Does anyone else remember back in the days of NH where despite his unchallenged talents as a father we concluded that Jon Huntsman’s by his appearances on Colbert or on this Week:

Let’s make it clear, Jon Huntsman is not running for the Republican nomination for president. He is running for a permanent place as the “goto former GOP presidential candidate” on every MSM show during the general election and beyond.

You will never go broke or lack face time on national television as a member of the GOP willing to hit republicans in general and the right in particular. Glenn Reynolds put it best:

Or Stacy McCain’s comments on him:

Huntsman was always every liberal’s favorite GOP candidate — the folks on MSNBC loved him — and that was demonstrated conclusively last week:

According to exit polls, Huntsman only won a handful of demographics in New Hampshire: Democrats, those who oppose the Tea Party, and voters who are generally satisfied with the Obama administration.

Well much to the surprise of nobody expect perhaps Doug Mataconis comes this news:

According to very credible sources, Huntsman has accepted a speaking slot at the Democrat convention in Charlotte next month.

and apparently he isn’t going alone

If the information is accurate, it does provide a telling context for Jon Huntsman Sr.’s out-of-the-blue attack today on Mitt Romney’s taxes and rumors that he is the “source” for Harry Reid’s wild allegation over those taxes. And let’s not forget that one of Huntsman’s daughters recently announced that she would switch to the Democrat party.

I presume if true he will be un-endorsing Romney and Endorsing Obama.

It’s an amazing sequence:

1. Create a faux republican as a candidate to try to pull Romney left

2. Create a faux image of said candidate as credible push him as a real contender in a state where democrats can vote in the GOP primary

3. Create a faux scandal concerning Mitt Romney’s taxes, taxes that the IRS has seen, taxes that nobody is calming.

4. Have said faux candidate condemn Romney over said scandal

5. Use said scandal to get speaking spot at the convention that no democrat in a tough race wants to appear at.

And if the con isn’t enough to pull down Romney then he can still be the goto “Republican” to critique the new president for the next four years.

All that’s let is for him to reveal dark secrets of Mormonism and the transformation will be complete.

Last thought, if John Huntsman is the best card the Obama campaign has, they’re worse off then I thought.

Update: Two Huntsman daughters are denying the speaking business, it would be nicer if it was the man himself, but I’ll take the ladies at their word. Are they also denying the report that he’s calling for Mitt to release more tax returns too, saying Romney:

“won’t be fair with the American people,”

Just asking.


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Rocky: Adrian, what am I supposed to do?

Mickey: What do ya mean? After all these years together, you don’t know what to do? You oughta be ashamed of yourself. Now get out there and do it.

Rocky III 1982

A couple of days ago Robert Stacy McCain put up a post concerning the Trolls & Tactics of the left:

It’s a form of psychological warfare, and it is permitted to continue because it has not been taken seriously. Except for the troll account’s comparative handful of followers, nobody sees the harassing messages except the person to whom they’re addressed. The target of this deliberate harassment feels isolated — “Why is nobody coming to my defense?” — and decides to ignore the troll.

Ignoring this kind of troll account, however, only encourages them to continue their harassment. In their mind, they’ve gotten away with it, so it must be OK, and then they go on to attack the next innocent target and the next and the next.

Stacy Absolutely right but when I read that yesterday and then saw his post today about the polls I could only think of this Vonage commercial

with Stacy as the clueless Husband & wife.

Cripes Stacy you just called out that BS the day before don’t be whining about why people don’t get it, because they won’t get it unless guys like you and me call them out, loudly, regularly and over and over.

I mean that was what your whole series of posts on Kimberlin & Co were all about, and we are seeing the positive results of calling these phonies out today:

As a definition of “more fun than a barrel of monkeys,” I think that will do, don’t you? Aaron Walker’s attorney Dan Backer has served interrogatories in Walker’s lawsuit against Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser and Ron Brynaert:

Stacy the MSM polls are the same thing, BS and phonies just on a higher level with more knowledge of legalities and the solution is the same. Don’t moan about what they are doing. FIGHT!

It’s not often that I’m actually angry but this really gets riled.

I use a particular quote a lot but it’s time to use a different quote from Phil Sheridan:

“God damn you, don’t cheer me. Fight!”


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The 4th Doctor: A Lost mine, A phoney map are people still falling for that old guff I mean are they?

Dr. Who The Ribos Operation Episode 2 1978

Last night just before 8 p.m. EST yet another CNN poll came out showing yet another Obama lead (7 pts this time) and yet another batch of hand wringing ensued on twitter..

You know I really hate to be a broken record but Really, we are still falling for this trick, REALLY?

It took under 15 minutes of looking at the internals of this poll to see the problem with this Obama 52 Romney 45 poll….

I Double checked the PDF and yup no break down provided, it’s simply amazing:


Apparently they are because people see these number and start to panic.

Well I took the liberty of re-reading the poll and while they don’t provide the splits they do have an interesting subsection where only Republicans and Republican leaners are asked that tells a story…


Why is this important? here is the first line of the poll

Interviews with 1,010 adult Americans conducted by telephoneby ORC International on August 7-8, 2012. The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is plus or minus 3 percentage points. The sample also includes 911 interviews among registered voters (plus or minus 3.5 percentagepoints).

The sample includes 760 interviews among landline respondents and 250 interviews among cell phone respondents

I know math is not a strong suit in the US any more, but lets do some math.

OK here we go. You have a 17 point difference between GOP & GOP leaners and those who do not. 17 pts! Are they serious? “But DaTechGuy…” You say, “…what about the TRUE independents you are lumping them with the learners?”

Well there is a clue that can tell us the reality. We’ve already established that the GOP/leaners are 41.4% of the poll, so how does that compare to how Romney is polling?


So we have a poll where Romney is OVER-PERFORMING among his people growing his pie. THAT is the one indisputable fact that we can see from this poll.

Why is this important, I’ll explain it again: You don’t hide the figures if they favor you.  If the breakdowns favored Obama they would be out there and arguing them, we would be seeing people talk about how great the president is doing among both his own side and drawing independents toward him.  Instead you have to dig and do long division to establish the one fact that we can be sure of in this poll: Mitt Romney is performing beyond his base.

Don’t let yourself be played for suckers.

Update: Ah HA DaTechGuy, maybe CNN shows a seven point lead but FOX shows a NINE point lead. And they provide splits. That’s right they do, lets look at those splits:

So in a poll where there is a 9 point split between Democrats & Republicans Surprise Democrats lead by 9.

Romney draws 40% according to this poll in a 35% GOP sample, that means he is outperforming his base by over 14% Obama draws 49% on a base of 44% that’s 11% over base not a bad job, the best I’ve seen for him.

I might be encouraged if I was an Obama guy if it wasn’t for two critical facts.

1…For the last month Obama has been outspending Romney HUGE and all that spending hasn’t depressed Romney among his base.

2. In a poll where the number of Democrats polled outnumber Republicans by over 25% Obama STILL can’t get to 50%

If Obama can’t get to 50% with a 9 point spread after spending a fortune what makes you think he will in November?

Update 2: The only discouraging thing I’ve seen from this poll is this post at The Other McCain:

Is anyone else troubled by the evidence that this lie-a-minute strategy by the Obama campaign is working? The CNN poll shows Obama leading by 7 points and the Fox News poll shows him ahead by 9 points, and I’m at a loss to think of anything in the past couple of weeks that could have moved the polls this way except that Democrats are telling a bunch of shameless lies.

No Stacy, I’m troubled that you are actually falling for this garbage, of all people you should have more sense than that.

Update 3: Allahpundit is worried and makes one fair point:

Those people are already wary of reelecting him (that’s why they’re undecided), so they’re essentially Romney persuadables. Romney needs to persuade them, but all Obama needs to do is keep Romney on the defensive and keep the campaign dumb and nasty so that those persuadables stop caring and stay home. It’s incredibly cynical but it’s his best bet. If you believe these two polls, it’s working okay so far.

Yes Obama needs to suppress the Romney vote but he has not only nearly shot his entire wad in terms of cash but he the charges have been so outlandish that even the MSM is calling him on it.

When the people with actual skin in the game start acting like Obama is re-electable then I’ll start to worry, not before.

Update 4: Mike Flynn at Breitbart gets it

Okay, I’m not certain they are literally making up poll results, but the poll CNN and British market research firm ORC International released Thursday afternoon is so screwy and raises so many questions that they might as well be doing it intentionally. If CNN is already resorting to these kinds of tricks before the conventions have even started, it’s going to be a very long campaign.

Thank God SOMEBODY else is saying it.

Update 5: The Lonely Conservative gets it too


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