Thomas Sowell and DaTechGuy see eye to eye

DaTechGuy Blog March 7th:

If Mitt Romney is the nominee everything changes for the worse for him

Mitt Romney will still have an organization, but instead of being vastly superior it will be inferior to Obama.

He will still have the GOP party apparatus behind him, but he’ll not only face an opponent with the party apparatus unlike in Iowa and Maine that party won’t be in a position to make “judgement calls” on caucus counts or re-counts.

It means he will have to deal, for the first time, the MSM hitting him as “extremist” his religion will be hit as “extreme” and he will have the full “Racist, sexist, homophobe” meme thrown both at him and at his Mormon religion and the MSM will do it without fear or worry.

And it goes without saying Mitt Romney won’t have the ability to outspend Obama, in fact every indication is he will be outspent by Obama.

Thomas Sowell:

Romney has outspent each of his rivals — and all of his rivals put together. His campaign organization has been operating for years, and it has put his name on the ballot everywhere, while neither Santorum nor Gingrich had a big enough organization to get on the ballot in an important state like Virginia.

In the general election, President Obama will have all the advantages against Romney that Romney currently has against his Republican rivals. Barack Obama will have boots on the ground everywhere — not just members of the Democratic Party organization but thousands of labor union members as well.

All indications are Mitt will win Illinois big (Stacy McCain’s post today is the clearest sign on it). He will rightly get congratulations for doing so, what he will be doing in the fall when he can’t outspend Obama 7-1 in a state and 21-1 in a media market with the MSM in full attack mode against him, that remains to be seen.

If Mitt wins the nomination I’ll be with him, but as long as Rick Santorum is in this race, I’ll stick with Rick Santorum as the best choice not only for the country but as the better choice to face president Obama and his friends in the MSM this fall.