My latest for the Examiner talks about Allen West’s visit to Lexington on Sunday.

Congressman Allen West (Fl-22) on his first visit to Massachusetts yesterday dropped by Lexington Green, the site of shots the ignited the American Revolution and was greeted by over 150 tea party members and assorted fans.

And compares it to the Chick-Fil-A protests from Friday:

the 30 or so protesters, dwarfed by even the lines at Chick-Fil-A that day, to say nothing of the Wednesdays informal appreciation event chanted loudly and were escorted from the mall where across the street at the local Barnes & Noble, Media trucks awaited their comment.

Yet two days later an event featuring one of the most prominent members of congress. A member who has been specifically targeted for defeat by the left draws 5-6 times the crowd in a public place in one of the bluest states of the union and Major media decided that this was not worth covering.

The full article is here

Well if you did have no fear, you can listen to the show and find out all about Fedoraphobia and the steps to combat it here.

A side thought, at the Allen West rally I covered yesterday I had people pointing at me and shouting “Fedoraphobia“, great to meet listeners from all over the state.

We are still waiting for details on the horrible killings at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin last night but our friends on the left have already figured this out.

It’s Michelle Bachmann’s fault

Here is their line of “Logic”

1. Michelle Bachmann sends a letter asking the AG to investigate connections between the Muslim Brotherhood and the State Department.

2. An eyewitness describes the shooter as a “white male”

3. Therefore the shooter was inspired by Michelle Bachmann.

Let’s forget the basic logical fallacy that a letter to the AG from members of congress is going to cause a shooting in Milwaukee the question becomes:

How does a liberal conclude a letter concerning the Muslim Brotherhood cause violence against Sikhs?

For our liberal friends to get this idea requires one further logical conclusion in their minds.

2a: Sikhs and Muslims all look alike

And that actually explains a lot.

Our leftist friends see people as monolithic groups of colors and races, who look-alike and think alike and need to be cared for alike since all are oppressed by Americans. It also explains why people like Allen West scare them, the concept that a Black Man might not support the liberal left is beyond their ability to reason.

So naturally any group primarily composed of White people (except of course for the lily-white fedoraphobic Chick-Fil-A protesters) must be suspect.

And all groups who are not white (Except for black pastors against Gay Marriage & individuals like Ted Cruz or Allen West who have apparently betrayed their respective races) are by definition victims incapable of taking care of themselves and must be guided and cared for by the left so they may survive. Or as our leftist friends might put it:

Take up the white liberal burden
help all peoples keep pace
because leftists know all failure
must stem from color or race

Remind me who are the descendents of Kipling here?

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