Sean Bielat Strikes Back

With so many things going on there are some things I just haven’t had time to write about, one of them is the Sean Bielat Debate with Joe Kennedy. Lucky for you Smitty is on the case

Joe Kennedy strangely enough doesn’t seem to be all than anxious to have another televised debate in Ma-4. After watching this debate with Sean Bielat I just can’t imagine why.

Clearly, Kennedy wants to be highly visible and available to voters in the district without having to engage too often with his opponent. It’s too cautious an approach for a 32-year-old newcomer. Perhaps Kennedy does have the magic to re-establish a great political name in a new century, but he should have to prove it — repeatedly. Voters in the district, which runs southwest from the Boston suburbs to the Rhode Island border, deserve more than just smiles, handshakes, and gentle words. Kennedy should be challenged hard, and pressured to prove his worth. In the five weeks remaining in the campaign, he should agree to more debates.

Bielat, 37, has an impressive resume, including service in the Marine Corps, an MBA, and a master’s in public policy from Harvard’s — ahem — Kennedy School of Government. He also has the experience of having run two years ago against Frank, who, whatever his flaws, cannot be accused of ever ducking a debate; he and Bielat squared off nine times.

BTW that bit of verbiage comes from that Bastion of conservative thought known as the Boston Globe.

Of course Sean has some fans a bit more biased:

If you’d like to be a part of this race, just click here.

One imporant point about that New Yorker Eastwooding Cover…..

You are not of the body!

Star Trek: The return of the Archons 1967

A lot has been said and written about this New Yorker cover

But there is one thing that I’d like to add to the conversation.

When I saw this cover, my first thought wasn’t, of Clint Eastwood, nor the President’s debate performance or even how important it is for the left to acknowledge the debate as it was rather than coming up with Romney Cheating nonsense, Jim Lehrer critiques or racial theories concerning the performance.

My first thought was this:

That’s clever, I wonder who did the phony cover?

Ponder that for a moment, My instincts told me that cover could NOT have been the actual New Yorker cover, that our friends on the left were incapable of this kind of critique of the president, that given the last several years the idea that one could poke fun at Barack Obama in any substantive fashion that didn’t involve how bright or wonderful he was, simply did not exist in the liberal mindset. In my mind it would be as foreign to them and as unthinkable as would desecration of the sacramental Host of the Body of Christ would be to me.

I looked at the politico story concerning this, I wanted to know how our liberal friends were reacting, there were zingers such as “they should have drawn and empty chair in one side and Pinocchio in the other” to the fantastic “Obama threw it in purpose, it will help him.” But out of 34 comments I saw only two attacking the New Yorker (and one of the two was from a gentleman of the right being ironic.

That it took until I saw the cover on the New Yorker’s own site to believe it says more about the last 4 years and the media than anything else, and it explains why Greg Sargent’s nonsense about “unemployment truthers” and “panic” is just that.

The reality is we have seen a MSM so biased toward this administration that OF COURSE we reflectively assume that such a cover had to be parody

We have reached a point with this administration’s mendacity is so great that of course we don’t buy their last-minute “miraculous” jobs report.

So if Greg “I’ll publish anything media matters gives me”, Or Dave “Yes I was part of Journolist but Stacy & DaTechGuy still like me” Weigel want to create a “Brither/Truther” meme go ahead. Let the atlantic and Think Progress and all of the far left join you.

I suspect Jack Welch as former head of GE has more credibility on the issue than all of you put together.

“I am doing nothing more than raising the question,” Mr. Welch said. “It’s fact-based.”

Here are Mr. Welch’s facts. To hold the unemployment rate even as the population grows, he said, the economy needs to add between 150,000 and 200,000 jobs a month.

“We haven’t reached those numbers at all,” Mr. Welch said. Employers added a seasonally adjusted 114,000 jobs in September, down from a revised 142,000 jobs in August. The economy, however, has added 143,000 jobs a month after revisions this year.

Your reaction and the New Yorker Cover have become ample proof that the emperor not only has no clothes, but even those in the court are now willing to say it.

And THAT is a game changer.

Sorta Update: (after post scheduled but before it posted) It looks like Powerline & the Anchoress got there before me and this quote from Neo Neocon says it all:

Freedom of the press is one of the liberties for which Americans have fought and died, and yet the free press freely entered into this arrangement, of its own free will—in order to get “access,” a place at the very best cocktail parties, and to further their self-appointed mission of “telling a conflicted people a higher truth.”