Joan Walsh: “Our Leaders”

There is a moment in the video that POWIP put up of Ed Schultz playing the voice of sanity (yes you read that right) that really says it all.

“If we let the other side take scalps, the right-wing is choosing our leaders for us.”

This is why she had no problem falsely attacking Andrew Breitbart, this is why she couldn’t name a left-wing extremest when asked by the Morning Joe crowd. This is why Amanda Marcotte can bemoan the loss of a congressman’s privacy when he sends a picture of his bulging penis to 40,000 people this issue and be taken seriously.

And if you think she was funny look at the comments in the piece like this gem:

The image is a tad blurry the text says:

i have been a member of handgun control inc. and have supported the brady laws. i do not own any sort of fire arm. that said, it would be a great comfort if somebody would shoot andrew breitbart in the face. james o’keefe too. it would give me great satisfaction to see this happen.

Someone explain to me how this train of thought is different from the fatwa against Molly Norris?

UPDATE wrong link above fixed

This is the modern left, this is the logical conclusion to the path the left choose when the democratic congress stood behind Al Gore after impeachment as he declared bill Clinton “One of our greatest presidents.”

As I said about the blogger at Cannonfire and about Charles Johnson, this is no longer politics, this is a religion, I think it is nearing the point where it might even be considered a cult. I’d have to ask Little Miss Attila for her opinion on that one.

Update: Ask of Little Miss Attila and you shall receive

To understand this, we might point to a milder version of the same thing, wherein a bit of “tribalism” creeps in, and one starts to think of politics as a kind of sport. Not a bad thing in and of itself, but it’s insidious, because instead of concentrating on arguments and pursuing the truth, one begins to frame everything in terms of whether it advances the team.

Not on whether it’s right–but on whether it gets that football closer to the goal posts. It’s a dangerous intellectual shortcut to take.

Well, the true believer has that same frailty, only he/she is no longer oversimplifying politics into a large-scale game of football–he or she has begun to frame it as a small-scale approach to theology.

Definatey worth a peek.