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My notes show that both ruggedly handsome Republican candidates spoke without a teleprompter. Ryan said that Obama’s policies are “just not working,” that Obama wants a “government-centered societ and a government-run economy.”

“Hope and change has now become attack and blame,” Ryan said of the president’s message. The tall blue-eyed GOP running mate then spoke of the American dream on the horizon, “the dream you have for yourself and your children,” and introduced the square-jawed presidential candidate, describing Mitt Romney as “the kind of person made for this moment.”

Andrea Mitchell is not happy with the pick saying:

This is not a pick for suburban moms, this is not a pick for women.”

Based on the crowd’s reaction and Stacy’s report I think a whole lot of women might disagree.

If the left isn’t afraid they damn well oughta be

Nyder: Davros is never wrong about anything!

4th Doctor: Then he must be exceptional even I am occasionally wrong about some things

Doctor Who Genesis of the Daleks Pt 1 1975

It’s not personal it’s strictly Business

The Godfather 1972

By the time you read this Paul Ryan will officially be named VP for Mitt Romney today shooting down my prediction of Tim Pawlenty.

I was frankly surprised at the pick, primarily because in several ways Ryan is a bold choice to wit:

Ryan is absolutely hated by the Left and will help energize Obama’s base

The Ryan plan has specifics on what to do about the debt and specifics give an opponent something to attack.

Ryan is not only a creature of Washington but a creature that Symbolizes the GOP house throwing it directly in the face of the left.

At a time when Obama is playing the “war on women” card and appearing with Sandra Fluke Paul Ryan as a Catholic who actually BELIEVES in the faith and doctrines of the church is a glove in the face to Obama and in some degree to the LCWR nuns who have dogged him over the budget.

It is a direct contrast to Democrats, The Ryan Budget vs the Budget that Democrats forgot

Mitt Romney is known for a lot of things, boldness is not one of them, but there is also the pandering side of Romney and Paul Ryan as a darling of conservatives is a pick that panders to the right a bit and if there is one thing we’ve seen from Mitt Romney in the past, he will pander.

But in the end the Ryan pick doesn’t emphasis Romeny the Bold or Romney the Panderer, it actually reflects Romney the fixer/CEO.

Mitt Romney is applying for a job as CEO of a company in trouble. Paul Ryan has delivered a plan to address those troubles, a detailed methodical plan that tackles every tough choice that has to be made.

Furthermore he has defended this plan and these choices for years. Even those who disagree with him, respect him for putting himself out there. When the house tries to push back on various part of the plan Paul Ryan knows chapter and verse, he will be in an excellent position to fight for this stuff.

There is no question in my mind that Romney would have been more comfortable with Pawlenty and the Governor of Minnesota has done everything short of shoeing his wife’s horse to get the job.

However Romney the turn around specialist hired to make the tough calls, can’t look at sentiment, can’t look at loyalty. Such a person looks at a problem, figures out how best to solve it and does so coldly and methodically.

Ryan is the pick of a CEO, as for Gov Pawlenty who was so loyal…

For the left, A Romney pick of Ryan is a gauntlet in their faces. It says he doesn’t buy the polls that he is behind. It means he isn’t afraid of the flack he will get from the MSM. It means that he understands that the GOP house candidates will happily run on the Ryan plan while Democrat after Democrat runs from Obama like the plague. It’s a direct challenge: I’ve shown you my budget now show me yours.

In short Mitt Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan says one thing to every GOP candidate in the field for 2012

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!

Who would have ever thought Mitt Romney would be the guy riding toward the sound of the guns?

Update: Stacy takes a victory lap

Your Tweets — and you know who you are — definitely made a difference. As I explained Thursday, Romney’s people pay attention to their online metrics. Every Tweet to @MittRomney with #GiveUsRyan was a signal that Ryan was the grassroots consensus.

So far, only Nice Deb has acknowledged the difference you made.


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