Hey MSM any old Twit(erer) understands what Rep Weiner’s numbers mean

I came to twitter very late in the game, so unlike many bloggers both bigger and smaller than me, my total number of followers is very small (787 as of this morning). To give you an idea of how that stands with someone of some celebrity; Joe Scarborough of MSNBC who I write about a bit has over 100,000 followers (100,935 to be exact as of this morning).

As a person relatively new to media I remember the first time a major paper started following me (NY Post) it was a big deal.

On May 27th I picked up Katheryn Jean Lopez of National Review as a follower and yesterday I picked up blogger and radio host Dana Loesch. I met Dana and her husband at CPAC I’ve never met Kathryn but I was extremely pleased to have them both follow me since it will allow me to contact them privately about appearing on my radio show DaTechGuy on DaRadio (AM 830 WCRN Worcester).

I also only follow 323 people as a rule I try to follow about half the number of people who follow me. That generates a plenty big twitter stream. I simply can’t see how people keep up with following thousands of people. To continue the above example; Joe Scarborough only follows 394 people. Keep that number in mind as it is important.

Now compared to Joe Scarborough I’m a person of very little celebrity. I’ve been blogging for maybe 2 1/2 years with a total of a bit over 550k hits overall between the old and the current blog. I’ve have had a radio show on a 50,000 Watt Station heard in 6 states for about 6 months. In Fitchburg Mass. that a big deal, in Worcester county it matters. In DC or NY that means very little.

By comparison Joe Scarborough served in congress, has a Morning Show on MSNBC that is watched by an awful lot of people. Writes a weekly commentary and is known by movers and shakers all over the country.

Why is this important? Well I just “followed” Beulah Garrett @beulahgg who mentioned me in a tweet a few hours ago. She will likely notice that I did so, she may or may not look at my profile and may or may not be impressed; as a great-grandmother she has likely seen enough that it takes more than me to impress her.

Now Let’s say Joe Scarborough choose to follow Ms. Garrett. Joe has over 100k followers, if he choose to follow Ms.Garrett I suspect she would take a lot more notice and might even be impressed.

What does Joe Scarborough and who follows or doesn’t follow me or Ms. Garrett have to do with Congressman Anthony Weiner of NY 9th district and his claim that someone hacked his twitter and photo accounts to send a photo of an erect penis in underwear to a young lady? Everything!

Congressman Weiner’s district is in NY. He is a man of some national prominence, a liberal who is not afraid of taking on conservatives directly. The phone message at his national office is personable and friendly. He is a regular guest on Morning Joe and is not shy about appearing anywhere. His national prominence dwarfs mine of course.

As of this moment 10:03 a.m. EST he has over 45K followers (45737 to be exact) I’m not one of them. He also follows only 194 people.

Until 48 hours ago one of those people was Genette Nicole Cordova tweetname @Gennette Noble the young lady who is at the center of this interesting event.

Just to remind you. Gennette Noble Gennette Nicole Cordova is a 21-year-old college student in Seattle Washington. She writes for the college newspaper. She seems a fairly attractive young girl and until 24 hours ago I knew absolutely nothing about her. I doubt many people on the net did. It would be fair to say that her prominence compared to me is of the same proportion of my prominence compared to Joe Scarborough.

Yet until 48 hours ago she was one of the under 200 people Congressman Wiener followed on Twitter.

Run that through your head for a second.

In the last 24 hours her facebook account has disappeared. Her twitter account have disappeared. Her byline has disappeared from college papers. This shows someone is taking great pains to remove her from the net.

If one wants to believe the congressman’s story one can say she is just trying to avoid further unwanted publicity. One might be able to rationalize that.

One can’t rationalize the fact that until all of this came out, a New York Congressman of some national prominence was following her on twitter. I’m 48 years old and was impressed by being followed by Dana Loesch and Kathryn Lopez tell me how impressed a 20 something year old college girl would be by being followed by a congressman 3000 miles away?

Any person who uses twitter understands with this means. They also know two other things:

1. If two people follow each other on twitter they can send private messages unseen by others

2..The difference between a private message and a public one is two characters

@rsmccain This message is public

d rsmccain this message is private

The difference is a “@” sign and the letter “d”

This is why the MSM is desperate to kill this quickly, that is why the left side of the sphere will be crying Andrew Breitbart till their voices grow horse hoarse, it’s also why this scandal will not be able to be contained by the left.

Joe Scarborough knows twitter, he also knows Andrew Weiner, if he chooses to look at the follower numbers he will know what it means. That bad for Anthony Weiner, the left and the MSM.

What’s worse for them? There are millions of people who use twitter who have absolutely no interest in politics, who when they see the numbers concerning followers also will understand exactly what it means.

The left and Rep Weiner have one long weekend to decide how they are going to handle this. I don’t envy them. They might be able to persuade the media to leave it alone but the meaning and details of this scandal can be understood by millions of people in 140 characters or less.

Update: Two quick things, Ace of Spades notes that at the time this broke Rep Weiner only followed 91 people, not the just under 200 people he follows now and asks.

What could possibly cause a big macher Congressman decide to follow a kid in college?

The photo at the link contains both reasons.

Secondly I am reminded of Robert Stacy McCain’s a reporter of National prominence who has covered the powerful for years reaction when Alyssa Milano re-tweeted him:

That’s how unusual it is for a nationally known reporter to re-tweeted by Alyssa Milano (and he worked hard for that re-tweet ,) how much less likely is it for a college student on a school paper to be followed by a congressman in NY?

Update 2: Instalanche! The perfect thing way to end a blog’s month, thanks Glenn. Hey Pundit readers you will want to check out yesterday’s radio show with news about a possible gop primary opponent to Scott Brown & my thoughts on Palin. With comedian Steven Crowder scheduled for next week I wonder if there is something funny in the news we can talk about?

Update 3: Somehow missed a piece of her name, thanks to Janetoo for catching it.