…he (Union General George McClellan) brought greater forces to Sharpsburg, but he also brought himself

Robert E. Lee

It does not matter what armor or weapons you may have acquired, Turk. You are an idiot. I do not employ idiots.

The Kingpin (to Turk) Daredevil # 186

Yesterday’s answer to Victor Davis Hanson produced a plethora of comments, quite a few of them continuing the pessimism that Hanson expressed, from the “Obama wasn’t on the ticket” business to “they will cheat” business.

There are many counters to this and if you click on the Ride Right Through Them They’re demoralized as Hell tag you will see example after example as to why I’m so optimistic about 2012 but there is one point that I’ve made before that bears repeating:

Both the left and the right live in a bit of our own bubble, but combined we are in a bigger bubble, the political bubble. We look a the news of he day and say THIS is going to make the difference with the people, or THAT will make the difference but we think that because we are paying attention to the daily political stream while the rest of the public is not.

What the public IS paying attention to every day is their own lives. Unfortunately for Mr. Hope and change and his re-election team, the worst economy since before World War 2 has been the daily reality of those lives since he has been elected.

You can spin this, you can rationalize this, you can give excuses for this, but you can’t pretend this isn’t true.

The Obama campaign can hit Romney on his record in Massachusetts all they want, they can scream “If Obamacare is a tax then Romneycare is a tax” on MSNBC, they can have their surrogates warn of “Weird Mormon and Magic Underwear” and they can pay the Brett Kimberlin & Co’s in the world to make mischief and they can do this with the help and cooperation of the MSM from July till October and it doesn’t MATTER.

None of it changes the fact that the people who don’t pay attention have been dealing with hard times and Barack Obama has been in charge of it.

Mitt Romney doesn’t have to sell the Obama years as a failure, the reality of daily life has done that for him, he simply has to portray himself as a viable and competent alternative and he simply REEKS of that.

Barack Obama has a much harder job. He has to either sell all these ideas

1. Things aren’t so bad OR Yeah things are bad but it’s not my fault

2. You should trust me to do the job even though I haven’t succeeded in doing it yet.

3. Mitt Romney can’t do the job better than me OR You should be scared of Mitt Romney.

Forgetting the fact that nothing at all in Mitt Romney’s persona says “scary” or “incompetent” which makes #3 very hared is the overriding problem:

The OBAMA has to sell the first two items to a public not paying attention before he can even start to sell the third.

Think about it. They have to convince people that their lives are actually better than they have been even though it directly contracts what they, their family and friends have been living every single day.

Here is my suggestion, put away the iPhone or Ipod for a week, walk away from twitter and when you are out in the supermarket line, or at the hardware store or at a local watering hole make conversation, don’t try to persuade them just listen to them talk about their problems and their lives and THEN tell me how Obama has this in the bag. If you do then I believe you will come to the following conclusion:

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

People ask why I’m so optimistic, I say why aren’t you?

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