Media Credibility Day: The AP Questions Racial Voting

As Democrats Demoralized as Hell slowly morphs into Lemmings reserving one way bus tickets to Windows hill our friends in the MSM continue to discover things that were once not the subject of much reporting:

Stacey Dash, who also has Mexican heritage, is best known for the 1995 film “Clueless” and the recent cable-TV drama “Single Ladies.” On Twitter, she was called “jigaboo,” “traitor,” “house nigger” and worse after posting, “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.”

The theme of the insults: A black woman would have to be stupid, subservient or both to choose a white Republican over the first black president.

Russell Simmons, the hip-hop mogul and Obama backer, called Dash’s experience “racism.” Said Barbara Walters on “The View”: “If she were white, this wouldn’t have happened.

Suddenly black people attacked for supporting Romney is described as “Racism” in an AP article and reporters are actually questioning race based support for the president?

THAT’S news.

BTW I should point out that if the Obama Campaign manages to reverse their current trends these stories will vanish like the wind, but the fact they are appearing suggests the media doesn’t think that’s going to happen.

And the clock is ticking.

Media Credibility Day Preview, the AP discovers Romney’s Crowds

Mitt Romney at Holman Stadium Nashua

When I saw via Glenn this headline at the AP:

As Election Day nears, Romney crowds are surging

I simply had to laugh.

I’ve covered Mitt Romney events in Bow, in Nashua and at St. Anselm College. All three of these rallies had huge crowds particularly for a small state like New Hampshire

All of these events were long before AP discovered large crowd for Mitt.

Stacy McCain as well has covered huge Romney crowds in Ohio

and Virginia

Last night’s rally in Fisherville, Virginia, was so crowded, I couldn’t even get inside with media credentials, and really was lucky to get there at all. When I turned off the ramp from I-81 onto I-64, I was confronted by an absolutely gridlocked traffic jam, backed up all the way to Exit 91, more than four miles away.

None of these events were private, none of them were secret and the Media that follows Gov Romney could see them, yet the size of these crowds somehow were not newsworthy at the time.

So why are they newsworthy now?

I suspect Media Credibility day is coming

For the few voters who still believe them it is VITAL to the MSM that they be seen saying what is actually going to happen. As long as there was a chance that they could change the narrative into a democratic victory they soldiered on…So instead their new mission is to be perceived as actually reporting news rather than spinning it. Thus comes media credibility day, the day the press decides to act like actual reporters instead of liberal advocates

The clock is running down and Far left delusional chimps not withstanding nobody with skin in the game thinks Joe Biden turned this around.

So now comes the stories of Romney’s strength, they will start as a trickle but as it becomes clearer and clearer where this race is going, they will become a deluge until the media says with a straight face that of COURSE they saw how this race was going Romney’s way and will point to their coverage in the coming days to show just how unbiased they are.

Just make sure you aren’t drinking anything when you hear them say it.

Update: Stacy gets it

Polls are lagging indicators, and it is the trend that matters. The RCP average for Ohio has Obama leading 1.7 points, whereas the lead was 5.5 points on Oct. 3. The latest poll from the Democrat firm PPP has Obama still leading Ohio by 5 points, which goes to show you: Don’t let polls freak you out.

As this trend continues expect more examples of the coming Media Credibility Day™.

Update 2: Instalanche thanks Glenn a second example here.

Update 3: Right wing news wants to believe but is nervous. John every candidate in anything resembling a contested race with the possible exception of Niki Tsongas has been running away from Obama for a year. When I see such candidates running toward him then I’ll believe I’m wrong.

I DO advocate cocky, I just don’t advocate lazy.