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I’m constantly shocked when I try to follow Stacy’s Rule three by checking Memeorandum how Talking Points Memo is constantly represented at the top-level of the site.

A day does not pass when TPM doesn’t have a Top level story on the Memeorandum page, the question is how do they manage it?

Yesterday CNN’s Soledad O’Brien last night:

During her interview with Virginia House of Delegates Republican member Barbara Comstock, O’Brien became visibly flustered and was actually caught doing finger stress exercises as she attempted to insert editorial commentary while her guest, a former skilled Republican operative, defended the House GOP budget, designed by Budget Chairman Paul Ryan.

Accidentally, a cameraman captured O’Brien furiously flipping through notes, only to cut out seconds later. What was she viewing?

Well CNN has a huge staff and a world-wide reach so naturally they have all kind of reports from their own people to provide them info, right…

There was a blog post from Talking Points Memo, the popular liberal blog. She was reading The Myth of Paul Ryan The Bipartisan Leader. She never cited it, but used its contents. In fact, she claimed to be reading a direct statement from Senator Wyden’s (D-OR) office, but was in fact reading this excerpt from the blog:

So that’s why TPM constantly gets on Memeorandum, the MSM would be lost without it.

Stacy McCain is flummoxed

the point is that rather than doing her own research on issues, Soledad is relying on people e-mailing her liberal blog posts.

“The Most Trusted Name in News”? She’s a disgrace.

The only surprise to me here, is that anyone who watches the news is the least bit surprised.

Journolist wasn’t an e-mail list for the professional media left, it’s their way of life.

Woke up early to see Willie Geist play a clip of Joe Biden commenting on the Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan plans saying we’ve seen this movie before.

As they say down south: “Bless His Heart.”

You are running in the worst economy living memory unless you are over 80. You have been in charge for four years hired to fix it, and with a straight face you say: Don’t vote for the other guys, we tried their stuff and it didn’t work.

Seriously, you don’t see even a tinge of irony here? None?

The GOP should grab that clip from Biden’s rally yesterday and play it over and over.

Gotta love that Biden.

(I’m looking for the clip, as soon as I find it I’ll put it up.)

Update: Morning Joe played the same clip in their first segment. The full quote is: “We’ve seen this movie before and we know how it ends.”


Update 2: The Clip itself

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We’re still in the theater watching your lousy movie and you want us to pay to see it again?

Joe, hate to tell you but your picture sucks!