My column for the Examiner Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Cheryl at St. Anselm College covers the St. Anselm event and points to the real danger that the Obama Campaign faces:

The visuals were excellent and it seemed hard work of the volunteers paid off. My interviews after the event suggested an energized crowd, but the most significant moment was an interview with a newly retired schoolteacher named Cheryl from Nashua New Hampshire.

Cheryl was an Obama voter, a former teacher who had never gone to a Romney event before. She left as a Romney voter. I asked her per, Gov Romney’s challenge, what she would say to a fellow 2008 Obama voter to persuade them to change their vote her answer was telling:

If the left thinks they are going to be able to win with Todd Akin all the time they are deluding themselves.

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This morning I warned the right about the Traps the Todd Akin situation poses for them.

What might not be so apparent today is that there are several traps for the left that might be even more profound and dangerous than any for the right.

1.  It’s the  Todd Akin stupid:

Right now the left is salivating at the prospect of Todd Akin as part of the conversation.  Akin might allow them an advantage for the next few days but when the campaign season begins in earnest after Labor Day it will be an old topic.  If the left decides to play all Akin all the time the reaction of the voters who are not yet paying attention will be:  “Who is Todd Akin and what does that have to do with me getting a job?”

2…The “You didn’t build it” syndrome:

One of the reasons why Barack Obama fell into the “You didn’t build it” trap was the reaction of his base to Elizabeth Warren’s remarks.  The Todd Akin narrative plays very will with their base & the media.  This will create a large temptation for them to go to this card with a sympathetic press when they have no good answer on topics more relevant to the voters

3.  I’ll see your Akin and raise you a Joe Biden:

Todd Akin has apologized profusely for his gaffes and the GOP has loudly condemned him for it urging him to leave the race.  If they choose to try to tie the entire GOP to a single congressman running for senate the GOP has a ready counter.  Joe Biden’s gaffes have become so legendary that we are seeing tweets like this:

Every single time the left says the words “Todd Akin” you have an opening to come back with Joe Biden and Biden is at the top of a national ticket.

4.  Dueling conventions Todd Akin vs Bill Clinton:

Of all the things that are risky for the left pushing the Todd Akin story at the GOP convention is the most dangerous.

The entire “War on Women” already has risks for the left, but if they choose to use Akin as a club to beat the right with during the GOP convention the party has a ready answer.  Bill Clinton.

For all the nostalgia of the Clinton years.  President Clinton is firmly established in the mind of the country as a womanizer, a boss who used his power to get sex from a subordinate.  And he is the Keynote Speaker for the Democrat Convention!

The late night jokes simply write themselves and that’s was without the Akin mess.  Can you imagine the look on the face of the first Democrat operative who suggests the GOP is soft on rape and is answered with a sentence containing the words “Juanita Broaddrick”?

The left is in a position to avoid these traps if they are clever. Unfortunately for them, it’s in their nature to overplay this hand. They just have to hope the right doesn’t counter them properly.

Update: Democrats step in it, Hotair links to CNN report Dems add 9 women speakers to the program over Akin, each should be asked what they think about Bill Clinton giving the Keynote

Yesterday (although I did my best) you couldn’t miss the Todd Akin story, high low and in between. It dominated twitter, it was highly played on talk radio it was everywhere as people speculated what Rep Akin would do.

While Claire McCaskill is celebrating (I think slightly prematurely) I think there were several traps that the Akin case creates and both left and right may be primed to fall into them.

For the right: We have already seen a couple of these trap evident, and they have actually fallen for some of them.

1. Speak softly and carry a big stick…:

If you want this guy out of the race you don’t plan so many cards publicly, you play them privately. The worst thing you can do is scream and shout out loud and fail.

1a…Particularly if you’re the boss:

Mitt Romney’s statements in the morning was a good idea they were strong but not a demand.  It was the right public tone.  I’m not so sure about second statement near the deadline.  Like a president who doesn’t go to a conference until the deal is already made I think urging Akin to leave at the last minute when you didn’t know he was going looked weak.

Perhaps they considered this a “Sister Souljah” moment for him if so they might have fallen into trap #2.

2.  You can’t appease the MSM:

Both Dana Loesch & I talked about being uncomfortable with reversing a primary over a gaffe but as a whole the GOP has condemned Todd Akin’s remarks and asked him to leave, from Mitt Romney and Scott Brown Reince Priebus and the entire Missouri delegation urged him to go.  Commentators from Ann Coulter to Charles Krauthammer asked him to leave.  Sean Hannity practically begged him to go…

… yet today on Morning Joe and the MSM it’s as if none of this happened.  As far as they are concerned the GOP is labeled by Todd Akin.  All GOP members are stuck to him like Brer rabbit to the  tar baby and the media is saying that everywhere.

Now one would not be surprised by the Democrat party pouncing on this.  That’s their job and it beats talking Obama’s record, but the MSM’s decision to grab this and hold on like a dog to a bone should make it clear to the GOP a point they should already know.  No matter what you say, no matter what you do, it will never be enough for the MSM or the left.  Trying to appease the MSM is a fool’s errand and attempt to do so are useless and counter productive.


3.  Don’t Panic in large friendly letters:

Of all the things I saw yesterday the thing that annoyed me most was the sheer unadulterated panic by some on the right over this whole business.

All of the weaknesses that existed for the Democrats three days ago still exist, all the weaknesses for Claire McCaskill still exist.  All of the advantages that we hold we still hold and if you look at voters like Cheryl you will see this race spells disaster all over for the left.  

The left has two huge problems their record and their morale.  Nothing at all can be done about the record but panic on the right can only embolden the left’s volunteers and more importantly their money people.

Campaigns are long things and day to day and week to week you are going to have these things happen (Remember when etch-a-sketch was going to sink Mitt Romney?). 

If the GOP faithful let themselves get played over this they only have themselves to blame.

The GOP can’t undo Trap #1.  Mistake #1 has already been made,  Mistake #2 is a continuing problems for the right but mistake #3 can be avoided and the GOP faithful would be well advised to take it.

As for the left well that’s my next post…