Anthony Weiner Feminist Hero!

You just can’t make this up:

The “Triumph of Civic Virtue,” the nearly 100-year old statue, is a public statue in Queens that depicts a nude man standing over two prone women. Rep. Anthony Weiner wants it taken down and to sell it on Craigslist.

Weiner believes the statue to be sexist:

“I believe in art, I believe in public art…But that doesn‘t mean that we don’t have a right to say, forcefully, some art is simply offensive to us and we think it should go.”

Stacy McCain meanwhile has the headline:

Saving Women From the Menace of Neo-Classical Statues

It’s a good thing we know that Anthony Weiner is actually a feminist hero, why Barbara (There is nothing wrong with having an affair with a married senator like Edward Brooke) Walters says he’s fine.

But he is the hero than who is the villain? Hey Richard Cohen arbiter of all things bigoted, he can tell us

I would also like to condemn those who made it their business to destroy him, who deputized themselves to invade someone’s private life, his fantasy life, and hold him up to ridicule.

The press has become the enforcer of conventional morality, a parody of it, actually. The nation cuddles up at night with Internet porn and sings the obscene lyrics of popular music and grabs its crouch on the “Today” show and watches, smug as can be, as someone like Anthony Weiner get thrown to the lions.

Oh I get it, the villain is US. Why didn’t it hit me before? If only we could be more like the MSM that understand that modern sexual norms not traditional ones are how we should be judged by middle class morality…

…except for republicans of course.