At PJ media (via Glenn) Victor Davis Hanson talks about a string of conservative defeats and sounds a warning:

None of us know what November brings. We all imagine the race will be far closer than 2008. We worry that eight years of this administration will institutionalize what we saw during the first four years. That said, every person worried about the direction of the country will have to vote, donate time or money, or offer public or private commentary. We are going to see things in September and October that we have not quite seen before in an election, as our modern Borgia pulls out all the stops to do whatever is necessary to win.

Mr. Hanson is a wise man, his books are spectacular and he’s likely a lot smarter than I am, but take a look at his list of items in his well written post:

1. The so-called Obama crash.

2. The Supreme Court.

3. Obamacare.

4. The Arizona decision.

5. Fast and Furious.

6. The Obama crises.

I look at this list and what I notice is none of these conservative disasters are electoral. It sounds like the Gay Marriage crowd who keep telling us the people are for it while they lose election after election.

In fact if you read his whole piece only his first entry “The Obama Crash” is even remotely a political argument and it’s all about polling….

Review Obama’s bad news of the last 90 days: the Scott Walker victory, the Obama gaffes (the private sector is doing “fine”), the Democratic defections (whether senators and representatives bailing from the convention or smackdowns on Bain Capital from Cory Booker, Bill Clinton, etc.), the Holder mess, the circumvention of Congress by de facto amnesty, the non-ending scandals (Solyndra, Fast and Furious, GSA, Secret Service, etc.), the Putin/Merkel put-down, our new Muslim Brotherhood friend and ally running Egypt, the supposed shortfall in campaign donations, etc. Yet this weekend Obama remains up in the polls and ahead in key swing states. If these “bad” weeks have led to his rise in the polls, what might good weeks do?

There is one real problem with this argument, Polls are not elections, 10 days before Scott Brown’s election we heard this:

let’s not pretend that Republican state senator Scott Brown has any chance of pulling off the monumental upset

All the way till November in 2010 the left was still talking about how this rally or that rally was going to rally the left in a narrative that lasted right up until the Sunday of the election.

And in special elections the left has managed only managed wins in safe areas (Ca-36) and in a three-way race with a faux tea party candidate in the mix (ny-26), while the GOP has not only won when they were supposed to (nv-2) but in districts they had no business winning in. (ny-9).

And let me remind Mr. Hanson that the exit polls showed a dead even race in Wisconsin for Scott Walker just a few hours before he cruised to victory.

Yes we have to work hard, yes we can’t slack and yes I do expect these folks to be fight so dirty as to make a mud hole look like a bidet, but perception doesn’t trump reality. Cripes the president just won the biggest victory of his presidency in the supreme court and vulnerable democrats are still running away. It seems to me the words I used last September still ring true:

While the media will do their best to spin it otherwise Democrats in congress and democrats in states who will have to run on a ticket with this president will see this result and ask: “Am I willing to put my political future in Barack Obama’s hands?”

As does my conclusion

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

As Hugh Hewitt puts it, If it’s not close they can’t cheat.

It’s not going to be close.

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Via Lady Liberty 1885 we see that the media has figured out that the occupods who were supposed to be so useful for democrats in 2012 have turned out to be rather less useful than expected:

We didn’t really hear about their arraignment where they were charged with 11 counts each with bail at $1.5 million each, now did we? The national media mostly blew it off and have since swept it under the carpet, but the local media added just the right amount of spin

While the media has decided that occupods are no longer useful, this video shows they still have the idiot part down pat:


Maybe it’s just me but I think it doesn’t help politically to be the allied with people who want to blow up bridges on the national or the state level ( even if you provided the intellectual foundation of their cause ) so the media is making this a non-story but I can see the GOP ads now with images of President Obama, the MSM and Former Obama Official Elizabeth (Dances with Occupiers) Warren extolling the occupy movement, with the “There is nothing wrong with blowing up a bridge” line thrown in.

Cue the confident line:

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

It’s going to be a fun election come November

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Jay Nordlinger’s Impromptus is out today (read the whole thing) and the opening on Justice Roberts Old Yellowstain was devastating.

Let me add two cents — not so much mine as those of a wise judge I know. “Incompetent,” he said. Roberts’s ruling was incompetent. “Silly, absurd, not worthy of respect. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was far more reasonable in her argument.” (Yikes!) “If a district-court judge pulled a stunt like the one Roberts pulled, he would be reversed by the next court in about two seconds.”…I said, “So, do you think Bush 43 may have inadvertently saddled us with another Warren Burger?” “No!” said the judge. “Burger would never have written something so stupid” as the Roberts ruling. “He was not incompetent.”

That is pretty bad and as Justice Roberts Old Yellowstain apparently reads the opinion pages that’s going to smart but for an honorable man the remarks within the … would be the most painful.

In the deepest cut of all, the judge said, “Roberts failed to do his duty — his constitutional duty. He’s not supposed to be looking at the political situation. He’s not supposed to think about his ‘legacy.’ He’s supposed to uphold the Constitution, plain and simple. The majority decision will come to be embarrassing. The dissent will stand as something true and admirable.”

As I’ve said before that courage is the virtue that is required before all others because without courage no virtue can stand.

When the country split into the secular and the traditional cultures the value of honor and an oath dissipated as the utilitarian nature of the secular infused the media. But there was a time when an oath and one’s honor meant something and to violate such an oath could only be justified in an extreme circumstance and even then one felt bad about it. Conservative still value such virtues and that is what makes this ruling so devastating to the Chief Justice’s reputation.

One can give a mulligan for a bad decision and one might even forgive and celebrate the positive political result that will come of this in November, but until and unless the issue of caving under pressure is addressed, either by a denial or by and admission with regret I’m afraid I won’t have it in me to trust Justice Roberts Old Yellowstain when the next big issue comes around.


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To you Baldrick the Renaissance was just something that happened to other people wasn’t it?

Rowan Atkinson Blackadder 2 1986

Remain Calm, all is well!

Keven Bacon Animal House 1978

It’s the week of te 4th of July and Joe & Mika have the week off so the panel today is Donnie Deutsch, Mike Barnicle, Jonathan Capeheart Mark Halperin and Alex Wagner..

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I’m a regular watcher of Morning Joe and being a full-blown conservative I’m pretty hard on Joe Scarborough and Mika, particularly Joe as are a lot of my fellow conservatives.

I tend to think however that he is VERY important because he is the one conduit that brings conservative thought to MSNBC viewers.

That truth is never more apparent than on the days he is not there such as today when the above mentioned panel talked about the Robert’s ruling and the effects on the election.

To the Morning Joe panel the only story was Romney had no plan, they were convinced that the lack of a solid Romney plan is the only issue and nobody is going to care about it in a few week. All during this harangue Mark Halperin sat there and quietly interjected the idea that this is going to have political consequences for the left.

It was as if I was watching the show two years ago, when until the Stewart Rally failed the message was all “the GOP needed to move to the left to win“. The lack of reality was so pronounced you even had Tim Kaine suggesting the purging of some of the Blue Dog Democrats would be a positive.

When Luke Russert came on set during the 6:30 half hour and bluntly said if the Republicans keep the house and win the Senate & White House, they WILL, not might, WILL repeal Obmaacare using reconciliation the entire group suddenly looked as if they were hit on the head, but only for a moment as they pivoted away from his opinion and Russert faded into the background.

What is going on? Well I see two possibilities which aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive:

1. The Obama White house understand that their only prayer is to keep the base believing so any suggestion that the Obamacare ruling is going to hurt badly in November can’t be expressed and the table is acting accordingly.

2. The people around the table are so insulated, and are so removed from the reality of the election they can’t conceive that the average voter or small business owner sees Obamacare in general and Obama in particular as a disaster.

If it propaganda or is it delusion, or is it just servicing that niche market that writes their checks? We will find out closer to election day when it becomes harder and harder to ignore reality as it approaches.

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