Sean Bielat meet and greet in Hopedale

For the second time in 5 days I journeyed to Hopedale to cover a meet and greet for a GOP candidate. Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Childs for the first time today I had the pleasure of renewing my acquaintance with Sean Bielat

Before things got started he had time for an interview:

He then mixed with the crowd

The crowd seemed slightly larger than on thrusday’s event but this was a weekend so people would naturally be freeer, also I was a tad late to Thursdays event as I’d never been to Tom Wesley’s home before so there may have been people who left early Thursday night. I recognized at least half a dozen people who I had seen three days before.

Sean Gave an opening statement

He then took a long series of questions. Because of the sheer number of videos I’ll be posting them over the course of the week

Here was his closing statement

Now there is no question in my mind that both of these candidates are far superior to Joe Kennedy the 3rd but what did people who heard both candidates think. I talked to two people who attended both meet and greets

Myself I think Sean’s experience showed in how he handled himself. there are simply things that you do better when you’ve done it twice. I also suspect he will have an easier time drawing activists but as anyone who followed the 2004 playoffs in Massachusetts or the Scott Brown election can tell you, you have to play the series out and you don’t know until the voters actually make their decision.

Voices from the Men’s Conference Fr. Dwight Longenecker

I’ll be posting my interview with Fr. Longenecker later in the week but here are excepts of his speech on St. Benedict from the Catholic’s Men’s Conference at the DCU center 3/24/12.

He joked about being a Married Catholic Priest

He talked of God being where it is:

Spiritual Roots

Thought and Obediance:

and prayer short and from the heart:

You can order the entire speech here.

Photo Gallery from the Catholic Men’s conference in Worcester Mass 3/24/12

Yesterday I attended and called in a report from the Catholic Men’s conference:

Blogging Priest
Fr. Dwight Longenecker was there

and here is a sample of his talk on St. Benedict (all the video in a subsequent post)

Fr. Larry Richards and Joe Lombardi of the New Orleans Saints were also there

Fr. Richards talk on confession is likely the only time you will hear a priest talk to 1000 men about masturbation Continue reading “Photo Gallery from the Catholic Men’s conference in Worcester Mass 3/24/12”

Saturday Diner Family Cafe 80 Water Street Fitchburg Mass.

Today’s Saturday Diner is the Family Cafe on Water street in Fitchburg

it seats about 60 and is actually one of the favorite hangouts of the people from my church after sunday Mass.

In terms of shape it is slightly odd, the counter bisects two different sitting areas.

During the summer there is an area to sit on the patio in the back. One of the things I noticed right away was the tea:

The metal container that normally holds milk had hot water for a refill of a tea a very nice time saver.

I had eggs sausage and toast:

Family Cafe gives you a decent meal at a decent price Seven Days a week. Non-Fri 5-2 Sat 6-noon sun 6-12:30