At 10 a.m. when I arrived the Dirt Parking Lot was already full as volunteers in golf carts shuttled new arrivals to the entrance way to the event.

A Romney volunteer named Rick Christie was driving one of two golf carts. He had been a Romney man back in 2008 and was delighted to see him at the top of the ticket today.

After Rick Dropped me off I spoke to a group of Romney Volunteers at the main entrance.

It was very apparent that unlike last year’s event in Concord the Volunteer staff was more relaxed as a lot more of the grass-roots were involved.

I talked to a familiar face Sheriff Scott Hillard who I’d interviewed in the past.

We talked about the inexplicable decision of the Obama Campaign to adopt Elizabeth Warren’s Language and how that decision may be a sing of the insular nature of the left.

At the press check-In table again the contrast to the events before the Governor secured the nomination was apparent. The tension of the primary campaign was gone and people freely discussed the current events of the campaign. We chatted as I signed in and talked about Mitt Romney.

One of the men noted Mitt was generally a very reserved person but once he got to know you tends to open up. This is an excellent description of the campaign as Romney seems to have grown on the stump, particularly when he has the company of his wife but especially since the conversation turned to small business a topic right in the campaign’s sweet spot.

There was already a line of people waiting to enter. One of them a young man named John with a Scott Brown T-Shirt immediately stood out and we talked

Again the topic of Elizabeth Warren came up. It makes one wonder if the President’s adoption of her speech might boomerang into the Massachusetts Senate race to the benefit of Scott Brown.

This was the first time I had encountered the Secret Service at an event since I started as a blogger (although I had run into them at a Palin event during the 2008 campaign. I don’t tend to travel light so the emptying of my pockets, bags etc looked like something you might see if Tom Baker or Harpo Marx every passed through such as checkpoint.

One in the press area (It’s amazing to see the difference four letters “W-C-R-N” have in a situation like this). I started to get settled. As usually the reporters were spending the majority of their time talking to each other and smoozing as might be expected of people who had seen event after event every day.

I choose a spot where I could see each person as they entered so I could grab a shot

Or an interview

For most of the press this was not a source of excitement, the traveling media had seen Mitt over and over. There was however a little bit of excitement for the media: Ari Shapiro of NPR apparently had used some kind of tape to hold his power supply together and when he plugged it in to the Surge protectors the resulting combination of smoke as everything shorted out quickly drew people with earpieces.

It turned out to be a minor thing and the source of a few laughs, even from Ari who rushed out and found a replacement power supply at a nearby Staples (Thanks Mitt!) making it back with 30 minutes to spare.

The waiting continued as people kept arriving about 250 chairs were set up for the public.

I spotted a fellow with a Mitt Sticker on his hat so naturally he had to be interviewed.

His observations on Mitt’s evolution in dealing with the public is something that people who have covered him have observed for a bit.

As we got closer to the starting bell the Secret Service checked everyone out, various members of the press photographers looked for the best stop for their shots and I explained my Virbram five-finger shoes to Steven Alex Miller of the NY Post.

As it got closer to the start time and the sun got hotter people became more antsy, volunteers went into the crowd giving out water.

While this was going on I noticed what looked like (to me) a Franciscan Friar being escorted to the area behind the stage.

And then everything changed.

Congressman Charlie Bass who had been behind the stage came out and sat with the crowd and to everyone surprise the first person introduced was Anglican Priest Fr. Christian Tutor who offered a prayer for the dead in Colorado

He was followed by Senator Kelly Ayotte, her words were less of a political speech and more of the intro to a memorial service

She was followed by Governor Romney, his words were exclusively about the event of early this morning in Colorado

Gone was the speech no doubt planned for the small business setting, instead it was all about what was most precious in life. The Governor spoke for less than four minutes.

When he was done the people seemed a bit confused as if their time in the hot sun would be for only a few minutes of a speech, but they were soon to find out they were wrong.

Governor Romney, Senator Ayotte and Fr. Christian formed a receiving line

and greeted each person as they left in turn.

as if it was a wake for fellow Americans.

They greeted every person in turn, without photos or autographs or any of the normal political trappings other than the secret service on the job

As the line moved I briefly talked to Congressman Charlie Bass (R-NH) about the event

Then returned to the press area. As the last person left the line I called over Fr. Tutor who consented to an interview, while I was shooting Governor Romney came over and thanked him

Fr. Tutor explained he was contacted only 30 min before the event. That suggests the change in tone was decided in the final hour before things took place

At this point I headed back, as the buses came to take people to the parking area I spoke to a member of the crowd about the event.

As for myself, some might debate if Mitt Romney can fix the economy, if he will be conservative enough or what kind of justices he might appoint to the court, but today we discovered something important about the Governor. At a time of crisis and national tragedy, he certainly proved he could be presidential.


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come in. I saw a young man in a Scott Brown T-Shirt and It seemed to contain more of the Grass roots and
Ari Shperio

…and all the others in the Brett Kimberlin Crowd that I’ve ignored during the past week.

While they might be advancing one particular goal this election cycle:

The thing I hate the most about my stalkers is that every moment I spend dealing with them is a moment I’m not spending on the upcoming election. It’s not just the presidential election that’s important, we need conservatives in the Senate and House if we’re going to roll back the destructive policies implemented in the past few years. I haven’t had time to write about the rematch between Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle and her uber-statist opponent Dan Maffei, or any other race, for that matter. I guess that’s all by design

which suggests a financed and deliberate strategy let me remind them of several things.

#1. There are a lot more of us then there are of them, the only reason Zilla’s list isn’t longer is it hasn’t become more known. If we can’t cover events believe me we can link to people who do.

#2. As you might have already noticed over 80 congressmen have signed a letter asking for the AG to investigate the Swattings and other members of congress have been asked about it. As bloggers continue to cover events be sure that we will continue to ask these questions of candidates. The moment someone manages to get this question asked to Mitt Romney and Answered on Camera the heat is going to be on.

#3 Although he spent a few days covering other news. Robert Stacy McCain one of the great pure reporters has devoted an incredible amount of time to this story and that information like a public fart on youtube is out there forever.

#4 This is already in the courts via this suit by Aaron Walker and others on a federal level and these suits will continue forward. They will not likely be resolved before the election but they WILL be resolved.

#5 Unless you are fast forwarding through ads as Obama has requested you might have figured out in January there is going to be a different AG and a different administration. What do you think the odds are that they will ignore the request of 80+ members of congress on this particularly since the targets of this harassment are their political allies?

And THAT’s the big point. It’s going to happen. The full force of the US legal system is going to come and it’s not going to be pretty.

That gives you three choices:

1. Stop now and hope that once this stops it is forgotten. (Unlikely if nobody else pushes it, Stacy will and the current court cases will continue).

2. Go all in figuring that your own hope is to somehow take Obama over the finish line. (Even less likely)

3. States EVIDENCE NOW! Your best chance is to do this NOW! while there is still a friendly AG in office, but it still can be done in January but I suspect you will have a harder hand against you.

You must choose, but choose wisely.


The DaTechGuy Fundraiser lumbers on. The primary goal is $3000 and we haven’t hit the first grand yet.

Any help is appreciated. For details click here for the progress check the thermometer to the right and to kick in hit DaTipJar”.