Morning Joe Shocked me today by leading with Netanyahu

You have the Ny-26 election, you have the tornados in the midwest and they led with Netanyahu’s speech. It took them 11 minutes to get to the election in western NY.

Of course once they got there they didn’t disappoint not showing the “tea party” candidate Davis and his graphic because the viewers would put two and two together and get four and using Scott “I was for the Ryan Plan before I was against it” Brown to hit Ryan’s plan. (He will be on today, that should be interesting).

The fact that the MSNBC morning show led with the Netanyahu speech and highlighted the fact that he got more standing O’s then the one how earth shattering it was. Of course, perhaps the idea was to show Democrats along with the GOP supporting Israel to make sure the money from liberal Jews keeps coming.

Take a look at the speech

or read it here.

Will it be enough to move this administration when the time comes? I think Morning Joe thinks so, and I think Democrats are desperate to stop the damage to their brand by this president.

Update: They also gave Paul Ryan a good long segment to himself, full marks there.