“Well what do you think?”(of Grant) one asked a fried who replied thoughtfully having studied the frim-set mouth and the level glance of the clear blue eyes.

“He Looks as if he means it?”

Shelby Foote The Civil War a Narrative Red River to Appomattox 1974

There was one moment in this campaign several months ago while the primary fight was still on that stuck with me. I was watching CSPAN and Ann Romney was speaking before a group ahead of her husband Mitt.

She talked about the conversation concerning running for president again. As any candidate can tell you it’s the family that goes though the most in any campaign and Ann Romney, having lost once, wasn’t all that enthusiastic about going through the whole thing again.

Mitt was talking to Ann about the various economic troubles the country was facing. Apparently it was a technical explanation and the look on Ann’s face as she described it reminded me of the look my wife gets when I start to talk politics (the look every wife gets when a husband goes on about a topic he is interest in and she is not).

At this point Ann did what many women do in this situation, she asked her husband a “cut to the chase” question.

It’s the type of defines both the Mitt Romney and presidential race and him. It’s the quintessential question for this campaign.

“Can you fix it?”

Mitt’s answer was one word.


And THAT was when she agreed to another run for the presidency.

I filed this is the back of my mind, it’s the type of story somebody tells to impress people so I didn’t know how much stock to give it…until Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan.

People can and have already said a lot of nonsense about Paul Ryan, from Andrea Mitchel’s un-serious nonsense to the chorus of “Ryan is going to destroy Medicaid.” (the best answer via Glenn is below)

Quips and lines are fun but lets get serious.  There are a lot of considerations you make for a VP choice, political, regional, balance to a ticket.  All are valid in a race for the White house.  If however, you had to go through the entire list of possible VP candidates from the longest of long shots to the favorites and and make a choice based on two questions:

1. Who knows the most about the budget and spending?

2. Who knows the most about congress?

Then the answer is clearly Paul Ryan.

There are a lot of things the left can and will say about Paul Ryan but nobody can rationally claim he is not a serious pick, nor a pick that is directly related to the topic at hand.

Ann Romney was asked by his wife last year if he can “fix” it.

The selection of Paul Ryan answers that question a second time saying both to her and the entire country. He meant it!

In America we always get the government we deserve. People of America you’ve been given a clear unambiguous choice this time.

If we blow it, there will be only ourselves to blame.


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