The Romney Ryan event on Monday at St. Anselm College included a Q & A as it was a town hall:

Romney on Taxes

Ryan on Taxes

On the Budget

On Countering Disinformation

On the War

On Israel

And on the student loans, and I think this question and answer was the most telling

The idea that I’m not going to pay your loan for you, I’m going to help you do it yourself is HUGE.

This had substance and was pretty good.

Congressmen Todd Akin, when asked a “gotcha” question about rape and abortion, stated that women who are raped are less likely to get pregnant than their peers who had voluntary intercourse.  This medically accurate fact generated this response from Sen. Claire McCaskill, who will face Akin in the general election:

“As a woman & former prosecutor who handled 100s of rape cases, I’m stunned by Rep Akin’s comments about victims this AM.”

She later released a statement condemning her rival as “ignorant about the emotional and physical trauma brought on by rape.”

“The ideas that Todd Akin has expressed about the serious crime of rape and the impact on its victims are offensive,” she continued.

Well, my woman-hating Ms. McCaskill, let’s examine the facts, shall we?   Stress, long hours at work, and jet lag – even from going on vacation! – can delay ovulation and seriously undermine a woman’s ability to get pregnant. But in pro-rape Claire’s world, sexual assault doesn’t change a woman’s risk of pregnancy because she thinks that rape is less traumatic than flying to Europe.

The medicine backs this up.  From the article, women who are raped have a 5% risk of getting pregnant; this is lower, by a statistically significant margin, than the 8% chance of getting pregnant with unprotected sex. In fact, you’re about 40% less likely to get pregnant when raped than when having voluntary sex.  If that all-nighter at work delays ovulation, the total physical and physiological trauma of forced intercourse will wreck havoc on a woman’s body.  Akin is 100% correct on the medicine, and entirely correct in his understanding of just how serious rape is.  McCaskill is the one making light of it.

But medically-ignorant, “rape is less traumatic than jet lag” Claire McCaskill would like to ignore that fact for political gain. We have words for women like that, which are spelled mostly like the word for your parent’s sister, but not.

Update: (DaTechGuy) The vultures are circling around Mr. Akin but the wound was self inflicted. There is talk about removing him from the ticket and apparently the drop dead date is within 24 hours. Regardless of the fallout I’m VERY uncomfortable with the idea that you can replace a candidate who won a primary based on a gaffe or mistake. After all the voters made their choice. On the other hand after Torricelli what’s good for the good is good for the gander but it’s a horrible precedent.

I arrived at the Mitt Romney event around 6:10 a.m.

The line started forming early and instructions were given for passing through the secret service checkpoints:

The media was here early

Here is the press area

I shot the I interviewed people in the line some who i’ve talked to before

Others that I met for the first time

Some young

Some blind

And one lady

Who was wearing 5 finger shoes like me

I’ll try to talk to some of these people after the event as well

Expect updates


The tag line for the day: We want people less worried about the next election and more worried about the next generation, both Paul Ryan and Kelly Ayotte said it.

Charlie Bass speaks

Kelly Ayotte:

Romney Ryan arrives Ryan speaks speaks

If you missed this weeks’ DaTechGuy on DaRadio with Josh Trevino you can catch it here.

Update: His first piece at the Guardian was on the Ryan Pick

The NRCC polls in question here did, indeed, yield positive numbers for the Republicans: when the details of the Ryan plan were set against those of the Democratic critique, the former came out ahead by a respectable, though not crushing margin. But the methodology as described seems to provide a poor template for a campaign, depending as it does on well-informed voters making well-considered choices. This may be music to the ears of Boston, which revels in the actuarial appeal and the irrefutable balance sheet; but it may be the same to those of Chicago, which specializes in the gut punch and the emotive appeal.

It’s worth recalling the perhaps apocryphal story of the woman gushing to Adlai Stevenson: “You have the vote of every thinking person.”

“That’s not enough, madam,” he replied. “We need a majority.”

The plain fact is that the Romney-Ryan campaign messaging here is fraught with risk. The trope about entitlements in American politics is that they constitute the “third rail”: untouchable at peril of electoral death. The Republicans aren’t really challenging that. Instead, in the first presidential election since the birth of the Tea Party, they’re casting themselves as the saviors of the federal entitlements state. This is a strange turn of events, and one is hard-pressed to imagine the Democrats not exceeding them in this sphere.

I think Josh is underestimating the American People here, but I’ve already lost one bet to him and owe him a drink so we’ll see.