Half the Battle is Showing Up John Dennis vs Nancy Pelosi in Ca-12

There has been a lot of snark and some applause over this ad by John Dennis the republican running against Nancy Pelosi in CA-12.

But while people might scoff at this ad in particular and Mr. Dennis’ campaign in general consider two things.

While one might question the chances of Mr. Dennis this ad, perfectly encapsulates the Democrats in congress who followed Zombie like when Nancy Pelosi marched them toward Obamacare, and for many of those representatives the end of elective office.

I think this ad belongs in every swing state race to illustrate what the democrat candidates who are now challenging the new GOP freshmen will be doing if they get in congress.

As for Mr. Dennis, forgetting the political makeup of this seat there is an interesting chart you should see:

Is it just me or does it seem odd that Nancy Pelosi the champion of the working person, the poor and the downtrodden is raising over 77% of her money in big donations and PAC money.

And what is that 20% OTHER? what does OTHER mean?

And if this race is such a lock what exactly is she spending 1.6 mil on? I’d love to see how much of that is going for salaries.

Anyways one of the most important parts of any race is actually running. I’m sure that NY-9 was considered an impossible race and even with the scandal that cost a certain twittering congressman a seat his democrat replacement had no business losing…right up until the point where he did.

One never knows when a pol might make the mistake that end their viability before a camera. Now I suspect Nancy is unlikely to make the same mistake that Anthony the photogenic did but if such a mistake takes place, wouldn’t it be nice to have a candidate working hard to be ready to take advantage? After all 90 minutes can change an election.

If you don’t believe me, ask Barack Obama.

Or perhaps after election day John Dennis.

Update: Of course should have said “Half the battle” fixed

Pizza Review Paisano’s Pizza Leominster

Had to get my car tuned up and some minor repairs done. While that was going on I stopped by Paisano’s Pizza on Lancaster Street in Leominster.

As man does not live by elections alone, I thought you should know about it, because wrong about politics though they are, our liberal friends deserve a good pizza and some home-made sausage.

It’s amazing what a good meal will do town one’s whole perspective on things.

How to figure out a Latino poll is BS from quite a long way away

Earlier this week I got an E-mail from the great Fausta.

I gave her a call and we talked about a poll she wanted my opinion on. It is the Latino Decisions polls and she thought the numbers were kind of weird.

I took a look at the poll and it didn’t take long to notice some ….interesting issues to wit:

This is the sixth release of an 11-week tracking poll of Latino registered voters. Each week impreMedia and Latino Decisions will release a new rolling cross-section of 300 completed interviews with Latino registered voters across all 50 states. Battleground interviewers are combined across all six weeks and are 267 completed interviews, with Florida accounting for the largest share of battleground states.

So the battle ground figures in this poll are actually mini samples taken over six weeks while opinions might be changing. That’s bad enough but consider one more thing:

Battleground states: FL, NV, CO, AZ, OH, NH, NC, VA, IA, MO (all 7 points or smaller margin in current presidential polls)

Forget the insanity of trying to extrapolate the latino vote over fifty states based on a 300 person sample. Lets look at the 10 battleground states 267 answers over 10 states.

I would just say the numbers but I think I can explain this with a visual much more effectively:

And yes people are actually falling for this stuff.

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