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This video by Kira Davis via gateway Pundit is really something:

A few thoughts.

I’ve met Kira Davis and these videos really don’t do her justice

Kira Davis, isn’t all that old. She grew up in the 80’s and said bluntly “I was called a ‘Nigger’ nearly every school day of my life till I was 16 years old.” This absolutely shocked me.

I think the plain background makes her statement even more powerful as it focuses the eye on her presentation.

The difference between Kira Davis and Torre is best described by Jim Treacher:

It won’t get through to Touré, because it’s not in his best interest to stop racebaiting. If tomorrow the whole world woke up black, he’d be out of a job.

Kira Davis would survive and thrive anywhere.

Finally, if CNN would like to get out of 3rd place they should hire Kira Davis.

You should check out her site here.

Today in the Washington Post Dana Milbank shares a rare liberal critique of the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Human Rights Campaign isn’t responsible for the shooting. Neither should the organization that deemed the FRC a “hate group,” the Southern Poverty Law Center, be blamed for a madman’s act. But both are reckless in labeling as a “hate group” a policy shop that advocates for a full range of conservative Christian positions, on issues from stem cells to euthanasia.

I disagree with the Family Research Council’s views on gays and lesbians. But it’s absurd to put the group, as the law center does, in the same category as Aryan Nations, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Stormfront and the Westboro Baptist Church.

Sure he throws a bunch of caveats about the right and hits their positions as offensive but still in the you WILL toe the line or else atmosphere he will get a lot of flack for this piece from his pals on the left.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on Dana Milbank after all he is doing better than a lot of other people on the left by saying it and he is being savaged in comments but if he really had the courage of his convictions this piece would have come out before there was blood on the ground and not after.

I’d like to think this is more than distancing oneself from the violent left and an attempt at damage control but everyone knows I’m a sucker.

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Update 2: This morning Dana Milbank’s Washington Post story had 600+ comments, now it has Zero. Apparently our friends on the left get rather hateful when a media organ they feel is theirs critiques their own.

Meanwhile the Anchoress tweets this about Dana Milbank:

I guess our expectations have really dropped haven’t they?

Update 3:
Dropped an e-mail to the Washington post publicity, Milbank & the Ombusman with questions concerning the comments, to their credit a person from their PR department called back within an hour to say she saw the comments there, I went back to the site in a different window and sure enough they were back, could be a glitch since the time stamps suggested comments coming in right along.

The Post gets 10 of 10 for a prompt response

I remember listening to the Morning Joe team complain day after day that this election was about nothing, that people weren’t talking issues, that the discourse has not been helpful to the American people.

Then yesterday Mitt Romney decided to get serious. He took out his white board and gave some details on the difference between his plan vs Obama’s and then took questions from the press that has been following him. The full video is available here

So here we have a candidate talking substance, here we have a candidate (in contrast to his opponent) taking questions from the actual MSM press as opposed to say People Magazine so how does Morning Joe react?

They laugh, they make fun of him, they talk about what a bad visual it is.They talk how only a candidate might decide on this because no professional pol can do it.

As Mika put it: “I’m so bored I don’t even know what he said.”

I guess that substance business has only a limited appeal

If ONLY Mitt could run a better campaign, why can’t he talk about dogs on roofs and talk to folks like People Magazine.