Happy birthday to DaWife Some links to hold you

Today is DaWife’s birthday, she has to work but once I finish my Under the Fedora column for tomorrow it’s going to be cleaning, baking a cake and cooking dinner.

As I’m going to be busy here are a few links to keep you occupied.

It look like there is a move for Sharia in moderate Tunisia Jihad watch has details

My caller from yesterday’s show might want to talk to this young lady from Boston whose story is told at the NY times

“You can’t buy a child at Wal-Mart, can you?” she asked me. “No, but you can go to Backpage and buy me on Backpage.”

Gateway pundit continues to show us how the Occupods continue to make friends and influence people

Israpundit tells of a executive order that has to be read to be believed.

First they come for the dentists via Pam Geller

Ann Althouse notes the dying art of straight scholarship.

Granite Grok covered an event at St. Anselm College with Dr. Jennifer Morse on Marriage. The report is in three posts here and here and the Q & A here they do a lot of good work on NH politics like this

I wonder what the president will tell his daughters about this fundraiser that Adrinenne points to?

If you’ve never read one of Tom Wesley’s essays, read this one on Taxation and Entitlements

Stacy McCain is all over the Missouri primaries.

The Minority Report has the Paul Ryan’s video and a list of useful aps.

The Right wing Granny posts a graphic of an important checklist

Babalu notes Repressive communists acting like…repressive communists

And finally at the conservative commune they don’t like Fascists, not even the pretty ones, but they did like this CNN report