Today on Twitchy we found out that the great Star Trek / Star Wars debate between William Shatner and Carrie Fischer is still on.

I favor Star Trek over Star Wars myself but since I’m a Doctor Who fan over all I tweeted the following:

Imagine my shock when I got this tweet in reply:

I’ve interviewed Senators and congressmen, TV personalities like Joe and Mika, I’ve spoken to Todd Palin (although never managed to get a direct question to Sarah) and even questioned the man who will be the next president of the United States twice, but in terms of coolness this definitely tops the list and impressed the hell out of My youngest who was sitting next to me at the time and my oldest and wife who just got back from Foxwoods celebrating his 21st birthday. As I put it:

Stacy McCain might argue (correctly) that his hard-earned tweet & retweet from Alyssa Milano is more desirable and nobody can deny she is a beautiful woman, but while there will never be a shortage of beautiful women in Hollywood there will never be another William Shatner.

Is that cool or what?


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Progress in securing rights and opportunities for women in Islam have been few and far between yet another lady has shown that Jihad is one area where women continue to challenge the glass ceiling.

A Quebec activist who fought the stereotyping of Muslims was charged with supporting terrorism on Friday after an RCMP investigation linked her to an alleged scheme to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Mouna Diab, 26, was charged with committing a crime “for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in association with a terrorist group,” the RCMP said in a statement. She faces a possible life sentence if convicted.

The Laval woman was arrested at Montreal’s Trudeau airport last year and accused of violating an international arms embargo targeting Lebanon, but police added the far more serious terrorism charge on Friday.

I am women here I come watch me go and run some guns…

Update: It does make sense in one respect, women have been a major part of the Israeli armed forces for years.

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