On my way to the show I was listening to Conservatively Speaking when John Weston said there was a fire near St. Paul’s Cathedral.

I don’t know Worcester as well as most WCRN folk so I headed toward the Cathedral till I saw the smoke, near Irving Street

I saw the trucks and pulled over in a gas station.

I started shooting as I approached

And nearly tripped as a hose shifted below my feet

It’s something you don’t really notices or think of, nor the stream of water that pours out from the doors

I was told the public relations officer was at the other side of the street so I figured I’d drive over and see if he was available

There was a police car blocking the top of the road, I found a parking place and headed over

This angle was from up hill so it was a different shot

It becomes very real when you see a fellow in over 100 lbs of equipment standing in a window of the 3rd floor a burning building on video

I ran into Fr. Walter who I knew from St. Anthony di Padua and met the Chaplin of the Worcester department who was on the scene.

People forget that part of a grim job and even if nobody is hurt you have people devastated from the loss of a home.

I questioned neighbors but none had more info even in terms of when the trucks showed up

It turned out the fellow in the clipboard wasn’t the PA officer and I had to get to the station to finish show prep so I’ll close with this final shot…

What you are paying for

…and remind readers that when you pass by a local station and shake your head at the guys sitting there wondering what you are paying money for, keep this shot in mind.


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On today’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio our topic will be the dreaded disease going through the anti Chick-Fil-A Community in Massachusetts FEDORAPHOBIA.

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