I regret to say it has reached the point in our society that people figure a moment of mass murder is an excellent chance to score political points. As our friends have decided to do this left me answer them briefly:

On Brian Ross and ABC news who breathlessly blamed the Tea Party for these murders:

I submit and suggest that if the killer James Holmes had been a convert to Islam and told the police “God is great” rather than “I’m the Joker” Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos would have been telling people on Good Morning America not to be jumping to conclusions or tarring an entire religion for one man’s actions.

On Piers Morgan and others trying to use this as a reason to gut the 2nd Amendment:

I submit the following passage from Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle’s excellent book Escape From Hell

“And that one?” I pointed to a man up to his chin in boiling blood. He was screaming in agony so his face was distorted, but he looked Oriental.

“New one,” Billy said. “Seung, something like that. Went out and shot a bunch of people in the college he was at. Allen, it puzzles me that a man can shoot thirty-two full-grown men and women before the sheriff’s men gun him down. You’re more his time, maybe you can tell me. Why didn’t someone just shoot the son of a bitch?”

I scratched my head. Billy’s viewpoint seemed skewed, alien.

“Five of ‘em where teachers,” Billy said. “They had to protect their kids. How could they now be armed? It’s as if someone has been taking away their guns.”

You really should buy that book , but you might want to pick up the first volume in the series Inferno first.

Might I suggest that it takes very little effort or discretion to show self-restraint

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