The New Rasmussen Registration numbers are out

The latest Rasmussen Reports poll on political affiliation and there is good news and bad news for our friends on the left:

The good news is that after a very bad August Democrat party affiliation has not only improved but is at its highest rating of the year at 34.2% of the voting pubic. That is the best figure for Democrats since November of 2011 which was the last time they lead in the party affiliation numbers

The bad news for our friends on the left is that even through the GOP has dropped from its all time high of 37.6% last month, the 36.8% figure is still higher than any other figure since December of 2010. Additionally the September figure is a full 3.7% over September of 2010 and the same figure in 2010 month in 3.4% over September of 2008

Meanwhile even the modest increase democrats puts them a full 7.2 points behind election day 2008 but a half a point behind election day 2010 the worst drubbing the party has taken since Reagan’s re-election in 1984 or the Gingrich revolution of 1994

Put simply for all the grand pronouncements of the MSM over the last few weeks, for all the crowing of polls and the declarations that Mitt Romney is in bad shape with two months to go till election day party affiliation in the united states continues to be majority GOP and by a 2.6% margin.

What does that mean to national polling? That means if this poll is anywhere near accurate (and as I’ve already shown in trends it has matched the election right along since 2004, Democrats in General and Barack Obama in particular are in not only in serious trouble, but if the gap between the GOP and Democrat match they best gains of the year for the next two months till election day they will STILL be behind the GOP

BTW if you won’t believe Rasmussen will you believe the liberal Guardian Newspaper

A Guardian survey of six of the most crucial swing states upon which the outcome of the presidential ballot is likely to depend has found that new voter registrations recorded between January and August this year are markedly down compared with the same period in 2008. The drop is particularly pronounced in several states for the Democrats – a likely indication that Barack Obama’s re-election team has been unable to match the exceptional levels of voter excitement generated by his candidacy four years ago.

The six states included in the Guardian survey – Colorado, Iowa, Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia – are all being bitterly fought over by Obama and his challenger Mitt Romney. Backed by their respective Democratic and Republican parties, both candidates have sought to maximise turnout by running registration drives in an attempt to attract new voters to their cause.

Totalitarian Media makes Classic Totalitarian Mistake

There were a lot of words spoken about yesterday’s debate on the net (some by me) but one of the most important sentences was spoken by Robert Stacy McCain last night in an unextraordinary update to his livepost:

UPDATE 9:09 p.m. ET: Mitt opens with humorous anniversary congratulations, then goes into his 5-Point Plan for economic recovery. Having followed Mitt on the trail, I’ve heard this a zillion times, but for many of the 50 million people watching, it’s new.

That’s a totally unremarkable statement after all Stacy has been to rally after rally in Ohio. I’ve heard the pitch of the five point plan twice myself, once at St. Anselm and once at Holman Stadium in Nashua.

And I’ve even posted video that might seem familiar if you saw last night’s debate from St. Anselm

And Nashua

Nothing that people at the rallies haven’t heard a million times before.

But to a lot of the public it was all new, combined those two clips have less than 300 views., why? Because the MSM that has been “covering” the race has not been reporting it .

In fact on Morning Joe today they actually had the audacity to ask if this Mitt Romney would show up on the campaign trail. That prompted this tweet from me

and Stacy McCain Backed me up

That’s the real dirty secret of this debate, not that there is a different Mitt Romney at the debate then on the campaign trail, but that the Mitt Romney at this debate bears no resemblance to the caricature that the left, the media and the 30 seconds ads have painted.

The Totalitarian Media and Left made the mistake that all totalitarians make, they have heard their own propaganda so often and have lived in their own bubble so long they actually have started to believe their own spin.

The Iron curtain was solid right up until it fell, the Berlin Wall was a death barrier right up until chunks of it became collectors items, the Soviet Union was going to outperform the west right up until the moment when it collapsed.

And the press’ conventional wisdom on Mitt Romney was gospel, right up until the second it was not.

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Update: Stacy McCain Nails it in his American Spectator Piece

If ever there were a night when conservatives wanted to watch MSNBC, this was it — an all-you-can-eat buffet of schadenfreude, as one after another of the liberal network’s personalities tried to come to grips with what was perhaps the most one-sided presidential debate since JFK beat a shifty-looking Richard Nixon in 1960. “In terms of debate tactics, Romney was on the offense most of the night,” a glum Howard Fineman acknowledged, while a shell-shocked Chuck Todd admitted that the result “automatically elevates Romney as a credible alternative” and later added, in reference to the Obama camp’s post-debate mood: “They know they lost tonight.”

I remember getting back to the house with Stacy McCain & Dan Collins from the Scott Brown Victory Party at 3:48 AM for the 2nd day in a row after an early morning. We were all exhausted but Stacy put on MSNBC and we all stayed up long enough to watch Keith Olberman Squirm. That is what last night was.