Mr. DaTechguy visits the Polls on Primary day 2012

Reminder sign, Shirley Mass

With SuperTuesday upon us here in Massachusetts the time had come to see exactly what the situation was at the polls today.

I started in Fitchburg in Ward 1.

The reports were of slow turnout both precincts were below 40 voters at 11:30.

My next stop was ward 4 in Leominster, I followed a Prius with an Obama 2008 bumper sticker to the polling place. Talk about your stereotypes.

Ward 4 is split between two different buildings B & C were in the Vets center and A is in the senior center. As in Fitchburg turnout was down although 4B had managed to break the 100 mark to Leominster. They had meticulous notes concerning past election days, hour by hour results for each year including the weather for each day. They really knew their trends and the trend was down.

My plan was to head west at this point but I received a call saying my son and his friend needed a ride home from school, so I hit the highway figuring to go to Ayer and backtrack. I hit route 2 East (to my surprise passing my 87 yr old mother on the highway) and took the exit bringing me to the Nashoba club, I ordered some lunch and ran down the street to the Town Hall as it was cooking:

The Town Hall looked pretty organized, as at the other locations turnout was down. There was some issue about some democrats being unclear if they could vote today, not that there was much of a choice to make.

From there I headed back to the Nashoba club, wolfed down lunch and then headed toward Lunenburg, when I pulled into the town hall I discovered that voting took place in the elementary school, as I didn’t have time to backtrack I headed to Townsend. It was the only parking lot I saw all day totally full.

However a lot of that was the poll workers. The most interesting thing about the Townsend numbers were the totals

Pct 1 -156 Pct 151, Pct 142.

It was a rather even turnout, the Warden told me they had just redrawn their lines and the numbers were pretty close, however as before the actual turnout was down, they hoped to get 1200, but figured they would be lucky if they did.

Townsend was also the first polling place where I saw a sign for a presidential candidate (Romney) planted in the snow.

From there I rushed back to Fitchburg arriving about 8 minutes late, grabbed the kids and we hit our ward in Fitchburg, Ward 6 where my son Daniel cast his very first vote.

He gets a lot of razzing for registering Republican in school (Repubicans are only 11% statewide) but the people at the polling place were delighted to see a young person voting for the first time, even diehard Democrat Anne DiMartino voiced her approval but said she wouldn’t ask who he voted for as she wouldn’t like the answer.

After dropping off the Crystal in Leominster I headed back to Lunenburg. Lunenburg was the only town where I wasn’t allowed in the room proper, but the warden went in and brought out the numbers for me. By this time is was about 3 p.m and the four precincts varied from 105 to 148 voters less that 10% of the 7000 registered voters in the town.

From Lunenburg I headed for Groton. On my way to ward 1 I noticed for the only time today people holding signs for a presidential candidate

Who would have thought the only people willing to hold signs I’d find today would be Obama people? Although they weren’t willing to be interviewed I commented on it when I stopped at the polling place.

I had heard reports of democrats taking ballots to write in candidates other than Obama, but there was none of that in this town, however like all the others the turnout was low.

From Groton it was off to Shirley. Shirley has the seemingly smallest area for the workers but they were extremely friendly. By 4 p.m. about 12% of registered voters had turned out.

Shirley also had the only other sign I saw near a polling place, one for Newt. I really expected to see more Ron Paul people out.

At this point it was getting late and I wanted to head home hoping to beat daWife to the house to get some dishes done before she got home but before I did I headed back to Ward 1 in Fitchburg to see if the crowd had increased as the day went on. Although nearly 5 hours had passed since my first visit and the weather was considerably warmer the numbers had not managed to even double.

So bottom line, 7 towns very little turnout. although one might think this would favor the underdogs who might be more motivated I suspect this is very good news for Gov Romney. The one hallmark of his campaign has been very good organization, I highly doubt his organization would not make sure his voters were out in the state where he will be speaking.

My guess as of 6 p.m. Mitt Romney managed to break the 50% mark here in Massachusetts.

I didn’t realize Pittsfield was the center of the universe

Pittsfield Massachusetts is a city in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts.

Image via Wikipedia

The population of the city is 40,958, just around the size of Fitchburg where I live.

The voter breakdown in Pittsfield according to this table leans considerably left. In a state where the vast majority of voters are “unrolled” 52% vs 36% Democrats and 11% Republicans. Pittsfield has a ratio of 45% Democrats and 45% unenrolled with only 10% republicans. A full 25% increase on openly declared democrats over the state and county figures.

As you might guess from those numbers I don’t have much of a following in Pittsfield. According to my Google stats Pittsfield ranks 120th in cities in Massachusetts and 1882nd nationwide in terms of visits to my site over the last year although I am of course very pleased to have each and every one of you in Pittsfield and throughout the western part of the state.

Considering the population of Berkshire County and the size of Pittsfield it would be fair to say that nationally it is not a city of special significance, nor is a large media market. It would be what the left would consider “flyover country” in terms of media and national political significance.

So imagine my surprise when I saw Pittsfield all over Memeorandum today

And the linkage to that media powerhouse New England Public Radio News:

A commercial radio station in Pittsfield, Massachusetts — WBEC 1420 — says it is dropping the Rush Limbaugh show in the wake of Limbaugh’s comments on contraception last week.

and they are joined by another media powerhouse!

KPUA -FM in Hilo, Hawaii, has also announced it will drop Limbaugh’s show.

So let me get this straight, after nearly a full week of non-stop attacks on Rush Limbaugh the left is reduced to crowing over two small radio stations in tiny markets in two of the bluest states in creation and in the WBEC’s case a station that serves a market so far left that it is 25% to the left of Massachusetts? Is the cry of the left “As Pittsfield goes so goes Hilo?”

And advertisers are actually afraid of these people?

Oh and I invite the outnumbered conservatives of Pittsfield to join WCRN AM 830 Saturdays starting at 5 a.m. and stay though my show from 10 a.m. to noon if they wish to hear unafraid conservative talk.

The more you know about Sandra Fluke…Update (Hope Carbonite backed up their old business model)

…the more this entire farce has the potential to backfire spectacularly on both the democrats and Rush’s Advertisers who ran away.

Now, imagine Fluke trying to defend this language about “heterosexist” policies in a public hearing, with Republican members of the committee questioning her about whether religious institutions (or private businesses, or taxpayers) should also be required to foot the bill for “gender reassignment.”

Congratulations, America: You’ve been scammed!

Ah but it has only been a short term scam, because of the increased interest in Rush’s show and the power of the new media the populace will shortly know the facts on Miss Fluke much to the determent of the left. I’m sure Rush’s late lamented advertisers will be delighted to be proudly defending the state mandating sex change coverage.

And even worse, I suspect that while “public” women will continue to pretend they are shocked SHOCKED by Limbaugh’s words, the seed that the dems are looking to get business and taxpayers to support an interesting set of sexual proclivities for young women is there.

I strongly suggest that women have a dim view of this. I know Roxeanne does:

Back in the Dark Ages, men used to buy women diamonds before getting them into bed. Now that you’ve done away with that requirement, how about at least asking men to buy your Ortho Tri Cyclen? If you’re an equal partner, negotiating a sexual encounter, why are you so unequal that you’re the ones crying to rich men in Congress for help, like Oliver Twist asking for another serving of food, while all the guys on Law Review are writing their Notes and applying to clerkships without a care in the world? And whose fault is that? Rick Santorum’s? Pope Benedict? or yours, for not having the basic self-respect to tell Mr. Law Review that he’s not getting any unless he understands that “equality” doesn’t mean that the woman buys the Pill and the condoms, too?

Read that whole post, it’s really something

Adrienne (who I should link to more often) kindly does a service for Carbonite employees who handle chats who might be wondering what your day is going to be like for the foreseeable future. (Via NiceDeb)

Adrienne : Thank you. Since your CEO has made it clear that he doesn’t care about my business because I listen to Rush Limbaugh (who is the one responsible for my subscribing to Carbonite in the first place) , I have decided to take my business elsewhere. Please convey the message to your managers and CEO.

Rinse and repeat

Update 2: Cause, meet effect:

As of the closing bell on Monday, March 5th, 2012, Carbonite’s stock dropped to $9.15 per share. They actually hit their 52 week (or one year) low during the trading session of $9.09 per share. Oh, and the 52 week high for Carbonite stock was $21.10. Seems like they have quite a business model running there huh?

Maybe Carbonite can restore their old business model from a previous backup?

Update 3: I wonder how many former Rush advertisers carry ads on Mike Malloy’s show:

Their God, if this is the way they want to look at it, keeps smashing them into little grease spots on the pavement

Hey picking on victims of people slaughtered and left homeless by tornadoes is one thing but it certainly doesn’t rise to the level of calling a political operative masquerading as a poor student a ‘slut’, particularly since the dead and homeless are in flyover country.

Update 4: Instalanche: And an update, As Hilo HI goes so goes Pittsfield Massachusetts? Who’s defining winning for these guys: Charlie Sheen?