My Take on the VP debate, Ryan by decsion

Pseudolus: (to Hysterium) Calm yourself down! I’ll tell you when it’s time to panic!

Miles Gloriosus: (noticing the hourglass) I smell mischief here!

Pseudolus: It’s time.

A funny thing Happened on the way to the Forum 1966

Looking at this debate Joe Biden is doing the kind of attacking necessary mollify the left and give them an excuse to not hide from the spin room, but Ryan is beating him in both style and presentation and of course substance.

Biden is certainly doing better than Obama but that is one of the lowest bars that any candidate should have.

Biden is familiar to the American people, Ryan is not, but today Ryan has introduced himself in a spectacular fashion.

Biden has alternated from being good to being odd in terms of reaction, Martha Raddatz has pressed Ryan a lot more than Biden so she will get less flack from the media but she has been unable to save Biden except in as much that she has slowed down the debate near the end.

I’d say Biden has slowed the bleeding but I don’t think this will stop the Romney Trend, that is going to be up to Obama, the real question will be how the media will spin it. I think Biden has done enough to allowing the left to try and spin it as a win, but I doubt the focus groups will agree.

The clock is running out on this president Biden didn’t hurt Barack Obama but Paul Ryan has helped Mitt Romney.

Be Afraid Democrats, be very afraid.

Golnik Tsongas Rnd #2 plus bonus State race!

While the rest of the known world was following the Scott Brown/Elizabeth Warren debate in Springfield Niki Tsongas and Jon Golnik were at Devens for the 2nd of 3 debates in the 3rd district race.

Just like last time there were plenty of signs

for both sides

I spoke to a Golnik supporter

a Tsongas Supporter

And took a peek outside

At a little after 8 PM the candidates were ready

The Panel from the Sentinel & Enterprise, The Sun and the AP was ready

And the Q & A began:

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Joe Kennedy vs Steph Cutter Ignorance vs ?

During a debate with Sean Bielat the Democrat nominee was bluntly asked if he would be getting the attention he is as a candidate for Congress if his name wasn’t Joe Kennedy This recording of his answer told me something…

…it tells he has more of a future re-recording classic David Seville songs from the 50’s than as a maker of the nations laws.

If you aren’t familiar with the hit in question here it is:

If I was Joe Kennedy I’d be pretty embarrassed, on the bright side he didn’t say anything as stupid as this:

Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said Thursday that the “entire reason” the terrorist attack at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi that killed four Americans has “become the political topic it is” is because Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan talk about the attack.

I see what Ms. Cutter means, If the Obama campaign believes there is certainly no reason why Americans might consider the murder of their fellow Americans and an Ambassador an issue worth anybody’s attention who am I to say otherwise? After all hundreds of dead Mexicans never made fast and furious an issue worth covering.

Joe Kennedy has the excuse of ignorance and inexperience for his answer, I have no idea what Ms. Cutter’s excuse is.

Perhaps he might consider replacing Ms. Cutter in the Obama campaign once she resigns, after all his version of Witch Doctor would have hurt the Obama Campaign less than her practiced answer.

Stacy McCain remembers the golden age of Panic

The Price of Withdrawal and the Price of Staying

Prepare to be depressed, I’m about to talk about Afghanistan.

I’m one of those people who think we actually have several active and inactive reasons to remain in the country.

1. I think we need to eradicate the Taliban on both sides of the border, they are allies and enablers of Al Qaeda.

2. I think we need to prevent our enemies currently hiding on the Pakistan side of the border from re-establishing a power base in the south of the country.

3. I think we need to prevent clandestine moment of Nuclear expertise and/or materials between Pakistan and Iran through Afghanistan

4. I think we need to have a force next door to Iran as a threat in being in case it becomes necessary to seize nuclear materials if necessary (of course it would have been better to have a threat in being on BOTH side of Iran but that’s a different post).

There is certainly another side to the argument. Assuming the goals I have elaborated are not the goals of the nation it is not an unfair statement to say if we are going to have troops deployed we need to have a defined goals and have rules of engagement to further those goals and if we aren’t putting our troops in a position to be killed is criminal.

That being said if we as a nation decide to pull out of Afghanistan it has to be clearly understood the end result is going to look like this:

A 14-year-old Pakistani student who won international acclaim for speaking out for girls barred from school by the Taliban was critically wounded Tuesday by a gunman who boarded her school bus, asked for her by name, aimed his pistol at her head and fired, officials said.

The Pakistani Taliban asserted responsibility for the attack on ninth-grader Malala Yousafzai, who gained notice in early 2009 when she wrote a diary about Taliban atrocities under a pen name for the BBC’s Urdu service. Yousafzai lives in Mingora, a city in the scenic northwestern Swat valley, where Taliban insurgents imposed harsh Islamic law for two years before being routed by a major military operation in May 2009.

As soon as we are out the Taliban are going to come back in and this will be the fate of Afghan girls and women. Frankly I suspect the government of Afghanistan is not going to be all that upset if it is. WE have to decide as a nation if we intend to do something about the slaughter and subjugation of women over there or not.

The basic fact is Afghan Culture and Islam are not going to modify its beliefs simply because we want them to. Unless we are willing to impose our culture on these people a-la Japan 1946 nothing is likely to change. This is a horrible thing to say but it’s true.

Of course it would not be possible for us to impose our culture on these people even if we wanted to. Even if we had the cultural strength, confidence, or unity we once had (we don’t) we simply don’t have the cultural morality that we had in the 40’s. We can manage some basic things, but without said cultural morality that we once had there is no way to persuade the Afghans to maintain changes we would impose, and we WOULD have to impose them. After all how do we explain to the Afghans this stuff when our best and brightest are doing this:

Later this semester at Harvard, students will pause from studying things like philosophy, history, or the sciences, in order to celebrate something called “Incest-Fest.”

Incest-Fest is, essentially, a campus party where making out and hooking up with as many people as possible is the goal. It gets the “incest” name because the event is open only to residents of Kirkland house–one of Harvard’s undergraduate residences. Thus, students who are living together (as if they were members of the same family, get it?? Incest? So funny, right?) are having sex with one another.

America, this is your best and brightest. Are you proud?

Of course the reality is our best and brightest are the kids IN Afghanistan but yeah we’re so going to convince the Afghans that they should emulate us so their daughters can be emancipated like ours to sleep with as many strangers as possible in a night. That’ll sell.

By all means while we are there we should do our best to persuade and cajole Afghans into the a different way, but unless Afghans decide they want better for themselves and their wives and daughters at best we are buying a penny ticket in a lottery.

It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, but whatever decision we make it should be done with eyes open and a sober realization of the cost of action or inaction.

Realville: NBC joins the “Poll Truther” Brigade…

…with this statement concerning their just released polls:

In Ohio, where there has been a renewed focus by the Romney campaign after the former Massachusetts governor’s strong debate performance, Obama leads 51 percent to 45 percent. That’s a 2-point uptick for Romney.

But the Ohio poll also included an 11-point advantage for self-described Democrats — 40 percent to 29 percent for Republicans. Last week’s poll had a narrower 5-point advantage for Democrats. . (In 2008, the party identification split was 39 percent Democrat and 31 percent Republican, according to exit polls.)

Amazing how the samples matter once Romney’s numbers improved in Ohio, I wonder where they buy their Cheetos?

Meanwhile in VA the previous D+4 sample becomes an R+1 samples and guess what? Romney now has a +1 pt lead! Change the sample and you change the results. How about that!

“But DaTechGuy” you say, “That party identification is psychological, people call themselves more Republican because the GOP is doing better and Romney is doing better.”

Well if that’s the case then we should see change in Florida. While there seems to be universal agreement that the Debate Moved numbers for Romney Florida remains unchanged, how can that be when other Florida Polls have moved…

…what a coincidence, the D vs R sample hasn’t moved and PRESTO the Obama Romney gap doesn’t move, even when the entire universe concludes Obama is in free fall.

Funny how that works isn’t it?

Mind you Florida & VA are the same states the Suffolk decided not to poll anymore because Romney had it cold.

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that after the next debate (or perhaps after tonight’s VP debate) the party samples will move and the numbers will improve for the Obama campaign?

If people don’t realize they are being played it’s only because they don’t want to know it.

Update: take a look at the party splits vs the poll results from CBS

It’s worth noting that there is no measure of if people “lean” amazing how the results seem to match the samples within a point or two.