cancel. You haven’t listened to customer feedback. You’re delusional and you’re lost.

And the second from Patti Beadles

…So, from my point of view as a customer, you’ve just repeated the mistake of making my service less pleasant while offering me absolutely no benefit in return. The difference is that you’ve done it with more words and some conciliatory language from last time. In net, this seems even worse for me as a customer. A couple of extra bucks out of my pocket each month is annoying, but doesn’t really affect my life much. With this change, I have to make extra effort each and every time I use the service. That may be enough to finally push me over the edge.

Looking at their facebook profiles I suspect we have very little in common but I’ll tell you this we have this idea in common, this is just not worth it. If he is lucky I’ll just cancel one service or the other, but I don’t think he’ll be that lucky.

That makes two YOU FOOL moments in under 2 days.

Via live at five

The needs of a web site like mine that would absolutely love to have someone kick in $60k a year to support me and the radio show are apparently highly different that one that has millions of dollars invested at the start.

For example for such a site like Tucker Carlson’s it is vital to stay relevant to the MSM so if things were rough and I needed a kick-start I would know that the easiest way to get MSM attention is to hit a conservative and there is no conservative the MSM lives to hit more than Sarah Palin.

Thus the Daily Caller decided to go quote Mike Tyson’s vile sexually charged attack on Palin inspired by Joe McGinnis’ book.

Alas poor Tucker, he hasn’t apparently been paying attention. McGinnis’ book has so little credibility and is so discredited even Keith Olbermann and the NYT are dissing it.

That misjudgment is bad enough but the decision to try to go after Dan Riehl, for pointing out this tactic was not so bright:

What is it with these sad little Beltway bois? Are they simply misogynistic and unable to pass up an opportunity to attempt to humiliate a successful woman with more clout and influence than the petulant little bow-tie boy, Carlson, has or will ever have? Or is it their inadequacy in the face of an attractive, accomplished woman like Palin that causes them to lash out so despicably?

Riehl’s base post contained, shall we say, more colorful language. Well Carlson and company took exception and led to a whole series of further posts by Riehl demonstrating several things:

1..Tucker Carlson and the Daily Caller have much too thin a skin for this business

2..Sarah Palin is a lot tougher than anyone at the Daily Caller

3..The people at the Caller have no idea of how new media works.

Simple suggestion if you are a million dollar site trying to impress investors you don’t go after individual bloggers who hurt your feelings, particularly not Dan Riehl.

Also if you are going to object to Ladd Ehlinger attack ads, you have no business publishing what they did.

And do you really want to attract the attention of a film director who is known for making funny biting videos that skewer his opponents and tend to go viral? I think not.

This is a full You Fool moment!

God help the Caller if Ladd decides to parody them.

Update: Oh and #4 Sissy Willis has it all over him too.

Update 2: Stacy McCain discovers this can comments in calm and measured tones:


I talked to Dan Riehl about this and hope to have him on the show next week to discuss it further. I talked to Ladd Ehlinger who remembers well the statements of the Daily Caller against his over ca-36 and had these things to say:

“I wonder if the Concerned Blue Hairs of America will call for Matt Lewis to be blacklisted due to his association with the sexist and misogynistic Tucker Carlson and Daily Caller?”

“I find it utterly outrageous and shocking that Tucker Carlson despises women.”

“Perhaps if Tucker Carlson fired fake-conservative writers like Matt Lewis, he wouldn’t be in the money troubles he’s in today.”

None of this of course addresses the radio station itself that ran the base interview and a station actually broadcasting this kind of stuff, Stacy McCain again:

Does FCC know about this? How about AttackWatch? Now that I think of it, have we heard from Jill Filipovic, Jessica Valenti, Melissa McEwan or any of the other feminists? Because if Sarah Palin weren’t a Republican, I think they’d probably be outraged by this.

The moral of the story? I don’t know who is backing the radio station who allowed this stupidity, but if I had 3 million in backing and was looking for more I think I’d be smart enough not to repeat it.

Update 2: Stacy McCain reports Politico has noticed.