I’m absolutely delighted to see Sandra Fluke campaigning with Barack Obama. It reinforces his anti-catholic positions and will help drive voters to the polls this year.

It’s also useful because I suspect Limbaugh not withstanding outside of the far left NOW gang that continues to shrink in numbers, power and influence, Ms Fluke is not held in high esteem.

But as Revealing Politics shows us (hat tip Ben Howe) I love Obama with Sandra Fluke because we get video like this

If this is the card they really want to play, please please PLEASE keep doing it.


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One of the first rules of being in a hole is to stop digging. Apparently the folks at GetEQUAL MA & Join the Impact MA haven’t figured this out yet. They have decided to pull out of the Pride NH event because…wait for it. The Nashua Chick-Fil-A Franchise is supporting and participating in it:

From a press release I received today

Despite the Nashua franchisee’s declaration of being welcoming to the gay community, his restaurant — like all Chick-fil-A restaurants — gives 15% gross + 50% net profits back to the Atlanta-based parent company, from which Chick-fil-A is free to donate to whomever they want. The $50 booth fee for NH Pride is a paltry price for the local Chick-fil-A to pay in order to market a product, in the hopes of gaining new fans who will produce more profits — profits which will end up supporting anti-gay groups working against the interests of the very people and their loved ones NH Pride is celebrating. The Chick-fil-A story for the LGBTQ community has always been one about a company specifically supporting efforts that harm our community, not about a private citizen’s personal opinions.

In other words the Nashua Chick-Fil-A Franchise’s choice to participate in the event and the national attention that counterpoint isn’t good enough, that Chick-Fil-A franchise contaminates the entire event so they will not participate.

Wow way to go guys. Considering the relative sizes of the Friday Protest and Tuesday Starbucks appreciation day the to the Chick-Fil-A day you would think anything that would split the community that supports Chick-Fil-A would be a net positive for your side.

Instead the message is sent, there is a split in the LGBT community and the Nashua Franchise owner (and all others who might consider supporting your position) will get no reward for their efforts.

That will get them running to your side of the aisle.  Good plan!

Then again maybe it’s only an excuse, maybe they are afraid I will cover the event and this is just an acceptable way to disguise the embarrassment and shame of Fedoraphobia!

Hey that makes as much sense as this does.

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 Here is the full press release:

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Rule #1 Never slander a guy with enough money to hit you with a suit and not care how long it takes

Bloomberg reports that Sheldon Adelson has launched a lawsuit against the National Jewish Democratic Council for slander over statement concerning Prostitution in Macou.

A guy this rich can sustain a suit like this for years and is not likely to settle. That makes him a bad guy to target for this kind of slander.

The attempt to classify this a a SLAP suit is laughable, if the DCCC public apology didn’t give the NJDC a clue Alan Dershowitz move to distance himself from this charge should have, but as Yid with Lid put it:

Most of the Talmud (the Jewish book of law) is a bunch a smart Rabbis and Rabbinical students arguing about one legal point or another. The NJDC loses it’s argument about “Jewish Obligation” because it isn’t asking tough questions, it is simply bearing false witness. Besides, saying I messed up and I’m sorry is also a Jewish obligation.

Perhaps the group would be better served if it concentrated a bit more on the “Jewish” part of its name and a bit less on the Democratic party part of its name.

From their slavish reaction in the cause of protecting President Obama’s reelection prospects perhaps the Jewish law they meed to brush up on was the whole: Thou shalt have no other Gods before me bit.

Rule #2 Be Careful of what you do or don’t do on camera.

This entire Chick-Fil-A Business (who thought I’d still be writing about it) keeps getting worse for the left, first you have the comparative turnouts on Wednesday & Friday of last week, then you have the Starbucks business tuesday that was long on talk but short on coverage and results.

Now we have the video (via NRO) at Legal Insurrection

There is nothing that is going to play worse in the black community than a group of mostly white activists berating a black man for his devotion to the bible and don’t think because the MSM doesn’t give it play it won’t get play in the black community.

This is a base election for the White House. The black Democrat base is larger than the Gay Democrat base, what will happen if the black turn out drops in say Virginia, Pennsylvania or Ohio? It won’t be pretty.

You would think the smartest campaign in the world would not make these kind of foolish mistakes, but remember they, no matter what the media tells you, are nervous to the point of panic and such people tend to make foolish mistakes.


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Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are all over the Obama Campaign over both the Priorities USA ad and more importantly the denials from Bill Burton, Stephane Cutter and even Robert Gibbs (although Mika give him a slight pass).

“Nobody’s buying with Bill Burton is saying, the facts don’t line up.”

Remember this is MSNBC!

Not only did they hit this ad and the BS but they did it in the 6 AM hour opening segment, the segment that is usually repeated at 8 AM.

True they are hitting “superpacs” in general and have thrown the odd “crazy remarks” hits at Joe Wilson & Michelle Bachmann but they are stressing that the idea of accusing a person of “killing a women” really crosses a line.

Morning Joe gets credit for not shying away from the issue (unlike Politico & the NYT) but if MSNBC is in a spot where they are attacking Obama’s team, if they have gone so far that they can’t defend them, it’s going to be a fun election…

…even if a Romney Surrogate blew it.

Final thought, Mika Brzezinski made a point similar to one that I made on my show concerning the Fedoraphobic protesters at Chick-Fil-A. If one of them had just given me a three-minute interview that would have been it, and the whole Fedoraphoba meme would not exist. The denials and dodges put Morning Joe in a position where they HAD to follow-up in order to be credible.

That’s a good sign for the show. Yeah they drive me crazy but there are the show most likely to be willing to call out this kind of thing on the left.

Update: Yesterday the Democrat Message was: Romney killed a women, today the Huffington Post (the people who brought you the “Harry Reid’s got a secret interview” via JWF)

Romney involved with death squads.

What is it going to be tomorrow? Romney is actually Hitler’s Bastard Son from his secret Sperm bank? The book of Mormon is really an alien cookbook? In October will we see the Huffington Post exclusive that Mitt Romney is the actual Anti-Christ conceived at a satanic orgy in a pentagram shaped chamber hidden deep below the main Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City?

Update 2: The Morning Joe video via Hotair

And people are actually afraid of losing to these guys?

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