The Doctor: …the human race will spread out among the stars-you just watch them fly. Billions and billions of them, for billions and billions of years. And every single one of them at some point in their lives will look back at this man taking that very first step and they will never ever forget it.

Doctor Who Day of the Moon 2011


Neil Armstrong the first man to walk on the moon has died at 82.

For all of our celebrity culture there are in reality very few people who will be remembered for generations after they are gone.

Neil Armstrong was one of those people.

One might argue that it was the combined efforts of the most powerful nation in history and an expenditure of treasure and a brilliant group of scientists.   That’s true.

One might also say that Buzz Aldrin who joined him a few minutes later and Michael Collins who piloted the command module deserve no less credit and you would be right as again.

But the bottom line is no matter how you slice it, Neil Armstrong was and always will be the first man on the moon, a man who no matter how far mankind reaches into space, will never be forgotten.

And that’s as it should be.

Update: You know everyone make mistakes sometimes, but unlike NBC I don’t have a staff to catch this kind of stuff.

NBC News Reports the Death of Astronaut ‘Neil Young’

Today Trevor Loudon appeared on WCRN AM 830’s conservatively speaking as part of his US Tour.

We had a full load on our plate so I couldn’t have him on, but I had tie to speak to him after the show.

Check out his site for more info on his tour. His book is available here.