One of the things that can be very challenging about political warfare is convincing people AFTER a victory to keep the fight up.

You always here the acceptance speech “our work is just beginning…” but the reality is most people figure the battle is won and they can go home.

It’s not.

I’ve tried to think of a good way to illustrate the point and the best way I can is this. Think of our friends on the left and in the establishment as Spammers and phishers.

Imagine the very first Nigerian E-mail hoaxer. You get the idea to send this e-mail to rich Westerners to try to trick them. You send out 10,000 e-mails and get maybe 10-100 responses. After a week of prompting you manage to con 1-10 of them out of (let’s be conservative) say $1,000 all told.

In Fitchburg that $1000 might or might not a month’s rent, but in Nigeria? You’ve hit the jackpot!

Now say Norton , McAfee, AVAST comes up with a filter that blocks you out. Are you going to say: “Oh well I’ve made my $1000 it was good while it lasted?” Or are you going to tweak and massage your e-mail to try to make that thousand again, or maybe $2000 or maybe $10,000!

Or if you are a phishing person or the maker of a virus or Trojan. You manage to steal $1000 from your apartment in Moscow. When Trend Micro, or Kaspersky finds a way to block it, are you going to just give it up or are you going to try to tweak your attack to get though the filter and re-open the money spigot.

Now imagine you are McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, Trend Micro et/al You’ve countered this virus, this Trojan and this spammer. OK problem solved. Do you go home, do you assume you never have to update our engine ever again? Of course not!

It’s the same with the Establishment.

There is a reason why companies spend millions of dollars on lobbyists, there is a reason why Unions and environmental types spend a fortune on elections and why the ACORNS of the world exist. All of these guys realize that for an investment of $100,000 or $1,000,000 or $10,000,000 they have the change to get 100 or 1000 times back from the subsidy for that green energy company, for that grant to pay for Abortions, for that regulation that stymies the competition or stops that plant from opening in that right to work state.

And sometimes it doesn’t even require investing money in DC, Deliver enough votes in a district and presto, you are suddenly on a government board as an “expert” or in a think tank, or on Oprah or featured on MSNBC as somebody “making a difference” and the money pours in.

Now imagine that an outraged public forces congress to cut off funding as they did with ACORN.

Did ACORN go away? Did they say: “Oh well we had a good run”? No! They changed their name, lobbied and worked to get the cash flow that was the source of their power easy living back in place

That’s what you are up against. You the voters are the police force, if you walk away from the neighborhood the thugs and the Grifters will be right back to prey on the neighborhood again.

The other side is not just hoping you will give up, get sick of it and stop fighting, in fact they working hard to make sure of it because their lively hood depends on just that.

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Once again I present Fitchburg’s 4th of July parade

Hey Jeffreys advertises with me so their video goes up first….

Unlike previous years where I stayed pretty much in a one block area I started near the assembly point

Bagpipes in the shade

and then basically walked ahead of the parade during the route taking photos of the people watching it.

A good day for an old fashioned porch

It was a good day for having a front porch

or umbrellas

and umbrellas

and of course for the vendors

One of the things I noticed is that while the early sections of the parade where not as highly populated as normal as you went farther down the parade the crowd really thickened up

When I reached the end I turned around and walked back taking pictures and counting the people.

By the time I got to the end of the parade I had counted 4850 but there were three full blocks. as a full block where the people had already started leaving. Since I started there I’m I’d say we are talking 400 more So we are talking 5200 folks all together.

Here are a few highlights before the entire gallery. Congresswoman Nikki Tsongas marched in the Fitchburg for the first time as it has been added to her district:

I think it’s very good that she is backing Obamacare, it gives a solid contrast which is what elections are all about.

The GOP types were at the end

Gotta love bagpipes:

and of course the flag

talked to the Local Iman, the parade goes right by Fitchburg’s Mosque

If you want to see peaceful Islam, this guy is it.

The coolest float was Halloween costume world

And here are the photos after the jump: enjoy.

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