Beer and Loathing at the Nashoba Club Restaurant Ayer Ma.

Stacy off the train. Off the train in Worcester

An hour after the show ended Robert Stacy McCain stepped off the train for a quick excursion to New Hampshire to cover the Tea Party express as it passes through the state.

This is Stacy’s third trip in the area with me, the first with the Scott Brown race, the second with the Sean Bielat vs Barney Frank fight (prior to our multi-state road trip last year and now again to cover Mitt Romney, Freedom Works, the Tea party express and Sarah Palin as they pass through New Hampshire.

Stacy McCain Happy to support an advertiser of DaTechGuy on DaRadio

Meanwhile Stacy & I are enjoying lunch at the Nashoba Club Restaurant in Ayer before he gets some rest prior to our excursions tomorrow to see the great Romney vs Freedomworks event.

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Update: Stacy post is now up and here are two more shots at the restaurant:

Stacy Enjoys lunch and a beer
The Axis of Fedora in action!

BTW Stacy’s shot is at my usual table at the restaurant but for two blogging we needed a bigger table