Friday’s under the Fedora….

Was a tribute to Andrew Breitbart:

In this interview Breitbart talked about calling out the lie put forth by Andre Carter and the congressional black caucus—who had claimed that Tea Party members had shouted the word “nigger” at them on Capitol Hill. (Never mind that a bunch of audio-enabled cameras were rolling at the time, and never picked that word up.)

“They didn’t think in a million years,” Andrew remarked, “that someone would challenge their authority.”

That was the essence of what he did: he used new media to push back against an entrenched left that had not been opposed in quite that way .

You can read the rest of the column at The Conservatory or the Minority Report where Under the Fedora appears twice a week.

Da Saturday Diners The Cozy Corner Coffee Shop in Fitchburg Mass.

Today’s Saturday Diner is the Cozy Corner coffee shop on rte 2A a the corner of Lunenburg Street and East Street in Fitchburg.

It is a small diner with two different rooms. The side room seats maybe a dozen while the main room and counter can hold about 30.

If you are looking for something fancy that’s not in the cards.

The fanciest think in the place is the flat screen TV. But Cozy is definitely the name for the place, it is the bottom floor of the house and the layout of the place simply screams “cozy”

< When I got there about 8 a.m. (running late today) there were 6 people on duty. The layout of the place means that customers at the counter can see everything that goes on in the place

But of course, the bottom line in any breakfast place is the food.

I ordered the stack of pancakes with ham and a cup of tea.

As you can see the Pancakes were a decent size, the ham was thick but most importantly, it tasted good

You can find the Cozy corner 6 days a week (closed Mondays) from 6-2 during the week (till noon on weekends) and during lent on Friday nights they have a fish fry from 4:30 till 7:30 p.m.

As always the Saturday Diners are brought to you by Out with Joe

Update: Instalanche, and for some reason the site was down due to volume according to GoDaddy but the hit totals from the lanche is not consistent with that explanation. DOS?

FYI the Saturday diners is a regular feature, you can find the entire batch here.