“The Dogs won’t eat it”

I went with my wife today to Romano’s Mkt to order a Ham for Easter Dinner when I struck up a conversation with Mike and his sons. Josh, his oldest was cutting meat for Hamburg and said they couldn’t keep it in the store since the news of Pink Slime, the meat by-product that has been in the news came out. I didn’t actually know what Pink Slime was so I asked and they said, well I’ll let you see what they said themselves:

As far as Mike and his sons are concerned there is only one place for that kind of stuff:

The parts that don't make it into a romano's steak or burger

If you aren’t buying your meat from Romano’s Mkt or someone like him, you oughta be.

Yeah the March Bleg is still on…42% down $1265 to go Update 45% $1199 to go

You likely noticed my March Bleg is no longer at the top of the blog. Unfortunately it’s not because it has been a smashing success it’s because I had a lot of other things going on that I didn’t want bumped. So as a quick update as of right now the Goal of $2200 to pay for the Laptop, Oil Whistle, Washing Machine has managed to cover 42% of the goal which allow me to pay for the Washer that couldn’t wait and about half of the laptop. Of course March continues to be an unfortunate month. My car has given up it’s ghost and rather than spend $700 to keep it running till it fails inspection or $1500 to get it past one more inspection I’ve found a replacement for the same $1500 that’s a year older, with slightly better mileage and 12000 miles less on the odometer and with a furnace that needs replacing this March has turned into one of the most expensive ones I’ve every dealt with.

But with lot of video and photos to post I decided to give the bleg a few days off so you would have posts to see, but if you are in a position to give a hand it will be happily accepted.

Update: Thanks Steph for getting me a little closer 43% down $1240 to go

Update April fools day. Bob kicks in just enough to get us below 1200 $1199 to go 45% down