Now that’s a journalist

A lot of US journalists talk about speaking truth to power, in Azerbaijan one journalist not only does so, but is not willing to submit to blackmail:

Khadija Ismayilova, who works for Radio Free Europe, has exposed corruption in Azerbaijan, including among the President’s family and inner circle. She received a chilling package in the mail last week, with photographs from a video of her having sex, and a message that she should stop publishing her exposés or the video would be released. Instead, she made the threat public, and this week the video was published online.

and this isn’t just a question of risking a Charlie Sheen embarrassment

“This is a very traditional society where there are still a lot of honour killings, and they clearly calculated that I would prefer to keep quiet and not have this made public,”

Now that’s courage, but then again, considering this report from England, one doesn’t have to live in Azerbaijan to risk honor killing.