Thursday I has the pleasure of seeing Claire Lopez at the Natick VFW

She was sponsored by Act Framingham chapter

She spoke on the Muslim Brotherhood

And Huma Abedin

She took plenty of questions

Including mine on Demographics

The gist of her speech was the connection between the Muslim Brotherhood, Huma Abedin and the tactics being used to modify US policy

Ms. Lopez has 20 years as a CIA analyst her presentation was complete and in some ways dry, but it is those dry facts that are necessary

The full set of videos & photos are below the jump

General tactics

Will Israel hit Iran?

What do we do with what we know?

Is Europe fighting back

And finally what the US seems to favor the Muslim brotherhood these days


A great presentation Claire

Claire Lopez before her speech

And the rest of the pictures

I interviewed Claire Lopez after her event at the Natick VFW Aug 16th

Claire has 20+ years in the CIA and knows what she is talking about.

I’ll have a full report on the VFW event later in the day