Rick Santourm discovers what I learned a couple of years ago…

…if Stacy McCain is your friend, he is your friend all the way.

Santorum didn’t have big money. He didn’t have praise from big-name pundits. He didn’t have the GOP Establishment on his side, and the major media gave him quite nearly zero coverage. But he kept plugging away — “Steady Eddie,” as he said — until he finally broke through.

So he did all that, campaigning for nearly a year, and now that he’s the leading rival to Mr. Inevitable, what kind of coverage does he get? “Gotcha”!

And too many conservatives, who should be defending Santorum against these attacks, are instead playing along with the media “gotcha” game, ready to throw Santorum under the Romney bus.

and if you don’t betray him it doesn’t matter who is against you or how much money or pull they have:

Let me tell you something: I remember when Charles Johnson tried to throw Pamela Geller under the wheels of his Little Green Bus, and I stood up and said not just no, but hell, no.

Maybe Rick Santorum’s not your favorite candidate. Maybe Pamela Geller’s not your favorite blogger. Maybe Rush Limbaugh’s not your favorite talk-radio host, but conservatives can’t let liberals tell us who our friends are.

Don’t let liberals tell you what to think. Don’t play along with the “gotcha” game. Don’t help them defame people’s reputations.


I’m reminded of this story from Tip O’Neill’s autobiography when he was supporting his friend Mike Neville for congress when a young man named John F. Kennedy entered the race for congress and started to run away with things:

Jack must have been everywhere during that campaign, and he must have approached me seven or eight different times to ask me to be with him. Again and again I explained that Mike Neville was my pal, that Mike had served in the legislature with me, and that he deserved my support.

“But I’m going to win,” Jack said.

“Maybe you will” I told him, “but I’m with Mike Neville if I’m with him alone. And I’m going to make damn sure we carry North Cambridge.”

In times of crisis you find out who your friends are and who your acquaintances are. I have absolutely no doubt that if and when the day of crisis comes for me, Stacy McCain will still be on the friends side of the ledger.

Santorum answers the “I’ll vote Obama” nonsense:

I received this release from the Santorum Campaign today:

March 23, 2012

For Immediate Release


Verona, PA – Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum made the following comment in reaction to the claim he would vote for President Obama.

Rick Santorum said: “I would never vote for Barack Obama over any Republican and to suggest otherwise is preposterous. This is just another attempt by the Romney Campaign to distort and distract the media and voters from the unshakeable fact that many of Romney’s policies mirror Barack Obama’s. I was simply making the point that there is a huge enthusiasm gap around Mitt Romney and it’s easy to see why – Romney has sided with Obama on healthcare mandates, cap-and-trade, and the Wall Street bailouts. Voters have to be excited enough to actually go vote, and my campaign’s movement to restore freedom is exciting this nation. If this election is about Obama versus the Obama-Lite candidate, we have a tough time rallying this nation. It’s time for bold vision, bold reforms and bold contrasts. This election is about more than Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or Rick Santorum – this campaign is about freedom and I will fight to restore your freedoms.”

That sounds pretty direct to me, but what does Stacy McCain say:

Santorum was making the same argument Phyllis Schlafly made in her 1964 classic, A Choice Not an Echo. He is saying something he has said many times — and something Newt Gingrich has also said — that Romney fails to offer a clear contrast to Obama. In this context, when Santorum said “we might as well stay with what we have,” he clearly meant to express what the reaction of regular voters would be, if presented with someone who is just “a little different” than the incumbent.

Santorum did not express himself clearly, but awkwardness of expression is not the same as endorsing Barack Obama’s re-election.

But Stacy & I have endorsed Rick what does someone who hasn’t say?

(Note: I know Santorum said “we,” but I’ve heard the shtick enough times to know what he meant. And what he meant was that “we” — the voters — want a clearer contrast.)
Santorum has been making this argument for months. This is a regular line of attack.

I like Jeff but I think he’s been taken for a ride by the MSM and Romney on this one.

Update 2:
Only God is a better friend and only the Marines a better enemy

Why Elizabeth Childs in Ma-4 means Obama is in trouble

Last night I attended a meet and greet at the home of former congressional candidate Tom Wesley. Yesterday he hosted Elizabeth Childs who is one of two candidates running in ma-4 for the GOP nomination.

Elizabeth Childs and Tom Wesley

I will be posting in more detail on the open house later today and will also be covering Tom’s meet and greet for Sean Bielat Sunday but there is something very important about Childs candidacy that needs to be discussed.

Take a look at this question:

You don’t even have to think once to know what I think about her Abortion position but this video actually speaks volumes on another matter.

We have been told from day one that Abortion is a killer for the GOP that if we just only dropped the pro-life plank in the party we would be in great shape, we have been told that women (as Childs did) were fleeing the party (never mind people like Ann Marie Buerkle, strong pro-life women who are in congress). We have been told that all of these issues are going to drive people into the arms of Obama.

Yet here is a woman who was so offended by the GOP’s position on life that she left the party during the Reagan era who has not only come back to the party despite it’s abortion plank, but is running for elective office as a member of the GOP over the economic positions of the Democrats in general and Barack Obama in particular.

and this is in Massachusetts!

How many other people like Elizabeth Childs are out there? How many people who might not so public as to run for congress who are angry? How many people out there who will not bother to change parties or who have not spoken out in public on this issue feel the same way?

I’m betting a lot, an AWFUL lot.

For all the “contraception” talk in the MSM, for all the talk about the baggage carried by all the GOP candidates the bottom line is Barack Obama is still going to be the Democratic nominee and that along is likely to be more damaging to the Democrats than a bunch of Etch-a-sketches or contraception jokes.

What does this mean, something I haven’t said for a bit:

Ride Right Through them, they’re demoralized as Hell!

This election is not going to be about a mythical war on women. It will be about the record of Barack Obama. Be afraid Democrats, be very afraid.